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VIP-care «Beauty in 1 hour»

For those who value their time!

2-3 procedures at your choice!

VIP-careYou are a successful business woman, but are constantly busy… Work, business lunches, transactions, receptions, and traffic jams… Or maybe family, husband, meeting with friends, and shopping? Or even all at once? Spending an hour to have your nails done is a frivolous luxury for you?

How to look well-groomed and elegant in a constant bustle of everyday life? Try combining a few pleasant and useful things at once! For example, instead of going to a beauty clinic, you can get 2-3 procedures at the same time for 1 visit.

LIPS clinic offers you a comprehensive care — «Beauty in 1 hour»!

You will have time to kick back and relax while two masters do your nails (both manicure and pedicure), give you a massage, perform peeling, and apply a refreshing mask to your face! You may also opt for a relaxing body wrap with natural algae instead of mask.

Choose what you want today:

  • facial massage + peeling + mask + manicure + pedicure;
  • facial massage + peeling + mask + manicure;
  • facial massage + peeling + mask + pedicure;
  • body wrap + manicure.

Comprehensive care – double or even triple fun!

In just an hour, you will be able to:

  • Cheer up, relieve stress, improve mood, and please yourself with a nice manicure or pedicure! Give your face a healthy, glowing, and fresh look, and make your skin more elastic and young.
  • Or, if you do not need a complex facial treatment, but opt for a body wrap, you can completely relax, relieve tension from the muscles, reduce or even get rid of cellulite and swelling… The result depends on the type of wrap; see all the options here!

Treat yourself! Welcome to LIPS clinic where you can get VIP-care!

Why should you entrust your relaxation and beauty to us?

  1. We care for you. We provide what is called a first-class service. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the pleasant treatments. Each your visit to our clinic is like a little holiday!
  2. Safety and carefulness. These are our main principles. For example, when doing nails, master of manicure uses disposable finger nail files and polishers. He unpacks them during your visit, and throws away or hands them to you after the procedure! He sterilizes the other tools in an autoclave, where 100% of the bacteria are killed.
  3. Experienced masters. Result of any procedure, whether a pedicure or body wrap, depends primarily on the master. We employ only professionals with proven experience from 7 to 15 years.
  4. Premium cosmetics. We apply cosmetics used by the most famous and expensive world SPA, such as SALIN de BIOSEL, Heliabrine, Algoterm, and Dermaheal.
  5. Convenient location. Our clinic is located in the center of Moscow, near the metro stations Mayakovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Novoslobodskaya, and Tsvetnoy Bulvar. We have a private parking. Come pay us a visit!

Want to know the prices and details of each VIP-care?

Contact us.

Find an hour for yourself! Put everything on hold and come!

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