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We have conquered cellulitis!

According to statistics, 97% patients are satisfied with the results of cellulite treatment in our clinic!

We have conquered cellulitis!

Cellulite is an eternal female problem! Should it appear, and you are ashamed to undress in front of your loved one and avoid flashing your legs, let alone wearing short skirt or a mini dress.

There are many ways to combat cellulite, from home to salon procedures. But are they efficient? As is known, any problem requires an integrated approach! Cellulite’s main enemies are sport, proper nutrition, and various anti-cellulite products and methods.

At LIPSCLINIC we offer own methods of combatting cellulite, which have already proven their effectiveness in practice.

So, where do we start? First, you need to undergo examination. During a free consultation, you will be examined by cosmetologist, who will determine the severity of cellulite, its area, and ask you about any contraindications to a particular procedure. Then, an individual anti-cellulite program will be drawn up.

Anti-cellulite program
may include the following procedures:

A series of anti-cellulite massage

Forget about the unbearable pain and bruises throughout the body. Most likely, these are the associations you have at the words ‘anti-cellulite massage’. In our clinic, we perform anti-cellulite massage using special techniques, reducing the pain to a minimum. Massage is given at any stage of cellulite.

According to our patients’ reviews, a series of anti-cellulite consisting of 10-15 procedures remove the visible appearance of cellulite by about 50-100%. But the massage’s effectiveness depends on a great number of factors. Here you can learn more about how anti-cellulite massage is performed in LIPSCLINIC. To fully get rid of cellulite, we recommend combining massage with other methods of dealing with this problem.

Non-surgical liposuction

Not only does this method help get rid of cellulite, but also sculpt the body. Non-surgical liposuction removes fat deposits on the back, abdomen, hips, knees and legs.

How does it happen? With the help of injections a special lipolytic cocktail dermastabilon is injected under the skin. The cocktail targets the subcutaneous fat. It turns fat into emulsion (fat and water), which quickly goes out of the body in a natural way. During this process, your weight gradually reduces, and skin is lifted, becoming visibly younger. Want to learn how the non-invasive liposuction is performed? See the features, reviews, and prices of the procedure.

Ultrasonic cavitation

Just like liposuction, ultrasonic cavitation is aimed at reducing volumes and combating cellulite. These two methods are similar in that they completely destroy fat cells. Ultrasonic cavitation is perfect for those who is afraid of injections, but wants to remove belly fat, reduce hips, back, butt, arms, and legs, and get rid of cellulite.

Ultrasonic cavitation gives excellent results in combination with lymph drainage massage and pressure therapy. In our clinic, we have seen several instances when waist has been reduced by 5-6 cm after 2-3 cavitation sessions, while getting lifted, smoothening, relieved from flabbiness, bumps, lumps, and dimples. Ultrasonic cavitation is a painless procedure, but just like any other method, it has contraindications. Learn more about cavitation.

Pressure therapy

Pressure therapy affects one of the causes of cellulite, namely water imbalance. It is a mild and gentle procedure performed even on those patients who are contraindicated in classic anti-cellulite massage, ultrasonic cavitation, or myostimulation. Procedure effectiveness is largely dependent on doctor’s experience and hardware.

What results do you expect from pressure therapy? During the sessions, your body will get rid of excess fluid, which will accelerate the metabolism and lymph circulation. As a result, you will notice reduction or disappearance of cellulite and fat folds. You will no longer experience swelling in your lower extremities. Watch how pressure therapy procedures are performed, read patient reviews, and find out the cost for this service.

Anti-cellulite wraps and SPA treatments

Anti-cellulite wrapping is one of the most popular and requested procedures. Most likely, you have already been offered butter, honey, chocolate, mud, clay, or seaweed anti-cellulite body wrapping. Despite the deceptive ease of this procedure, you should not be guided only by the price; otherwise, you risk muddling away money without seeing the result.

In our clinic, we work with proven and effective formulations for body wraps used by global SPA centers, including Tegora, French product based on algae and STYX, anti-cellulite gel by professional Austrian brand. More information on wraps can be found here and here.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy for body is very effective and low cost in achieving beautiful and slim figure. According to our patients, a course of ozone therapy results in skin lifting and smoothing, cellulite decrease or complete disappearance, reduction of the number of spider veins, and significant decrease of stretch marks and age spots. Moreover, a decrease in volumes in the most problematic areas, such as belly, hips, back, and legs is often seen. An additional advantage of this procedure is that it increases patients’ overall health and mood. Want to know why ozone affects your body in such a way? Here you can find the details, reviews, and prices.


Another method, which reduces the appearance of cellulite and tightens the skin. Myostimulation is suitable for everybody, both for those who do sports, and those who do not have time and energy for this. Imagine that only 1 myostimulation procedure can replace 10 lessons in the gym. What to expect from myostimulation? Your skin will look younger and become more elastic; as a result, you will get rid of cellulite and excess weight. Watch our patients talk about myostimulation.

As you can see, there are over a dozen methods of combating cellulite in our arsenal.

And most importantly, they all have been tested in practice!

So, do you want to get rid of cellulite?

Then call +7 963 964-79-76 or leave an application on our website to sign up for a free consultation in our clinic.

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