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Start curing your ingrown nail in time

And you will not have to go in for surgery!

Treatment of ingrown nailYour big toe nail grows into the skin? The toe is red and swollen? Your feel pain when walking and there are sores and pus? All these symptoms must not be disregarded, moreover, you should not try to treat them yourself. Attempts to treat an ingrown toenail without going to a doctor will only aggravate the situation. Self-treatment may lead to the need for surgery which means stress, long recovery, regular dressing changes and administration of antibiotics.

We suggest that you start treatment of an ingrown nail at an early stage of the disease. Come to us! Our podiatrists will solve your problem in just a few sessions.

At clinic you will be offered conservative treatment methods:

  • correction braces of different types,
  • medical-grade pedicure.

These methods are aimed at making your nail grow in the right direction. Braces may sometimes be used even after surgery because complete nail avulsion does not solve the problem: in many people toenails start growing into skin again after surgery.

Treatment of Ingrown Nails with Strip Braces

Strips can be used for both adults and children. At clinic we treat ingrown toenails using three types of strips: BS, Oniclip and golden strips. They look like thin strips 2-3mm in width and have white, gold or iron-grey color.

They are painlessly fixed to the nail and are almost invisible. If you wish, you can cover them with nail polish. They will not interfere with your active lifestyle (you can go in for sports, to the swimming pool, etc.) and they will not prevent you from wearing open-toed shoes.

Results of Treatment with Strips:

  • pain is relieved immediately after application;
  • the nail shape is corrected for a long time;
  • nails look healthy and nice;
  • in 99% the treatment helps to avoid surgery.

Treatment of Ingrown Nails with Wire Braces

At clinic podiatrists make active use of the Fraser brace. It is a thin medical grade alloy wire which is fitted to the nail absolutely painlessly. The brace can be decorated with rhinestones to look like an original adornment. You will not have to change your lifestyle as the brace does not impose any limitations.

Results of Treatment with Fraser braces:

  • pain goes away because the nail stops pressing against the toe;
  • inflammation and redness disappear;
  • ingrowing parts of the nail can be easily removed;
  • the nail gradually starts growing correctly;
  • the treatment helps to prevent nail excision.

Medical Grade Pedicure

When a nail grows into a toe, treatment is indispensable but constant medical grade pedicure is also required. It is a remedial procedure which is carried out by a podiatrist who treats the ingrowing nail to reduce pain and inflammation.

If you have not had bracing, the podiatrist will insert some capoline (special cloth for ingrown nail tamponade) under the ingrowing parts of the nail. Capoline does not hamper your movements and can be worn until the next procedure. It reduces pressure on the inflamed skin area and elevates the nail making it grow upward.

When medical grade pedicure is performed, our podiatrists use products of the world’s leading premium brands such as Gehwol and Peclavus. Their lines include products specially designed for those suffering from ingrown nails. For example, Gehwol series includes fluids for nails which soften hard nails and coarse skin of the nail wall.

CLINIC Patients’ Reviews of Ingrown Nail Treatment

We have collected some of our patients’ reviews for you to make sure how efficient conservative treatment of ingrown nails may be.

«I tried numerous methods of ingrown nail treatment: soaking, folk remedies, ointments, creams and even complete nail avulsion. But they did not help. I learnt about Fraser brace by chance. It took me a long time to find a place where I could get it but finally I came across clinic. It was applied quickly without any pain or discomfort. I had adjustments approximately once a month. After a few months of wearing it was impossible to tell the affected nail from the healthy one. I am grateful to my podiatrist for the professional work!»

Irina, age 35

«Before I came to clinic, I had my nail detached for three times. But what helped me was Fraser brace applied by a podiatrist at the clinic. My advice to everyone: don’t go to surgeons, see a podiatrist first!»

Nastya, age 27

«It all started when I cut my big toe nail improperly and then… Wisps under the nail, soaks and plenty of remedies followed. I suffered from it for a few months and then decided to take drastic measures and went to see a podiatrist. The podiatrist applied a brace to my nail. When leaving the clinic I noticed that the pain had been relieved and after two adjustment sessions the brace was removed. So, that’s the choice: months of torments or just two treatment sessions by a podiatrist. I recommend clinic, there are excellent podiatrists here!»

Olga, age 25

Your nail is growing into the skinfor the first time and you don’t know what to do? Or, perhaps, you have lived with this problem for dozens of years and have tried everything but still don’t know how to treat ingrown nails?

Whichever is true, stop suffering — come to clinic!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 right now to book a free podiatrist consultation or place your request.

Prices of Treatment of Ingrown Nails (Orthonyxia)

TreatmentPrice (RUB)
Medical pedicure IV8 900
Medical pedicure III6 900
Medical pedicure II4 900
Titanium thread4 900
Medical pedicure I2 900

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