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How to get rid of swelling?

Cure not the consequence but the cause!

How to get rid of swelling? Cure not the consequence but the cause! The reason your favorite shoes feel small and there are callouses on your feet in the evening is swelling… Afraid to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, because there are pouches under the eyes… Sounds familiar? Do you want to get rid of this nuisance once and for all?

For starters, let us see what the cause of swelling is?


There is only one answer; water balance derangement. Excess fluid and harmful substances appear, which should be promptly withdrawn from the body to avoid swelling…

How? In the 21st century it is simple! There are at least four reliable proven methods, four modern cosmetic procedures. You can undergo each of those procedures at our LIPS clinic… As for now, choose what you prefer…

Removing body/face swelling

Method №1 – Pressure therapy

A kind of a suit is put on the problem areas; it is then is filled with air and begins to pulsate. You lie and relax, while two microprocessors control pressure on each part of your body.

Pressure therapy procedure is pretty enjoyable; the muscles relax, blood vessels dilate… As a result, metabolism is accelerated, lymph circulation is improved, the body is cleared of harmful substances, excess fluid is excreted, water balance is normalized… Say “bye” to swelling!


We have the best modern device for the procedure, and it is managed by a real professional. Air pressure strength is individually chosen for each patient, making pressure therapy the most effective, enjoyable and secure.

Method №2 – Myostimulation

The problem areas of your body are exposed to electrical impulses that cause muscles to contract, while you do nothing and relax. You can improve your abdomen as you lie on a comfy couch! But most importantly, myostimulation eliminates swelling and cellulite for a long time.


We will provide you the maximum benefit from the procedure, because, instead of the standard 30 minutes, our program lasts an hour! In addition, myostimulation can be combined with other programs (such as elimination of fluid from the body, lifting, or relaxation). It is conducted using the latest expensive equipment that ensures safety and visible results.

Method №3 – Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is, in fact, a vitamin cocktail for your skin, which contains a set of useful substances for as much as 6 months! This cocktail is injected using a miniature needle. It does not hurt and takes just 15 minutes.

The effect is instant; skin becomes smoother and more elastic, circles under the eyes and swelling disappear… Mesotherapy can be applied to any part of the body, including the abdomen or buttocks, to remove swelling, cellulite and excess folds!


Medical cosmetologist will select personalized “cocktail” based on your skin type and condition. Be sure to conduct a detailed examination and consultation before the procedure! In addition, our masters find special bioactive points on the body at which the efficiency of the “cocktail” injection is increased by 2-3 times (few people know how to do it).

Method №4 – Micro-current treatment

Micro-current treatment is a gentle skin treatment by means of lymphatic drainage massage. Massage is performed in special gloves, which are connected to the micro-current device. It is recommended to take the full course of 5-15 sessions. Then the swelling on your face and feet will completely disappear, and your skin will be fresh and radiant! Nevertheless, even a single session brings a visible effect. No wonder micro-currents are used after plastic surgery to remove swelling and promote tissue regeneration!


There is a unique American device for micro-current therapy Bio-Ultimate Gold in our clinic. This is costly equipment, so not every clinic can afford it. . But it is such a device that has special technical characteristics, due to which you can gently restore the body’s water-salt metabolism at the cellular level. Our confidence in the result is so strong, that we are ready to give you 100% money back guarantee for the procedure if there is no visible improvement after a few sessions!

Method №5 – Lymphatic drainage massage

One of the most enjoyable and effective ways to get rid of the swelling and make the skin more elastic. Lymphatic drainage massage accelerates lymph circulation (resulting in improved blood circulation and better skin oxygenation) and normalizes the body’s water balance, restores skin metabolism, loosens your wrinkles, and relieves stress. Such massage is good in itself, but mostly it is used in combination with other methods to get faster result.


Our masters have passed a special training in lymphatic drainage massage and have an impressive experience. This is very important, because clumsy actions of a massage therapist can lead to various complications, including bruising and wrinkling of the skin, and swollen face. In our clinic, it is not possible!

What method of swelling elimination seems the most enjoyable to you?

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