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Don’t know how to cure nail fungus?

Treatment of nail fungus with light waves:

Just a few treatment sessions and the fungus will disappear forever!

Treatment of nail fungusA dark spot appeared on a nail? Nails are turning yellow, thickening or a foul smell appeared? It may be caused by fungus…

Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is one of the most common diseases. You can easily get it in a swimming pool, on the beach, in a water park or sauna but it is extremely difficult to get rid of it.

If you notice that your nails have changed their color or texture or if some foul smell appeared, you should see a specialist immediately! If you postpone treatment and cover your troubled nails with nail polish, you let the fungus get deeper and deeper. Not only nails suffer from it: advanced fungus has toxic effect on the whole body!

At LIPSCLINIC we offer one of the most fast-acting and efficient therapies for fungus elimination — treatment of fungal nails with PACT MED device.

Why aren’t traditional methods always efficient?

It is a known fact that it takes between twelve and eighteen months for a toe nail plate to grow. It means that you have to take special pills (anti-fungals) and apply local anti-fungal agents (remedial nail polishes, creams or liquid solutions) for months or even years!

But even if you do that, the treatment may prove ineffective! Why? There are several reasons for that:

  1. Erroneous diagnosis. For example, you have been diagnosed with the wrong type of fungus which means the prescribed therapy is also wrong. As a result, there is no improvement, even after the full course which lasts between six and twelve months!
  2. Superficial action of anti-fungal agents. Most ointments, creams and nail polishes are designed as a precautionary measure only and do not cure nail fungus! They act upon the superficial layer of the nail plate and do not reach the disease site.
  3. Patients refuse to take pills. Intake of antifungal medicines is rather efficient. Unfortunately, this method has toxic effect on the gastrointestinal tract and liver and has lots of contraindications; therefore many people refuse to take anti-fungals.

Treatment at LIPSCLINIC allows you to recover in 1-2 months!

PACT MED has made a revolution in mycology: it is now possible to cure fungus without administration of pills. When PACT MED is used for treatment, fungus is eliminated in the most inaccessible place — under the nail plate. If your condition is not advanced, you will get rid of fungus in just 1-2 sessions without taking medicines which are harmful to your health!

In advanced cases when the whole nail plate or a several nails are affected by fungus, the duration of treatment will be determined by a mycologist. Unfortunately, in some severe cases anti-fungals have to be prescribed too.

Treatment of fungus with light waves is absolutely painless. You will feel neither pain, nor discomfort. Light waves have selective effect on fungal cells leaving healthy cells unharmed. The treatment does not have any adverse effects. And there are no contraindications for this method either!

How is treatment of nail fungus performed at our clinic?

  • Step 1: If you don’t know where to have treatment of nail fungus in Moscow, come to see a mycologist at our clinic. At the first visit the doctor will examine your nails and take a sample of affected nail areas for tests.
  • Step 2: After the test results have been obtained, the mycologist will prescribe a therapy for you and refer you to the podiatrist working at the clinic for the procedure. The duration of the course depends on how advanced the condition is. Unfortunately, in severe cases you cannot do without taking anti-fungals, which is why specialists encourage patients to start treatment in time!
  • Step 3: How is treatment of fungus with light waves performed? You come to our clinic’s podiatrist who removes the parts of your nail affected by fungus using a special device. It is absolutely painless. After that, some special anti-fungal paste is applied to your nail and the nail is treated with PACT light waves. It is essential to undergo all sessions prescribed by the podiatrist. Treatment of nail fungus with PACT light device is carried out once a week.
  • Step 4: The number of treatment sessions can vary from 1-2 to 10 or even more.

After the treatment course has been completed, you will come to see the mycologist again. The mycologist will make tests again to check if the fungus has been eliminated. If the tests show that fungus has gone, you can have nail prosthetics, to restore the integrity of the nail plate.

Our Patients’ Reviews of Nail Fungus Treatment

«I suffered from fungus for a few years. At first, I treated it using advertised medicines and traditional remedies. It was useless. Then, the fungus spread and appeared on the other big toe. I felt so uncomfortable and I only wore closed toe shoes. But I was afraid of taking pills after having read the list of adverse effects. I learnt about the PACT method which is practiced at LIPS and undergone treatment (I had 5 treatment sessions) and now sandals are my favourite shoes! Because my nails are healthy again! I am so happy (only those who know this problem first-hand can understand me!). Thank you so much!»

Sofia, age 35

«I had fungus for five years. I tried everything: ointments, creams, nail polishes and soaks with soda solution, folk remedies from tea tree oil to celandine. I even took pills but with zero result. And at Lipsclinic it was cured in 6 sessions! I only wish I had known about you earlier. Thank you for your work.»

Irina, age 52

Are you still hesitating to start treatment of toenail fungus?

Of course, you can disregard fungus for a long time, pretend that it is not there or cover it with nail polish, but the problem will not be solved itself. On the contrary, the fungus will spread to other nails, then the nail plate will start crumbling and you will not be able to hide the problem under a coat of nail polish anymore.

Stop hesitating! Come to our clinic and discuss the matter with a doctor — a mycologist consultation is free at our clinic!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 right now to make an appointment or place your request.

Prices for treatment of nail fungus

Photodynamic treatment of onychomycosis with PACT system

Treatment Price
Cleaning hardware one nail affected by fungal infection, on the first finger RUB 1800
Cleaning hardware one nail affected by fungal infection, from the second to the fifth finger RUB 900
Photodynamic treatment of one nail plate system “PACT” from RUB 1100
The course of photodynamic treatment system “PACT” (3-fold STRETCH-irradiation of a single nail) RUB 4500
Prevention of re-infected the 1st of the nail plate RUB 800
Occlusive dressing with “UREA 40″ on one nail RUB 400
Local anesthesia (1site/unit) RUB 300

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