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Vortex lipomassage – all the best from LPG and even more!

10 sessions using Vortex – minus 5 cm on the hips and waist

Tired of the abhorrent centimeters? Need to quickly get yourself into shape, but you don’t have the energy and time for diet and exercises in the gym? We offer you to undergo vacuum-roller LPG massage using Vortex.

Imagine it is quick and painless:

Your hips and waist are reduced by several centimeters.

This means you will be able to put on your favorite dress or jeans that have been close-fitting in the recent years. Or maybe, you will radically change your style and start wearing outfits that emphasize the advantages of your body.

Your skin in problem zones will be lifted and become more elastic, traces of cellulite will disappear, and stretch marks will decrease..

After a session of massage, it will no longer be a problem for you to undress on the beach; short dresses, skirts, and shorts will return to your wardrobe.

How does vacuum-roller massage work?

Vacuum-roller massage is carried out using a special apparatus. The operating principle is as follows: vacuum is generated in the device head, sucking in the roll of fat, and rollers massage this part of body.

Essentially, the device operation is based on an improved vacuum massage. But unlike this massage, which is carried out manually using jars, the vacuum-roller massage is carried out using a special device, which does not leave bruises and does not cause pain. Vacuum-roller massage can be applied to all problem areas, including thighs, abdomen, back, legs, and arms. In addition to removing cellulite, it also helps reduce the volume.

During the procedure, blood circulation is enhanced and all excess fluid is removed from adipose tissue. As a result, due to the powerful effect of lymphatic drainage, swelling is reduced, harmful toxins are removed, and the skin gets smoothed and becomes more toned and elastic.

What factors influence the effectiveness of LPG massage?

Although the vacuum roller massage is performed using special equipment, its effect might be quite different – from that surpassing all expectations to complete absence of changes.

The following affects the effectiveness of vacuum-roller massage:

  • Equipment quality;
  • Professionalism of masseurs.

Why do we use Vortex?

For our clinic, we have chosen Vortex developed by German experts. The device is based on an advanced LPG massage technology. Vortex allows more in-depth processing of the problem areas and provides more powerful lymphatic drainage effect compared with equipment for LPG massage.

Who are the specialists working for us?

High results in vacuum-roller massage can be achieved, provided the device is operated by an experienced master. The intensity of pain, the effectiveness of the massage, and the occurrence or absence of adverse effects in the form of bruises depends on the professionalism of a specialist.

In our clinic, vacuum-roller massage is performed by experienced specialists on Vortex device. We pay great attention to the training of our masters. All patients undergo vacuum-roller massage only after consulting our doctor. View the feedback on the work of our specialists.

Feedback of our patients on LPG massage using Vortex:

«I had my body sculptured at Lipsclinic. According to an expert advice, I underwent 10 sessions via Vortex and was very pleased with the result. After the sessions, my abdomen and thighs were reduced by 4.5-5 cm. My goal was weight loss; I planned to tighten my skin and remove cellulite; massage using Vortex helped me in all these areas»

Liana Prutyan, 33 y.o., Moscow

«I’ve had a course of massage on the Vortex device at Lipsclinic. I really liked the specialist’s work. He kept asking about my feelings, whether it hurt or not, and gradually added power from session to session. I am fully contented at the result; now I plan to take massage in courses two times a year so that the skin is constantly in good shape»

Irina Kolesnik. 35 y.o., Moscow

«I went to Lipsclinic to quickly get in shape after childbirth. Clinic specialists advised combining the vacuum roller massage on Vortex with cavitation sessions. As it was explained to me, cavitation destroys fat cells, while Vortex massage helps to quickly withdraw cellular debris from the body. After the course, I went back to my former size, and easily fit into the clothes I had worn before pregnancy. I would like to thank my master for the proper selection of procedures! You have given me my former myself!»

Anastasiya Razumeykina. 27 y.o., Moscow

Want to learn more about vacuum-roller massage or sign up for the first session?

Dial +7 963 964-79-76 or leave a request.

Price of LPG vacuum-roller massage

Vortex Price (RUB)
«Drainage» (20 min) 1 200
Anti-cellulite program (30 min) 1 700
Body sculpturing program (40 min) 1 900
Premium-VORTEX program with application of active serum (50 min) 2 400
Special suit* 1 000

*When purchasing a course of 10 treatments, you get a suit for massage as a gift!

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