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SPA Procedures — a feast for your body and soul!

Wraps, peels and masks — time to have a rest and dedicate some time for yourself!

SPA Procedures

Stress, bustle, traffic jams… Poor environmental conditions in the capital city… Busy days, meetings, talks and trips… Find just an hour for yourself in this chaos! Body care procedures are the best way to relax and get toned!

Find yourself on the sea coast and submerge into health-giving Atlantic salt… Feel natural seaweed envelop your body softly… Feel all cares and worries fading into insignificance… Your skin is cleansed and starts breathing, your legs are incredibly light and you are energetic and in a good mood again…

All kinds of SPA procedures are offered at LIPS clinic in Moscow! We use ONLY professional grade Tegora products. They consist of 100% natural components and are held in high esteem among beauticians all over the world!

Why do we use Tegora?

Tegora produces premium class beauty products used in the most expensive resorts and luxurious SPA centers in 70 countries… Too be honest, they are not cheap at all. And this increases the cost of SPA procedures at our clinic. Indeed, there are products and seaweeds for wraps which cost 5-10 times less… But why should you choose Tegora? Why is it the case when it is not recommended to economize?

The effectiveness of wraps depends on the product used. The higher the content of seaweeds and the finer they are milled, the faster the result of the procedure is achieved. It is also very important to know where the seaweeds come from. Seaweeds obtained from environmentally troubled areas can cause harm instead of benefit!

Tegora seaweeds are distinguished by a high content of natural sea components — up to 100%. These are not just extracts, they are whole complexes of 20 types of algae including rare deep water ones. They are not just milled, but micronized using a unique microexplosion technology which allows them to penetrate into the deepest skin layers and act there in the most efficient way. Tegora seaweeds are obtained in environmentally safe areas only which is certified by ECO and BIO product certificates.

That is why Tegora products are so efficient, natural and safe! The effect is obtained much faster, and it is much more significant than with the use of cheaper seaweeds and mud for SPA procedures!

What SPA procedures do we offer?

It is up to you to choose what to start from. Each body care has a particular effect contributing to your health and beauty…

Cleansing Body Skin


Peeling is the fastest and the most enjoyable way to have your skin thoroughly cleaned! It does not only remove superficial contaminations but eliminates dead cells as well. Peeling should be performed before wraps and other SPA procedures to achieve the best possible results (active substances penetrate deeper into the skin when it is cleansed!

The SPA procedure lasts for 15-30 minutes and is specially selected for your skin depending on its sensitivity and the intended wrap program.

Removing Toxins from Your Body

Lymph Drainage Wraps

This wrap helps to remove toxins and excessive fluid from the body which normalizes the electrolyte balance, purifies the body, eliminates swelling, delivers minerals to the skin and tones it up!

The SPA procedure lasts for 60 minutes. It is recommended for those who want to lose weight and get fight against cellulite. An excellent way to get rid of 2-3 centimeters quickly to fit into your favorite dress!

Reducing Body Dimensions

Seaweed Wraps

Wraps with specially selected Tegora sea weeds are the most effective and pleasurable way of body modeling and cellulite reduction. Seaweeds contain lots of active sea components which reduce fat deposits, boost metabolism and smoothen skin.

The SPA procedure lasts for 60 minutes. It is recommended to have the full course. You get reduction of body dimensions and smooth and resilient skin without cellulite. Plus the sense of well-being like after a seaside holiday!

Making Skin Elastic

Wraps for Skin Resilience

If you are losing much weight, if you are pregnant or if your skin becomes less toned because of ageing, it is high time to consider special care! Special Tegora wrap programs will restore your skin resilience and prevent stretch marks.

The SPA procedure lasts for 60 minutes. A full course of treatment is recommended. Skin resilience improvement and absence of stretch marks are guaranteed!

Relieving Heaviness in Legs

SPA Cares for Legs

Your legs feel tired and heavy? Your blood vessels should be strengthened and toned up to prevent varicose veins! Tegora cooling masks for legs and Styx bandage wraps accomplish these tasks successfully.

The SPA procedures normally last for about 30 minutes. They are recommended during the hot season and to reduce swelling during pregnancy.

Relieving Stress and Treating Your Back

Tegora Mud Wraps

We use exclusive Atlantic mud with the highest content of biologically active elements! It immediately relieves muscle tension, relaxes and eases your nerves. It invigorates and gives you energy… It also improves blood circulation, boosts immune system and eliminates pain in your back and joints!

The SPA procedure lasts for 40-60 minutes. It is recommended if you have strenuous exercise, sports-related injuries, joint pain and can also relieve back tension during pregnancy.

Here is what our clients think about SPA procedures:

«My favourite procedure is seaweed wrapping. Every cell of my body feels beneficial vitamins from the ocean bottom penetrating into my skin. It becomes smoother and suppler while I close my eyes and relax imagining that I am lying on the beach!»

Yana, age 28

«I have had SPA procedures for a long time comparing the way they are carried out at different clinics in Moscow and I have come to the conclusion that LIPS clinic is the best. I like everything here: the interior, the beauticians and other staff, you can see professional approach and caring attitude to patients!»

Maria, age 41

Choose what you like best and call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to make an appointment or place your request.

Prices of SPA procedures

SPA ProgramPrice (RUB)Description and Duration
“Golden Mask” CND SPA foot care3600Professional foot care with infrared boots. Successive application of active concentrates intensified with infrared waves guarantees your foot skin transformation and a sense of well-being! 50 min
“Citrus Delight” CND SPA foot care3600High-end foot care based on active extracts of citrus, shea butter and grape seed oil intensified with infrared waves and followed by massage. Perfect antistress effect and smooth and silky feet! 50min
“Golden Mask” SPA foot care1900Professional foot care. Successive application of active concentrates guarantees your foot skin transformation and a sense of well-being. 50min
“Citrus Delight” SPA foot care1900High-end foot care based on citrus extracts, shea butter and grape seed oil. Silky foot skin and great mood guaranteed! (50 min)
“Golden Orchid with Cotton” SPA program4900Peeling, acupressure massage, application of active agents, a mask and finish cream. Duration: 90 min.
SPA program for body correction with three clays4900Peeling, acupressure massage, application of active agents, massage, wrapping and finish cream. Duration: 90 min.
Chocolate line SPA program for body correction4900Peeling, acupressure massage, application of active agents, massage, a mask and finish cream. Duration: 90 min.
Drainage SPA program, reduction of body dimensions5500Peeling, acupressure massage, application of active agents, massage, wrapping and finish cream. Duration: 90 min.
Body correction SPA program with Lipoglaucine5500Peeling, acupressure massage, application of active agents, massage, wrapping and finish cream. Duration: 90 min.
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