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Angelina Jolie’s lips

Angelina Jolie

Admit that you have dreamed of lips like those of Angelina Jolie’s?

This is totally normal! We all know that sensual and expressive female lips are the standard of beauty at all times! With such lips any woman can:

  • look more attractive and sexy;
  • achieve the charm of a femme fatale;
  • look younger even when she is 60.

But what if nature did not endow you with such wealth? If you have thin or asymmetrical lips… If one lip is slightly smaller than the other… And your most sincere smile turns into a thin line…

We can easily fix this! Present yourself with lips like those of Angelina Jolie! In the 21st century, lip enlargement is more than real. We will tell you about the basic ways of achieving it… Decide for yourself, which one is the most pleasant, quick, and painless!

6 ways of lip plumping:

  1. Surgery
    An incision is made on the upper lip, forming its new contour. Lips are increased with implants. Then skin edges are stitched. The advantage of this method is its durability. Disadvantages include long and very painful period of recovery, as well as risk of rejection and formation of scars from the incision.
  2. Lipofilling
    Lips are filled with patient’s own fat (previously pumped from the abdomen or thighs). The advantage is that result will last forever. Disadvantages include discomfort during fat pumping, uneven distribution of fat cells in the lips, no guaranteed lip shape.
  3. Electroporation
    Lip saturation with hyaluronic acid using an electrical device. Natural for the body, this product gradually penetrates into the deeper layers of lips, increasing their volume. Advantages: no surgery, no pain, no injections. Disadvantages: it takes from 6 to 12 sessions; the result is barely noticeable and does not last. Furthermore, it is impossible to adjust the proportions and lips asymmetry using this method.
  4. Massage and gymnastics
    Special lip massage and a set of exercises helps to increase the size of the lips. Advantages: absolutely natural and painless method, which can be performed at home. Disadvantages: barely noticeable effect; requires a lot of time. Massage is done 1-2 times a day, lip gymnastics are performed every day, requiring an average of 10 exercises 10 times each. Like electroporation, you may not improve the proportions or correct the asymmetry by means of massage.
  5. Injection of synthetic gels (silicone)
    These gels are referred to as silicone. Hence the expression, ‘silicone lips’! There is only one advantage — long-term results. Disadvantages include unnatural look and a high probability of complications due to the foreignness of the injectable product (necrosis, asymmetry, product moving to other parts of the face).
  6. Injection of hyaluronic acid-based fillers (Surgiderm, Princess, Restylane, Juvederm, and others)
    The method lies in accurate and painless injections of a special preparation, namely the filler, which is evenly distributed in the lips. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are considered the best. This component is congenerous to skin, therefore, it is absolutely physiologic and safe for the body!
    Advantages: the procedure is carried out in just 30 minutes, without any consequences, allergies, and recovery period; lips can be put into any shape and size. Moreover, if you are not content with the result of lip correction, it is always possible to go back like it was. Disadvantage: the effect lasts 1-1.5 years.

At clinic, cosmetologists use exactly this method — hyaluronic lip enlargement.

And that’s why:

  • You select the desired shape and size of the lips;
  • You can reduce the size of the lips, or even return to their original form at any time (you just need to inject the natural enzyme that will cause the filler to completely disappear);
  • You can adjust the volume at any time, if you want to add or alter something;
  • The effect lasts 1-1.5 years;
  • Filler based on hyaluronic acid is 100% safe for body, allergic reaction and rejection of the formulation are excluded;
  • The result is noticeable immediately after the procedure; recovery period proceeds imperceptibly;
  • Quick and painless procedure, which takes only 30-40 minutes.

Clinic provides 100% guarantee that your lips will be of the desired shape and size!

Otherwise refund you money and restore your lips’ original appearance!

How to be sure that your lips will become really beautiful? How to avoid unpleasant surprises abundant in the Internet? Everything will be fine if…

  1. If you select a professional clinic with a medical license. clinic’s license can be seen here>>>
  2. If you entrust your look to experienced cosmetologists. At clinic, there are real professional with extensive experience! Diplomas of our specialists can be seen here>>>
  3. Do not be embarrassed to ask for certificates for the injected product. Certificates for filler used at clinic can be seen here>>>

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