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-70% Cryolipolysis CoolShaping!
MEDIUM nozzle
7400r instead of 24500r (if you buy up from 6 nozzles), 8600r (from 4 nozzles), 9800r (from 2 nozzles)
LARGE nozzle:
12500r instead of 46000r (if you buy up from 6 nozzles), 14000r (from 2 nozzles)

-40% Laser hair removal of deep bikini + armpits + shin
11600r instead of 19300r

-30% Non-surgical abdomen correction by UltraFormer III (lipomodeling+lifting, 2000 lines)
98000р instead of 140000r (49r per line!)

-20% Anticellulite wrap STYX
4900r (standard price 6200r)

-40% Complex weight loss program (R-Sleek massage + cavitation/RF-lifting of 1 zone)
"MINUS SIZE" (R-Sleek massage + whiskey wrap Styx)
6100r (standard price 10100r) (if buy beauty-package 5 900r)*

-50% R-sleek figure correction
2450r (standard price 4900r)
(*If buy package from 10 procedures)


– 20% Peptide redermalization MesoWharton P199
12000r (standard price 15000r)

-20% Non-surgical blepharoplasty by MesoEye
12000r (standard price 15000r)

- 20% Face lipomodelling – Correction of facial contours,
double chin removing by MesoSculpt C71
1 ml

12000r (standard price 15000r) *if buy 2 ml at once

-30%Lips volume correction by Yvoire Volume 1 ml
13300r (standard price 18900r)

-20% RF-lifting (face+neck)
5500r (standard price 6800r )

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