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Nail extension: Myths and realities

Find out which method is right for you, its pros and cons, its price, and longevity…

Acrylic nail extension

The most popular type of nail extension. Acrylic nails can hold up to 5 months! Provided, however, their regular correction every 3 weeks. Such manicure has a number of advantages, strength and durability being the main ones.


  • Nails are 15 times stronger than natural, it is impossible to break them
  • They are almost indistinguishable from real nails; natural look
  • Nail polish stays 2-3 times longer
  • Acrylic is resistant to temperature changes, heat and frost
  • Nails can be given any shape
  • Acrylic is easy to remove without damaging your own nails


  • Acrylic has an unpleasant persistent smell reminiscent of dental clinic
  • This material prevents nails from breathing
  • There is risk of allergy to acryl

Gel nail extension

The main competitor of acrylic nail extension. This procedure uses a special gel, the structure and composition of which is identical to that of natural nails. The manicure lasts for 3-4 weeks, but it is more natural and safe for your nails.


  • Gel nails are as close as possible to natural nails
  • Unlike acryl, gel is odorless
  • Gel nails breathe, since this material lets air and moisture through
  • Gel does not damage, but protects your nails from harmful influences
  • Gel nails are strong; they rarely crack and break


  • Cracked nails need to be re-extended
  • Gel nails are not as strong as acrylic
  • It is not recommended to wear them in winter, as gel is sensitive to temperature changes

In clinic, we use two methods of nail extension: acrylic and gel. If you are not sure which one will suit you more – consult the master before the procedure.

What are the risks associated with nail extension and how to avoid them?

There are many horror stories that after gel or acrylic extension, nails get noticeably damaged, exfoliate, and even fall off… Unfortunately, there is truth in some of these stories. Let us consider the basic fears and risks:

Nail plate gets heavily injured due to nail extension

Yes, indeed, upon careless approach to the procedure, it can damage the nails. In this case, master’s qualification plays a crucial role. As well as the quality of products: acryl or gel. They must be safe, of good quality, and have the appropriate certificates proving they do not contain harmful components…

That is why it is dangerous to get acrylic or gel nail extension in the first salon, especially with a suspiciously low prices and discounts… Choose only trustworthy beauty salons and clinics, and you will reduce the risk to zero!

Extended nails look vulgar and unnatural

That happens a lot. Nails are of strange concave shape, and look as if they exfoliate from the finger. This is a sign of cheap, low-quality manicure that has been done carelessly and unskillfully. Acrylic or gel nails done by a serious master always look natural, so that you won’t tell the difference from the real thing!

Extended nails are always the same and soon become unbearable

Now this is a myth. You can change the nail polish as many times as you want on properly extended nails. Choose natural color for your nails, or any color you like, iа you feel this way. Including applying shellac, adding rhinestones, drawing patterns and even creating three-dimensional applications and sophisticated design… The most important thing is to use acetone-free nail polish remover.

TOP-5 most frequently asked questions

How long is the procedure?

From 40 minutes to 3 hours. In clinic – 1.5-2 hours on the average.

Why do I need nail correction?

Correction makes nails last longer (relevant for acrylic nail extension). This includes length correction, masking the difference between your growing fingernail and the artificial nail plate, as well as changing the design, if desired.

How should I care for extended nails?

Just like you usually do for your nails: hand cream, cuticle remover oil, and that’s all.

How do I remove extended nails?

Acrylic nails can be removed using special liquid or acetone. Gel nails are removed using nail file. Better have it done by a master in order not to damage your nail plate.

What is the length of nails after extension?

Choose the length yourself. You can even keep your own length. Or you extend your nails by 2-3 mm. Or 1 cm.

Should I entrust nail extension to clinic masters?

  • Our work is 100% official, we even have medical licenses
  • Our nail service masters have an experience of 8 years, a lot of European level certificates and diplomas. View them here.
  • We sterilize manicure tools in a special surgical autoclave, and we guarantee absolute hygiene and safety of procedures.
  • We use only high-quality certified products without harmful chemical substances!

Clients’ feedback on nail extension

«I’ve had my nails done in clinic, and now I’m very happy! I liked it more than in the previous salon. The shape, the design, and the color – everything exactly as I wanted! It has lasted for 5 weeks without correction so far.»

Sveta, 19 y.o.

«I always have my nails done in clinic. And I always have gel nails extension. It does not damage your nails; on the contrary, they even seem to have become healthier. I’m lucky with the masters – whoever does my nails, they’re real professionals!»

Dasha, 24 y.o.

«Thanks to clinic masters! I can always entrust my nails’ beauty and health to them… My nails don’t get damaged, the extended nails do not break; it gives me joy for several months…»

Tatyana, 35 y.o.

So, you have decided to get nail extension? We will do everything at the highest level!

Visit our clinic in the center of Moscow; we wait for you from 10:00 to 22:00!


What is the price of nail extension?

Price of nail extension (gel, acrylic)

Using such unique gels as LUXIO, ARNELLE and CATERINE, as well as acryl of popular brands, we form beautiful natural-looking nails with increased strength. This allows us to visually correct the defects of natural forms and save the result for up to a month.

Nail extension
gel, acrylic
Price (RUB) Time
Nail extension for nail polish (up to 3 mm) 5900 (120 min)
Nail extension for nail polish (over 3 mm) 6900 (120 min)
French extension (up to 3 mm) 6900 (150 min)
French extension (over 3 mm) 7900 (150 min)
Extension correction for nail polish (up to 3 mm) 4700 (120 min)
Extension correction for nail polish (over 3 mm) 5700 (120 min)
French extension correction (up to 3 mm) 5600 (150 min)
French extension correction (over 3 mm) 6600 (150 min)
Extension of one nail for nail polish (up to 3 mm/over 3 mm) 690/790 (30 min)
French extension of one nail (up to 3 mm/over 3 mm) 790/890 (30 min)
Shaping + filling of extended nails 1000 (30 min)
Removing extended nails 2000 (30 min)
Design/forming of one nail от 300/от 350

We guarantee your safety!

Individual set of tools for your complete safety. All files and finger nail polishers are unpacked before the client. After the procedure, you can take them home, or the master will dispose of them in your presence. 100% protection against viruses and infections!

Call us +7 963 964-79-76 and we will tell you everything!

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