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Ozone body therapy is an efficient way to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and stretch marks and tighten your skin!

Ozone body therapy

Surprised to notice that you can’t squeeze into your favorite jeans? The dress you have recently bought doesn’t fit very well? Embarrassed to take off your clothes after childbirth?

Alas, sooner or later we all notice that our body is far from being perfect. And a flabby belly, cellulite, nasty vascular spiders or stretch marks cannot always be eliminated with diets and workouts. In this case, we recommend ozone therapy to our patients. Ozone therapy has the following effects:

  • skin is smoothed out and cellulite disappears;
  • saggy skin is tightened in the treated areas;
  • fat deposits on the stomach, back, thighs, arms and buttocks are reduced;
  • vascular spiders and visible veins vanish;
  • stretch marks and pigment spots are reduced.

How does ozone work?

Ozone replenishes oxygen in skin cells. It results in activating metabolic processes and enhancing cell division which has some visible effects: your skin looks younger and is tightened up. Ozone has a strong influence on oxidation-reduction reactions causing fast fat burning in the injection areas. You see those detestable centimeters dwindling away: 90% of patients notice size reduction after the third session.

When is ozone body therapy prescribed?

We use lots of methods for fat reduction and skin tightening. These include mesotherapy, cavitation, cryolipolysis, myostimulation, wraps, SPA procedures, massage and many more. The doctor’s goal is not to sell this or that service to you but to solve your problem!

Therefore, first of all you come to a free initial consultation. A doctor examines you, determines if you have any diseases and only after that he or she will develop a rejuvenation and weight loss course for you. We often combine a few methods for a prompt and long-lasting effect.

How is the treatment performed?

You come to us for a treatment session, lie down on a couch and some numbing cream is applied to your skin. After the cream starts acting, the doctor fixes 5 thin needles in your troubled area (abdomen, thighs, back, buttocks or arms). These needles are connected to the device with a wire.

The doctor switches the device on and ozone starts getting into skin cells. In a few seconds the doctor moves the needles within the treated area. All in all, between 10 and 40 ozone injections are given in the treated area. After injections some anticellulite cream is applied to your skin and massage is performed to distribute ozone evenly under your skin. A session lasts for 30-40 minutes. A few areas can be treated for a single session.

What is special about ozone body therapy at our clinic:

Safe equipment

Patients’ safety is our first priority. It is essential to adhere to the correct dosage and use a pure ozone-oxygen mixture. To ensure our patients’ safety we have chosen high-end equipment — a Medozons device.

Advantages of Our Equipment:

  • the overdose risk is eliminated: the accuracy of ozone-oxygen mixture concentration and delivery rate control is ±5%;
  • there is an error control system: in case of emergency the device is switched off automatically;
  • no toxic components are contained in the ozone-oxygen mixture which is confirmed by the research protocol;
  • Medozons BM ozonator complies with all international quality and safety standards.

Skillful doctors

All our doctors have been working with ozone for more than 5 years and have completed training in operating Medozons BM. They have successful practice of ozone using for treatment, rejuvenation and weight loss procedures. Click here to see our doctors’ certificates and diplomas.

Proprietary methodologies

As has been said before, ozone body therapy starts with a free initial consultation where the doctor will decide how many sessions you will need and what areas should be treated to improve your body. We use proprietary methodologies we have elaborated over the years of practice. For example, ozone therapy at our clinic is always combined with lymph drainage massage.

Our Patients’ Reviews of Ozone Therapy

«I have tried ozone therapy for the first time and I am delighted! Firstly, vascular spiders and bulging veins have disappeared. I had to wear trousers all year round because of them.  Hurrah! At last, dresses and skirts will appear in my wardrobe. Secondly, my skin is tightened up, cellulite has gone away and my stomach has reduced by 10 cm. Now I am an ozone therapy fan. I think I will come for maintenance courses once a year.»

Yelena, age 45

«A LIPS clinic doctor advised me to have ozone therapy. I hesitated for a long time as online reviews describing unbearable pain scared me. I don’t know why, but I didn’t have such problems. In a way, the treatment even feels pleasant. I had a slight prickling feeling when ozone was being injected. The pricks feel like mosquito bites, not painful at all. But the main thing is that the effect became visible after the very first session: my skin got tightened up right in front of my eyes.»

Nastya, age 30

Ozone Body Therapy

If you have decided to have ozone therapy with coupons or at a huge discount, take care! When treatment is offered at fire sale prices, doctors don’t even ask if you have any contraindications for the procedure. There are few of them, but they must be taken into account.

At our clinic we achieve impressive results which persist for years! Now, when making a decision, consider the fact that when paying for treatment at our clinic, you get rid of cellulite and excessive fat deposits and have saggy skin tightened for several years.

Do you doubt that ozone body therapy will suit you?

Come to us for a free consultation and discuss your doubts with a doctor!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to make an appointment or place your requst.

Prices of Ozone Therapy

10% discount is provided for a course of 10 treatment sessions!

“Fresh” (face, neck, décolleté) 2900
Express facial 2600
Acne treatment 2500
Acne premium treatment 3500
“Lunch Break” comprehensive treatment 3500
Alopecia treatment 2500
Correction of hypercorrection (botox, fillers) 2900
Stretch mark treatment (per area) 2900
Scar correction 1200
Elimination of facial vascular network from 1200
Anticellulite (per area) 1800
Active weight loss (per area) 1800
Correction after liposuction (per area) 1900
General ozone therapy 1800
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