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Facelift without surgery with the effect lasting for 1.5 years? It is real now!

Vector facelift

We all long to have young looking and resilient skin but many of us are afraid of surgery and pain… And we put up with lines around eyes, on the forehead and cheeks…

But we live in the 21st century. And now there are ways to keep facial skin young and beautiful for many years even without surgery. You can do it! Just have simple advanced procedures such as vector facelift at least once a year!

What is vector facelift?

It is a natural rejuvenation method — subcutaneous administration of hyaluronic acid which is a natural component of our body. It is stored between the cells but its amount decreases over time which causes skin sagging and wrinkles.

If you want your skin to stay supple for many years, it should be nourished with hyaluronic acid and other nutrients from time to time. These substances are administered with certain directions (vectors), hence the name of the method — vector facelift.

What result will you obtain?

  • Natural collagen, elastin and the body’s own hyaluronic acid will start being produced.
  • A subcutaneous “frame” will be formed which will lift and support your skin.
  • The skin will become resilient, smooth and well hydrated.
  • 70-90% of expression lines and folds will disappear.
  • Facial contours will be redefined.

3 reasons to have vector facelift at CLINIC:

  1. Proprietary methodology. Our specialists have been sharpening their skills for years and have chosen the simplest and the most efficient options. The effect of the procedure becomes more pronounced after a month and lasts for 1–1.5 years!
  2. Certified preparations. We use both mesothreads (thin threads of caprolactone which have been used in surgery for many years) and fillers: Surgiderm, Juvederm, Restylane, Regenial Idea, Princess and, of course, Radiesse vector facelift. These are the best products well-proven over the years of use. We order them from authorized suppliers only and we have all the certificates!
  3. Beauticians’ expertise. Even the most extraordinary techniques and preparations of the highest quality will not provide the desired effect if the procedure is performed improperly. Our specialists’ skills and their artistic performance of vector facelift will not only provide the best possible result but guarantee 100% safety as well!

Here are some of CLINIC patients’ reviews

«It has been 20 days since the treatment. My skin seems to become more and more resilient each day! It looks like my face has been photoshopped — so obvious the effect is! At the same time I don’t feel any tightness and my face doesn’t look like a mask. It looks quite natural!»

(Yekaterina, age 34)

«I had vector lifting at Clinic two weeks ago but my colleagues keep asking: “What’s happened to you? You look refreshed and younger!” I don’t confess and joke it away. But it’s soooo pleasant!»

(Svetlana, age 40)

«I wanted to do something about my appearance for a long time. Lines and saggy skin made me unhappy. I was going to have surgery but, frankly speaking, I was too afraid. I didn’t want to go under the knife. I found non-surgical alternatives. It took me a long time to choose the clinic, and clinic seemed more reliable than any other. Now, I am quite happy with the result. I did not think that skin could be tightened and lines could be smoothened with such a simple procedure.»

(Nadezhda, age 55)

Prices of vector facelift

Do you want to save your money? Order a full course of treatment and get additional 10% off!

The average price of the procedure is 7-10 thousand rubles. At the individual consultation which is free, our doctor will determine the vector facelift method, the preparation and its dosage that will suit you best. All these influence the final price. But it is worth economizing on yourself, your beauty and your youth?

Vector facelift is the most natural facelift method involving creation of a subcutaneous support! The effect becomes more and more significant each day and persists for 1.5 years! Come to CLINIC and our specialists will perform the procedure in a fast, safe and painless way!

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