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Smile without fear of lines!

Filling of nasolabial folds with natural preparation in 30 minutes!

Filling of nasolabial folds

Do you like smiling? Do you notice that after having fun with your friends or watching a comedy additional lines appear on you face — two semicircular lines running from the nose to the corners of the mouth? Or, perhaps, these treacherous folds stay with you all the time? They are an eyesore to you each time you look into a mirror?

In fact, these nasolabial folds can be removed very easily!

It will take only 30 minutes.

Correction of nasolabial folds is a safe and painless procedure. If, of course, it is carried out by a good specialist and high quality products are used.

How is the procedure performed?

  1. You come to LIPSCLINIC for a consultation. A beautician examines your face and decides what natural filler will suit you best. It is one of the crucial steps because everything should be taken into consideration: your age, condition of your skin, its structure and specific features…
  2. You sit down in a comfortable armchair and relax. The beautician cleanses your face and covers it with some numbing cream that feels nice.
  3. The chosen preparation is carefully injected into the area where the wrinkle is though a tiny and very thin needle. You will hardly feel the prick.  

That’s it! Nasolabial folds are evenly filled in with the natural filler and then disappear!

No consequences such as swelling, red spots or other “pleasant” things! You leave the clinic looking good and feeling happy!

What fillers do we use?

The whole range of fillers from leading certified manufacturers:

  • Surgiderm,
  • Restyline,
  • Princess,

You can have correction of nasolabial folds at any age!

It is especially beneficial for those who often smile!

This is because nasolabial folds do not only appear because of the skin ageing; they are more often caused by expressiveness of the face. Skin cannot always stay resilient. When we fill it with natural components, we just help it smooth.

What is the difference between procedures in different clinics?

It may seem simple: one takes some filler, injects it into the area of the wrinkle and that’s it! But removal of nasolabial folds involves much more details and nuances that it may seem at the first sight. In some clinics they are taken into account while in others they are not.

  • Firstly, it is essential to choose the correct filler for a particular patient. It requires personalized approach: the beautician has to use his or her brains instead of thinking stereotypically.
  • Secondly, it is important to use reliable and safe technique of filler administration. It is what predetermines how natural and nice looking the result will be and how long it will last.
  • Thirdly, it is crucial to use high quality certified fillers that have all the licenses instead of those bought at a discount from some dubious profiteers.

We at LIPSCLINIC know and understand how important all those items are.

And we comply with all of them. Have a look at some reviews by our clients:

«The thing I disliked most about my appearance was the deep folds running from the nose to the corners of the mouth… When I smiled, they were imprinted even deeper. I thought the only way was to cover them with a thick layer of foundation… But at Lips Clinic I was offered a better solution! They removed all those creases almost completely in just 20 minutes!»

(Sveta, age 34)

«Lipsclinic, I am so grateful to you! You haven’t only given me a beautiful younger face without lines – you have given me self-confidence and the feeling of being attractive! And it is worth a lot!»

(Alyona, age 40)

Prices of nasolabial fold filling

FACE REMODELING (fillers)Price (RUB)
AnesthesiaPrice (RUB)

Filling of nasolabial folds at our clinic is not expensive.

What makes up the price? First of all, the price of the fillers. And a good filler produced by an authorized manufacturer cannot be too cheap. Do not trust dubious coupon discounts — opt for the best clinics in Moscow when it deals with the beauty of your face! LIPSCLINIC is one of them.

Do you want to get rid of those annoying lines?
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