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Ultrasonic cavitation works — it is verified!

Ultrasonic cavitation

We have quoted one of our patients’ statements to be substantive when telling you about cavitation. If you have read online reviews, you have probably noticed that about 50% speak for it and about 50% speak against. So what should you do? Should you have it or not?

Here is our professional answer: the method works where three components are available: a skillful doctor, high quality equipment and compliance with all recommendations. If these three elements are present, ultrasonic cavitation will help you to get rid of fat deposits in the following areas:

  • abdomen,
  • thighs,
  • buttocks,
  • arms,
  • back
  • hips and other areas.

Besides, cavitation can reduce signs of fibrosis, tighten your skin (including removal of a double chin) and correct some defects of surgical liposuction.

Egor Holyavin about cavitation

Why does ultrasonic cavitation work better than dieting or exercise?

When you keep to a diet, exercise, have massages or wraps, your fat cells just grow thinner. But as soon as you abandon the healthy lifestyle, they will be filled again.

Cavitation offers a great benefit: fat cells are completely destroyed by ultrasound. Cellular debris is removed from the system in a natural way. The effect of cavitation is comparable with that of liposuction!

The difference is that cavitation is performed without any surgery or general anesthesia, scarring or any other negative consequences. After a cavitation session we perform lymph drainage massage and pressotherapy at our clinic. These procedures help you to get rid of swelling and remove freed fatty acids from your body.

Of course, there are some contraindications for cavitation such as kidney or liver diseases. Therefore, if you are looking for clinics where cavitation is performed in Moscow, be cautious: the doctor should ask you about contraindications prior to the procedure!

Cavitation is perfectly suitable for:

  • busy people who don’t have time for going to the gym;
  • women who are afraid of pain and injections: the procedure is absolutely pain free;
  • people who cannot get rid of extra centimeters in spite of constant workouts etc.;
  • everybody who wants to regain his or her body shape, for example, lose a few centimeters before the beach season.

How is cavitation performed?

Any procedure performed at our clinic starts with a free consultation. Only after the doctor makes sure that you do not have any contraindications, the treatment will be started. A treatment session takes 60-90 minutes. Its duration depends on the size of the treated area.

It is easy to imagine how treatment is carried out — it is similar to having ultrasonography: there is no pain or discomfort. You lie down on a couch, the doctor applies some special gel to the treated area and performs cavitation. After the treatment session lymph drainage massage and pressotherapy are performed.

Why is ultrasonic cavitation at our clinic always efficient?

Unique Certified Equipment

We use Sculptor II device for cavitation. Its advantages are obvious: there is no need for any anesthesia, the treatment takes very little time, the effect can be seen after the first session, and the treatment is absolutely non-traumatizing and non-invasive.

Qualified Doctors

Our staff consists of skillful doctors who have completed additional training in cavitation. We have been practicing cavitation for losing weight for more than three years. The doctor’s vast experience allows telling you what effect you can expect from cavitation at the first consultation. After that, it is up to you to decide whether you want to have this procedure or another body contouring method instead.

Proprietary Methodologies

Our patients’ health and treatment efficiency are our main priority. Our doctors always find out if you have any contraindications. Our goal is that you can see the effect of cavitation. It is quite realistic to lose 3 cm of girth after a single procedure if cavitation is used in conjunction with lymph drainage massage and pressotherapy.

Our Patients’ Reviews of Ultrasonic Cavitation

«After my holiday I noticed that I had gained some weight. I didn’t have enough time for dieting or exercise and I wanted an instant result to look great at work. The doctor offered me to have cavitation. I was amazed at the effect: after two treatment sessions I lost more than 6 cm in my troubled area (lower part of my belly)!!! It is an incredible result for me. Thank you!»

Natalya, age 27

«I’d like to thank my doctor for the efficient procedure: I lost 2cm immediately after the cavitation session and 3 more cm over the next four days. I think that the result is to a large extent accounted for by the “rough” massage. Thank you!»

Irina, age 30

Prices of Cavitation

1 zone 5200 Special Offer!
2 zones 10400 Special Offer!
3 zones 15600 Special Offer!

When ordering 10 sessions, you get additional 10% off!

How many sessions do you need? You will find it out at the free initial consultation. For some patients 1-2 sessions may be enough to achieve the desired result, others need at least 10 sessions. Treatment sessions are carried out once a week.

Stop hesitating! Come to us for cavitation and become slimmer!

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