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Want to remove fat from your belly?

Slim your hips and legs? It is easy!

There are dozens of body shaping methods in the arsenal of LIPSCLINIC cosmetologists.

Want to remove fat from your belly?

Like wizards, we make dreams come true!

Come to us, and you will not need any training, dieting, or surgery to change dramatically!

So, what can we do for you? This question is difficult to answer, because a doctor must first visually assess the problem and only then prescribe a correction course. The following are popular questions and problems of our patients that will help you understand how our methods work:

Question # 1: I am actively doing sports, but in spite of all efforts, I cannot remove the ugly “ears”. Advise how to remove fat from the thighs?

Indeed, no diet or exercise may have a pointwise impact on your body, but non-invasive liposuction and ozone therapy are able to do this. When these methods are applied on fat cells, a direct impact of special lipolytic cocktails is made, like it is with liposuction or ozone at the ozone therapy.

Cocktails or ozone is injected under the skin. After 2-3 sessions you will notice that you have lost a few centimeters in the most problematic areas. If you are wondering how to remove fat from the arms, legs or buttocks, it can be easily done with the help of special cocktails or ozone injections.

If you have a hard time getting injections, we can offer you instrumental methods for combatting fat deposits (ultrasonic cavitation and cryolipolysis). At cavitation, fat is destroyed by ultrasonic waves, whereas at cryolipolysis, fat cells are exposed to cold. In both cases, it leads to the complete destruction of fat cells. These methods are well proven in practice.

If you have contraindications to instrumental methods and intolerance of injections, we offer you another way to relieve you of the hated “ears”, namely anti-cellulite massage. In our clinic, specialists skillfully perform massage with viscous oil. The oil composition contains only natural ingredients, which increases the effectiveness of massage by several times. As our patients note, with anti-cellulite massage fat melts before your eyes!

Question # 2: I have quickly kicked into gear after giving birth, but my belly is sagged. Please tell how to slim the abdomen?

This problem is often experienced not only by women after childbirth, but also by those who rapidly lose weight by means of extreme diets. In our clinic, you can slim your skin using RF-lifting, mesotherapy, ozone therapy, plazmolifting, lifting massage, and various body wraps (seaweed, mud, chocolate, or honey).

During the spa treatments we use professional and 100% natural cosmetics Tegora. Learn more about spa programs that we provide in our clinic.

Depending on the severity of the problem, cosmetologist may advise you to make a non-surgical skin tightening using 3D mesothreads. In this case we will use special bioresorbable threads for abdomen. Doctor will insert mesothreads under your skin and create a framework that will instantly make your belly elastic and fit. After some time, the threads will dissolve, but the effect of tightened skin will last for 2-3 years.

In addition to tightening, mesothreads provide lipolytic effect. This means that your belly does not just tighten, but decreases by a few centimeters due to the reduction of fat deposits.

Question # 3: I do not have time to exercise, but I always try to keep myself in shape. Over recent years, I have gained extra weight on the problem areas, such as butt, legs, and abdomen. What would you recommend?

Your problem is relevant for the millions of women and men of all ages. All of the methods that we use in our clinic can be divided into the following:

Doctors combine several methods in the individual body shaping program. For example, great and fast results are obtained by combining sessions of ultrasonic cavitation with lymphatic drainage massage and pressure therapy, a combination of myostimulation and massage, and successive series of anti-cellulite massage and various wraps.

Over the years, our doctors have developed their own methods of combatting excess weight. Individual program will be drawn up so that you will be able to achieve visible results in a short time. Usually, it takes from 3 to 4 sessions for our patients to start losing the extra inches. The entire course consists of 10-15 procedures.

Do you want a perfect body without exhausting workouts and diets?


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