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You look gorgeous from head to toes…

Professional Pedicure – the Finishing Touch for Your Beauty!

PedicureHow is a glamorous woman different from an ordinary one? There are no insignificant things in her look! She looks well cared for and dignified in all ways. You will never see chipping polish on her nails, messy hair or carelessly mascaraed eyelashes… Everything matters.

This includes a stylish pedicure. And even in winter, when it can be seen by no one else but her loved one and people in the swimming pool or sauna… The sense of self-worth is the main thing. She is beautiful and perfect for her own sake in the first place…

Is that about you? Do you pay sufficient attention to your feet? It’s time to have a professional pedicure! Or even a comprehensive feet care. You can choose whatever you wish: we offer a lot of options at CLINIC!

Why is it better to have pedicure in Moscow at CLINIC?

Indeed, there are lots of places where you can have a manicure, pedicure or other body care procedures… They are everywhere. Various clinics and salons offer promotions and discount coupons trying to outdo each other and attract more customers…

Do you also think that it is better to have pedicure in Moscow where the price is lowest? That it is a simple procedure which is carried out in a similar manner everywhere? Alas, it is not true. A pedicure is a serious and demanding procedure at least due to the fact that its improper performing creates a risk of fungus or even hepatitis infection!

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous pedicurists do not consider those rules and possible consequences. They work with reusable nail files without even sterilizing scissors after each client…

At CLINIC we place your safety above all!

  • Firstly, we use only disposable files and buffers (we take them out of new packages in your presence).
  • Secondly, we sterilize other instruments as thoroughly as scalpels are sterilized for surgeons — in an autoclave.
  • Thirdly, we perform pedicure very carefully: all our pedicurists have work experience of 7 – 15 years and they know their trade!

Find 1 hour for yourself free from daily routine and cares!

Come to us for а pedicure! As well as manicure, massage, wrapping or facial care…

Be a glamorous and attractive woman in all ways!

Welcome to CLINIC located in the center of Moscow!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to make an appointment for convenient time or place your request.

Machine Pedicure

The biggest advantage is that the probability of infection of various diseases (HIV, hepatitis, fungal infections, etc.) are minimal, as the hardware method is absolutely not traumatic, and it is no maceration of the skin. Processing is done after applying the softener to the rough skin that allows you to only work on problem areas without damaging the integrity of healthy skin. With hardware methods may be thoroughly problematic, not available when the classic pedicure area between the toes. And to abandon the use of baths for the feet – the most common method of transmission of fungal infection in our stores. Hardware method allows to remove dead cells of the stratum corneum without disrupting the structure of other layers of the epidermis.

Prices of Pedicure

Your safety is guaranteed! An individual set of instruments for your complete safety. All files and buffers are unpacked in the client’s presence. After the treatment you can take them home or the pedicurist will dispose of them in your presence. 100% protection against viruses and infections!

Machine pedicure I/II/III/IV degree 2 500/ 3 600/ 4 900/ 6 900
“Gold of Gods” SPA pedicure 4900
SPA pedicure ” Gold of the Gods» 9000
SPA care “the gold mask” with the use of infrared boots 2900
Children’s pedicure 900
Cleaning the nail plate
(2-5 fingers)
Cleaning the nail plate
(1 finger-large)

Additional Prices

Covers Price(RUB)
Strengthening 1200
LUXIO gel Polish 1500
LUXIO gel Polish (1 nail) 400
Christina Fitzgerald Varnish 700
The removal of the varnish 150
Removing gel Polish 700
Prosthetics of nails Price(RUB)
Nail prosthetics with GEHWOL gel 1 620 – 2 250
removal rod callus Price(RUB)
removal rod callus 1050

Prices on prosthetic nail

Prices for a manicure


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