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Do not know how to get rid of pigmentary spots?

Do whitening creams, traditional remedies, masks, and home-made mixtures not help? Friends’ tips and recipes from the Internet do not give result either?

Stop doing tests on yourself!

Do not know how to get rid of pigmentary spots?

Pigmentary spots on the face and other parts of the body are a serious problem, which should be solved by a professional cosmetologist.

Why is it better to choose clinical treatment of pigmentary spots?

In contrast to your attempts to whiten the pigmentary spots at home, treatment at LIPSCLINIC is:

  1. Safe
    Trying to remove the pigmentation on your own, you may cause yourself harm. Burns, increase in size, and spots darkening are the most common consequences of home treatment. In our clinic, a professional cosmetologist will deal with your problem, so negative effects are completely excluded.
  2. Efficient
    After examination, the doctor will subscribe several different procedures for you. One of the most effective options is alternation of glycolic or TCA peeling sessions with mesotherapy. Good results are obtained with ozone therapy course.
  3. Professional
    At the first free consultation, the doctor will try to determine the cause of pigmentary spots. If it is not possible to determine the cause after visual inspection and conversation, he/she will recommend you to pass an additional examination at the gastroenterologist, gynecologist, or endocrinologist.

A comprehensive examination is required if there is a suspicion that the pigmentary spots appear due to diseases of the liver, kidneys, and other organs. You should be aware that the use of cosmetic procedures gives an external effect; if you leave the illness untreated, the spots will reappear.

At LIPSCLINIC, pigmentary spots elimination is performed using:

How does skin mesotherapy help remove pigmentation?

During mesotherapy, face or body areas with pigmentation are treated with special healing cocktails. These cocktails stop the production of melanin and whiten the skin. Cocktail composition is individually selected depending on the degree of pigmentation.

Healing cocktails are injected under the skin using the thinnest needles. This method makes it possible to deliver the drug into the middle layers of the skin. Such penetration cannot be achieved by using external means against pigmentary spots.

First the doctor gives you an anesthetic, so you will not feel any discomfort during the session. If you categorically oppose injections, the doctor will prescribe you drug administration under the skin with the help of ‘smart’ devices, the so-called no injection mesotherapy. Find out more about injection mesotherapy. Information on no injection mesotherapy can be found here.

How does peeling against pigmentary spots work?

During peeling, the top layer of skin is removed with all the defects, including pigment spots. In response to the aggressive influence, skin cells begin to actively renew. A series of peelings result in clean, fresh and young skin.

We use solutions of different acid concentration for peelings. If you have light pigmentary spots, doctor will prescribe you surface peeling. For example, glycolic or retinoic peeling. To combat deep pigmentation spots, we apply TCA peeling. This peeling helps to effectively remove pigmentary spots from the face, hands, shoulders, upper chest, back, and legs. View more information about the types of peeling we use, our prices and reviews.

How are pigmentary spots removed from face using ozon?

Ozone therapy is actively used in combating pigment spots on the face. Penetrating into the skin, ozone has anti-inflammatory and resolving action on them. It actively influences the process of skin cells renewal, which is why skin gets cleaned, lifted and becomes younger after ozone therapy. Mood improvement and general well-being is an additional effect of ozone therapy.

Ozone is injected targeted under the skin. Ozone is considered to be low-cost and affordable method of pigmentary spots removal. Read about the features of ozone therapy in our clinic, as well as check reviews and prices here.

Do you want to quickly get rid of pigmentary spots using ozone?

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