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Myostimulation or “exercise for the lazy” is what you need!

Imagine: you are lying reading a magazine or watching TV while a machine is working at your muscles. A few sessions will help you to tighten your stomach, get rid of fat deposits on your back and cellulite.

Is that a miracle? No, it is myostimulation!


A single myostimulation session can substitute for 10 gym workouts!

80% of our patients notice improvements after a course of myostimulation!

Read some reviews of myostimulation to make sure that it is true

«I had the procedure (50 minutes) for my stomach, thighs and buttocks. In total, I had seven sessions for my stomach and five for each of the other areas. The result: the postdelivery belly has gone, the stomach muscle tone has improved both visually and to touch, the fat pockets on the sides have disappeared, cellulite has vanished and my back muscles have become toned. Now, I am going to have myostimulation for my chest. In general, I am very satisfied. I am thankful for my doctor for recommending this treatment to me!»

Yana, age 30

«To be honest, I’m not keen on sports so I try to stay fit using different procedures. I have a course of myostimulation twice a year. Last time I managed to drop a size. I have noticed that my buttocks are toned and cellulite has disappeared. I recommend the procedure to all LIPS clinic clients. Go for it and you will achieve the result!»

Tatyana, age 35

How does myostimulation work?

A myostimulator is used to stimulate your muscles with electric pulses. Electrodes are fixed to the treated areas: your stomach, thighs, back or chest. They send pulses which make your muscles contract without any efforts on your part. Thus, you can work out your abs while doing nothing or you can do squats or bands, go jogging or jumping while lying on a comfortable couch.

Myostimulation is efficient for:

  • treatment and recovery of muscles and internals;
  • body shape correction and elimination of cellulite;
  • muscle strengthening and gain.

How is treatment performed?

You lie down on a couch, the doctor fixes electrodes and switches the device on. The doctor selects the best mode of current supply depending on how you feel. First, myostimulation is performed (30 minutes), and then you have lymph drainage, massage and electrolipolysis. These programs for muscles treatment are already installed in the device: after myostimulation the doctor just switches the equipment to another mode and you “work out” for 15-20 minutes more.

Why are 80% of LIPS clinic’s clients satisfied with results of myostimulation?

We use professional grade equipment

What is the difference? Low price myostimulation is performed using cheap equipment. The conceptual difference is that only myostimulation can be carried out with these devices. At our clinic several programs are set in the equipment: drainage, myostimulation, electroliposysis, lifting and relaxation. Only a combination of different programs in a single procedure provides an excellent effect.

We perform the procedure with due diligence: its duration is 50-60 minutes

In Moscow myostimulation is performed at almost any clinic or beauty salon. The standard duration of a session is 30 minutes. But from our professional point of view, myostimulation is effective only when it is combined with drainage (removal of fluid from the body) and electrolipolysis (fat breakdown). At our clinic each session is a combination of myostimulation with other programs, so a treatment session may last up to 50-60 minutes.

We develop personalized programs

We offer a free initial consultation for you to get to know our clinic better. A doctor will examine you and to decide which procedures you need. We don’t only use myostimulation for body shape correction. We also offer a number of other methods: pressotherapy, mesotherapy, cavitation, cryolipolysis, etc.

We often hear from our patients something like “My friend had myostimulation and she liked it very much. That’s what I want, too.” Or: “I’ve read on the Internet that cavitation can remove excess centimeters. I’d like to have a course of it”. This approach is wrong. The treatment that was perfect for your friend or the author of an Internet review may be unsuitable for you. We will develop a personalized program for you which will be efficient.

10% discount is provided if a full treatment course is ordered.

Price of Myostimulation

MyostimulationPrice (RUB)Time
1 ZONE190030 min
2 ZONES240040 min
3 ZONES290040 min
4 ZONES340040 min
5 ZONES400040 min
L-carnitine 5ml1500-

Is that expensive? Indeed, you can get a myostimulation course at a lower price on some coupon websites but the problem is that no one will be interested in the result. The purpose of a beauty salon which offers myostimulation with 50-80% discount is to work your money off as soon as possible to take another client. It is cranking out. You can expect neither personalized programs, nor result. It’s up to you to choose: a nice body or a false economy.

If a nice body is your choice, welcome!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 or place your requestto book a free consultation with a doctor.

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