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Thinking of Shellac?

Opt for the best —
premium class gel polish LUXIO!

shellac Have already tried shellac? Then, you have had a chance to experience its benefits and limitations firsthand. The main advantage of the gel polish is its endurance while the main disadvantage is deterioration in the nail condition. So, what should you do? Do you have to stay away from durable coatings?  

Of course not! We state that beauty without sacrifice is possible. At our clinic we have tested a few dozens of gel polishes and settled upon a nail polish from the Canadian brand LUXIO.

Why you will not want to use any other gel polish after you try LUXIO

1. LUXIO gel is absolutely harmless for nails

Remember how hard it was to remove Shellac. Each of your nails was exposed to a special chemical. And then, the manicurist (or you, if you removed the polish yourself) had to scrape the rest of the polish from your nails. What was the result? As we have noticed at our clinic, after 2-4 Shellac removals nails start chipping and breaking.

Unlike Shellac, LUXIO gel polish strengthens the nail plate due to its unique components! And, most importantly, LUXIO coating can be removed from your nails without soaking in an aggressive solution. The manicurist just removes it with a special soft burr without affecting the nail plate. This makes LUXIO gel harmless for nails.

2. LUXIO gel provides bright and durable colors

Today, Shellac palette comprises 36 colors. LUXIO gel range is not inferior to that of Shellac. It should be noted that LUXIO coating does not fade or chip on nails. We have been using LUXIO gel for more than a year at our clinic and we have not had a single complaint of the gel polish chipping, erasing or fading so far.

3. LUXIO coating lasts for up to 5 weeks

It has been observed by our manicurists that LUXIO gel stays on for a very long time: up to 4-5 weeks. It does not fade in the sun, is not erased or chipped off by sea water, sand or detergents.

This coating provides reliable protection for your nails. You can do whatever you want including “unwomanly” works such as repairing a car or hammering nails. You will change LUXIO polish on your nails only when you are tired of it or when your nails grow.

4. LUXIO gel suits everyone (even pregnant women)

LUXIO polish is absolutely odorless, so it is suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and allergic individuals. The same cannot be said of Shellac which has pronounced unpleasant odor.

LUXIO gel polish has European certificate of quality which certifies its compliance with environmental and health regulations!

Design of nails

Reviews of LUXIO Gel

«I had LUXIO gel coating in another city and when I came to Moscow, I looked for a place to get this gel for a long time as I believe it is the best gel of all that I have tried. I wear it for a month. It is almost like nail extensions with the difference that extensions damage your nails while LUXIO has strengthened my weak and fragile nails.»

Olga, age 28

«I came to Lipsclinic to solve the problem of brittle nails. The manicurist advised me to have my nails coated with LUXIO gel polish. It is my favorite polish now and I go to the salon once a month. My nails have grown and become strong. I recommend this polish to girls having the same problem and those who want coating to last long.»

Yekaterina, age 25

Experience advantages of LUXIO gel firsthand!

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Note: LUXIO gel requires special application technique! Our manicurists have undergone special training in working with LUXIO gel polish and have certificates confirming that they can work with products of the brand.

Prices of Coatings

IBX strengthening 900р
Polish Catherine 500р
Polish Catherine (French) 700р
Gel Polish LUXIO 1500р
Strengthening Gel Polish LUXIO 1700р
Gel Polish LUXIO (French) 1700р
Strengthening Gel Polish LUXIO (French) 1900р
Overlapping one nail LUXIO 400р
Removing Gel Polish with a soft mill 700р
Strengthening Gel Catherine (natural look) 2400р
Strengthening Gel Catherine (colored) 2900р
Strengthening Gel Catherine (French) 3200р
Removal of a covering of Catherine 1000р
Polish Christina Fitzgerald 600р
Polish Christina Fitzgerald (French) 800р

Is that expensive or cheap? If you compare the price with that of Shellac, the price may seem high. But you should remember that LUXIO gel will stay on twice as long and will not do any harm to your nails!

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