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Can’t believe that painless hair removal is possible?

hair removal

Beauty knows no pain! How often do we repeat this phrase, especially if there is bikini hair removal or face epilation is ahead? We are accustomed to the pain and do not even suspect that we can get rid of unwanted hair:

  • without pain and tears,
  • without spots and irritation,
  • without burns and pigmentation,
  • without any negative effects.

It takes only a few painless sessions for your hair to stop growing!

What epilation method are we offering?

Hair removal in Moscow is performed in pretty much every salon or beauty center, which makes it even more difficult to choose where and in what way to remove hair. There are at least ten types of hair removal; but first you need to find a good cosmetician and clinic. Pay a visit to our clinic. We had tried all kinds of epilation methods; based on feedback from our patients, our choice has alighted on diode-laser hair removal.

It is for a reason that we have selected diode-laser method. As of today, it is considered the most painless and effective of the entire line of modern lasers. It is suitable for all hair types, including dark, light, thin, and for all skin types.

Arguments in favor of diode-laser hair removal:

  • First, diode laser hair removal completely destroys the hair follicle without any possibility of its restoration. This means that after a course of epilation hair will never grow again.
  • Second, diode laser acts directly on the hair follicle and does not affect the surrounding tissue, so there are no scars at laser hair removal.
  • Third, diode-laser hair removal is a painless procedure. Intimate hair removal with diode laser is of particular popularity, because the effect on the hair follicles is quick and painless in the sensitive areas.

Today, laser hair removal is one of the most modern and effective methods of hair removal. Despite its recent occurrence, this method has had time to sprawl a large number of myths. Let us consider the most common scare stories about laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal. 5 common myths

  1. Laser hair removal is expensive
    It depends on what you compare it to. Waxing and cream hair removal? Or maybe hair removal with a depilator and a razor blade? Then it is quite expensive, indeed! But if you imagine that after 5-6 sessions you will never have to do hair removal, you will realize that the diode-laser hair removal saves time and money. Besides, it is only by means of diode-laser epilation that baby’s skin effect can be achieved.
  2. Laser hair removal in the bikini area is very painful
    Patients who want to do laser hair removal, but are afraid of pain, are frequent visitors of our clinic. During a free consultation, we offer you to try the diode laser on a small area of your body, so that you made sure that diode laser hair removal is a painless procedure.
  3. Deep laser epilation results in burns
    We will not deny it, it does! Even the most modern and high-quality devices in the hands of inexperienced cosmetologists is able to cause harm, rather than benefit. Our clinic is staffed by experienced cosmetologists who have been performing diode-laser hair removal for several years.
  4. Laser hair removal enhances pigmentation
    The first session of laser hair removal takes place only after prior free consultation. During the consultation, the doctor will tell you how to properly prepare for the procedure, notify you about contraindications, and explain how to behave after epilation. If you observe simple rules, there will be no negative effects.
  5. 5. Laser hair removal is ineffective
    The effectiveness of diode-laser epilation can only be assessed after 5-6 sessions. A course of procedures usually extends over six months. One diode-laser epilation session destroys the hair follicles. After some time, dormant follicles wake up and the hair begins to grow again; in this case, procedure is repeated.

We have provided only five common myths about laser hair removal. Please note that there are various methods of laser hair removal. In our clinic, we perform diode-laser hair removal.

If you want to remove unwanted hair, but are afraid of consequences, negative feedback or other causes, come for a free consultation and pose your questions to a professional cosmetologist.

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What is the course of laser hair removal at our clinic?

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