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Do not know how to improve your complexion?

improve your complexion

Lack of vitamins, bad habits, constant stress, improper skin care, lack of proper rest, and chronic diseases; all these factors have a negative effect on the complexion.

As a result, by 40-50s your face skin fades, becomes tired and flabby. What to do? Can you return bright colors to your face, regain its youthfulness?

Not only you can, but should! Come for a free consultation, and LIPSCLINIC doctors will tell you how to make your face beautiful at any age!

Only a few days left before a party or an important meeting?

We will offer you effective procedures that give instant results. Imagine that you will look younger by several years after just one clinic visit.

Glycolic acid peeling

Glycolic peeling is performed with varying concentrations of acid. If you have never done acid peeling, the doctor will begin with the application of gentle compositions. Peeling is aimed at removing the upper keratinous layer of skin and wipe out all the defects (roughness, bumps, small pimples, and dark spots). In response to the aggressive effect of peeling, skin cells begin to actively renew; after a few days your skin is radiantly healthy.

Acid peeling is usually carried out in the autumn-winter period. This is the time when your skin dims, looks tired, and acquires an earthy or paly shade, including due to climatic changes. Find out more about how glycolic peeling can regain you healthy complexion.

Gas-liquid peeling

What if you have a meeting, a date, a party, a prom, or any important event tomorrow, and you want to look irresistible? In this case, gas-liquid peeling can cope with this problem. This type of peeling does not require time for rehabilitation. Slight redness after the peeling wears off within an hour.

Gas-liquid peeling is a non-contact procedure. Your face is exposed to the flow of fluids and oxygen with the help of a special device. Peeling removes flaking, cleans the skin, reduces pores, improves the complexion and clears dark circles under the eyes, as well as significantly reducing the number freckles and age spots. See feedback from our customers and prices for gas-liquid peeling.


In addition to peeling, we recommend our patients to charge their skin with vitamins and nutrients by doing mesotherapy. In our clinic, you can have:

What is the difference? In both cases, the purpose of the procedure is rejuvenation and improvement of skin color using special vitamin cocktails. In the first case, cocktails are injected subcutaneously in bioactive points of the face.

In the second case, a vitamin cocktail will be applied on your skin as a cream, and a special device will deliver all the vitamins in the deeper layers of skin. One mesotherapy procedure will make your skin lifted, youthful and radiant for a few months.

Want to retain youth for a long time?

Individual mesotherapy or peeling sessions are used in an emergency, but if you want to have lasting changes, we recommend that you go through the anti-aging and wellness courses.

Peeling sessions

For example, a series of 5-8 glycolic peeling sessions is capable of eliminating oily skin, removing dark spots, narrowing pores, reducing the appearance of acne and post-acne, improving your complexion, and removing dark circles under the eyes for a few months.

Integrated approach to mesotherapy

A course of mesotherapy will make your skin young and supple. According to our patients, who have mesotherapy on a constant basis in courses of 10-15 procedures, it results in 70-90% of wrinkles smoothed, improved skin tone, complete elimination of skin flaking, blackheads and enlarged pores.

The great advantage of mesotherapy is that you have a choice. If you are totally against injections, you can always choose an injection-free mesotherapy.

Do not forget about the elixir of youth

Another way to restore the freshness of your skin is biorevitalization. What is it? As you know, our skin begins to lose hyaluronic acid with age; hyaluronic acid is an important component that affects the youthfulness of skin.

As soon as the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases, we begin to age, the first wrinkles appear, we get blue circles under the eyes, and our skin becomes loose and dull. It is for good reason that hyaluronic acid is included in all the luxury cosmetics for face care.

Biorevitalization returns this essential elixir of youth to skin. Hyaluronic acid шы delivered into the skin through a series of injections. Even if you do not like injections, you should try this procedure. The procedure includes preliminary anesthesia, so 95% of our patients say they do not feel injections during the biorevitalisation.

Timely applied (at the first signs of aging), injections of hyaluronic acid inhibit the aging process. If you start getting biorevitalisation at 30-35, you will be able to prolong youth for at least 20-25 years. See feedback from our patients.

Restore freshness of your skin using ozone

Ozone therapy is one of the cheapest yet effective ways to improve your complexion. During ozone therapy skin cells are saturated with ozone. This affects the production of collagen and eliminates toxic substances from the cells, increasing blood and lymph circulation, and therefore, improving nutrition of skin cells.

After a course of ozone therapy, face becomes fresher, wrinkles are reduced, loose skin is lifted, the number of spider veins and age spots is reduced, and acne and pimples disappear. Learn how ozone therapy is carried out in our clinic.

As you can see, there are plenty of methods to improve the complexion!

If you are in doubt or have any questions, sign up for a free consultation with a professional cosmetologist!

Schedule a session by calling +7 963 964-79-76 or leave an application — and we will call you back.

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