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Elimination of Excessive Sweating

Perspiration odor — You don’t have to put up with it!

It is much easier to get rid of it than you may think! Just in 30 minutes!

Elimination of Excessive Sweating

You are an attractive and smart woman. Or a successful businessman. You take care of yourself and always look neat. But there is a nuisance which does not fit into your image— persistent body odor…

What should you do if perfumes, cologne and showering twice a day don’t help?

If your hands, armpits, T-shirt and socks are always wet… If you have hyperhidrosis but you are not going to put up with it… Surgery used to be the only way out. It was painful, traumatizing and required general anesthesia…. But now there is another solution!

A botox injection is a simple procedure which takes just 30 minutes and will allow you to get rid of perspiration odor for 6 or even 12 months!

Effect of the Procedure:

Have treatment of excessive sweating now and after 2-3 days after the injection the preparation will start acting. In a week perspiration will stop almost completely! And you will smell fresh for 6 or even 12 months!

A botox injection is absolutely safe for your health

Why? Because botox is injected into the troubled area in a microdose and acts only at the injection site. And after its objective has been gained, botox vanishes without a trace just 3-4 days after the treatment. How does it eliminate excessive sweating? It just blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to perspiratory glands. It does not and cannot cause any adverse effects or complications!

What is important when the treatment is carried out?

It is essential to choose the correct dosage of botox. If insufficient amount is administered, it will not have the desired effect and the treatment will have to be repeated. If too much botox is used, actually, no harm will be done. However, firstly, its dissipation and removal from the system will take more time, and secondly, you will have to pay extra money for unnecessary amount of the preparation.

Only an experienced doctor can determine the dosage you need. Moreover, only a skillful doctor can make the injection really painless and administer the preparation into the proper muscle. Only doctors having 7 – 15 years of experience and diplomas certifying their high qualification should be trusted.

LIPSCLINIC Patients’ True Stories:

For as long as I can remember, an essential element of business communication — a handshake — was always a torture for me because my hands sweated constantly and I had to take out a handkerchief to downplay the issue. But then I had botox. Just half an hour and since after a couple of days my hands are always dry! I can’t understand why I had not done this before! It is such a simple procedure but it has changed my life so much!

Boris, a businessman, age 37

As soon as I learned about the procedure I wanted to have it because my job requires a lot of communication and I always have to look and smell fresh… And the latter used to be a problem… Just half an hour and my telltale wet armpits turned any personal interaction into a torture as that was the only thing I could think about. However, the price of botox kept me from having it… It is not cheap… But then I thought: a few dry cleanings (and my clothes needed frequent washing and dry cleaning) will make the amount required for botox. And I got it at last! Life has been so different since then! It has given me so much self-confidence! And I am a rare visitor to the dry cleaner’s now. I have made some calculations: my botox has paid off many times!

Yelena, VIP Customer Manager, age 29

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It’s time to stop being embarrassed, changing shirts, constantly showering and pouring perfumes onto yourself… All it takes is 1 injection and 30 minutes and you will forget about perspiration odor for 12 months!

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