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Non-surgical liposuction will make your face look young and well-shaped again!

Non-surgical liposuction

A sagging face, droopy cheeks, a double chin and a “bull neck” — is that me? One day every person asks this question when looking into a mirror. If you don’t like the way you look, it means that time has come for changes! We have 1000 and more ways to fight against the first signs of ageing.

One of the most efficient methods is non-surgical liposuction of cheeks and chin.

Imagine that after the treatment course you will have well-defined facial contours, lifted and firm cheeks, a nice jawline and a chiseled neck. You will be happy with your appearance again. You will enjoy your photos, both full-face and profile ones. You will feel proud when showing your photos to your friends and posting them in social networks.

What is non-surgical liposuction?

It is removal of fat deposits from any part of the body by means of painless injections of lipolytic cocktails. The main component of the cocktails used at our clinic is Dermastabilon.

It destroys fat cells and stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin. After a treatment course you will not only have your fat deposits reduced in your chin and cheeks but your whole face will look firmer and younger.

Why is chin and cheek liposuction at our clinic a popular and superefficient procedure?

  1. It is performed by only experienced beauticians

    The efficiency of anti-age treatment depends on the beautician’s expertise. If you make a mistake when choosing a beautician, it will cost you a lot. You will waste your time and money without achieving the required result. Or you can be referred to a surgery though it is often possible to obtain well-defined facial contours using non-surgical methods. In order to avoid this, when choosing a beautician with “liposuction in Moscow” search query, consider doctors’ work experience, their patients’ reviews and ask them to show you their certificates and licenses. For example, at our clinic all beauticians have higher medical education and work experience of over 5 years. Click here to see the doctors’ certificates and diplomas.

  2. Proprietary methodologies are used

    Over the years of their work our doctors have developed efficient proprietary methods to remove a double chin and plump or saggy cheeks. Depending on the problem to be solved, the composition of lipolytic cocktails, the number of treatment sessions and the depth of injection may vary. The doctor will choose the best combination of different anti-age methods for you to achieve the best and the longest lasting result. For example, we always combine liposuction with active lymph drainage massage at our clinic.

  3. Certified preparations are used

    We use lipolytic cocktails containing Dermastabilon which has been certified in Russia and is widely used all over the world. Nowadays, it is the safest and the most efficient product for treatment of localized fat deposits.

  4. The result is guaranteed

    We guarantee that your appearance will be changed for the better at our clinic: you will get rid of your double chin and saggy or plump cheeks. We work until you obtain the result. A personalized makeover program will be elaborated for you. Apart from liposuction, we also use other ways of fighting against fat deposits — ozone therapy and cavitation using Sculptor II machine.

  5. 100% successful practice

    Non-surgical liposuction is performed at our clinic nearly every day. It is a very popular treatment because it allows getting rid of fat deposits without surgery. Dermastabilon injections help to remove small amounts of fat not only on the face but on other parts of the body as well: legs, arms, thighs, abdomen and back. Click here for more details of how you can have your body improved at our clinic.

Below are some reviews of the patients who have had a course of non-surgical chin liposuction:

«I have come to the clinic because of my double chin. I am just 25 and I already have a double chin — that’s horrible! I had 5 sessions and the second chin disappeared as if it had never existed. Thank you so much! I like very much the way I look now! I wish I had come to you earlier.»

Irina, age 25

«A double chin has been a problem for me for the last five years. I came to the clinic to have it removed. The doctor suggested that we start with dermastabilon injections and then add massage. Altogether I had 7 injections and 10 massage sessions. I am quite satisfied with the treatment course. My double chin has gone and my skin has been notably lifted. Thanks a lot!»

Olga, age 38

Prices of non-surgical liposuction

MesotherapyPrice (RUB)ResultThe zone of introduction
Non-surgical liposuction – Mesosculpt C7115000, 1 mlCorrection of localized fat deposits"Second chin" cheeks, "flews", molar bags, nasolabial folds.

When ordering a full course of treatment you have additional 10% off!

Normally, we recommend between 2 and 10 sessions at an interval of 7-10 days for a long-lasting effect. You will learn the exact number of sessions you need at a free initial consultation.

Remember that non-surgical liposuction will cost you 3-4 times less than surgery.

Another advantage of this method is that it does not require a long recovery period while the effect lasts for several years.

Do you still have any questions? Come to our clinic for a free consultation!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 or place your request and we will call you back.

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