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Laser tattoo removal

Is it time to correct your youthful mistakes?

We guarantee 100% removal of tattoos with laser!

Annoyed by your old tattoo? A fail master has made your brows look atrocious? Permanent makeup has long faded and looks unnatural?

Contact us, and we will return your natural beauty! Tattoos you’ve grown tired of, low-quality permanent eyebrow, lips, and lids makeup — all these traces of youthful mistakes or inexperienced masters can be erased from your skin with a laser.

What is the procedure of laser tattoo removal?

From the outside, laser tattoo removal is similar to tattooing, although the skin is not exposed to the needle, but to the laser beam. The treatment begins with the use of local anesthetics, followed by processing of tattoo surface with a laser millimeter by millimeter.

The laser beam affects the tattooed areas of skin in a targeted way and does not affect healthy tissues. When exposed to laser, tattoo brightens, and then begins to darken (due to the launch of dye destruction process). Duration of treatment depends on the size of tattoo and type of laser used.

At the end of the session, the master will tell you how to take care for the tattoo, and assign the next procedure. Periods between sessions last a few weeks. Laser tattoo removal requires multiple sessions. The number of procedures depends on the tattoo area, type of dye, its color, and depth. Tattoos made by professional masters (especially monochrome) are removed quickly and easily, since only the top layer of skin was affected in their application. Tattoos made by amateurs are difficult to remove completely, because the pigment is located in the deeper layers of the skin.

Video of tattoo removal

Why do we recommend neodymium laser to our clients?

If you’re deciding what clinic to address for tattoo removal or permanent make-up, note that not all lasers are the same.

In Moscow, you can be offered laser tattoo removal with the help of ruby, alexandrite, neodymium, or erbium laser.

  • Ruby laser is used to remove green, blue, and black pigment. This is a laser of previous generation; its drawbacks include slow operation and low efficiency. It is used in cases where the pigment is located in the upper layers of the skin. If the pigment has penetrated more deeply into the dermis, the attempt to remove the tattoo will lead to scarring.
  • Alexandrite laser is faster than the ruby one, but it is effective only for dark and not deep tattoos. It does not remove red and orange colors.
  • Erbium laser is only suitable for tattoos located on the surface of the epidermis. Its principle of operation is the complete burning of the skin on which the tattoo is located. If the pigment lies deep, scars remain after the laser application.

We offer our clients tattoo removal with the help of a versatile neodymium laser.

Advantages of neodymium laser:

  1. Suitable for all skin types.
  2. No need to remove hair from tattoos in advance.
  3. Used to remove tattoos and permanent make-up.
  4. Affects the skin with waves of different lengths, so it may be used to remove both surface and deep tattoos.
  5. Generates three beams at once (infrared – removes black, blue, and green pigments, green – used against yellow, red, and orange pigments, yellow beam – affects blue colors).

Tattoo removal: feedback from our clients

«When I was young, I carelessly had a tattoo made in the form of hearts. Over the years, the tattoo has become incredibly annoying, so I decided to remove it, and paid a visit to the clinic. Before that, several salons refused to help me, because the tattoo was interspersed with red; they said they were not able to remove such tattoo. The whole procedure took a few minutes. It took three sessions with month intervals to remove the tattoo completely. There are no marks at the site of the tattoo; only the skin is slightly lighter than on the rest of the body. I’d like to thank the clinic specialist for the complete removal of my tattoo»

Irina, 35 y.o.

«I went to clinic to remove permanent eyebrows make-up. Not only was the tattoo bad; eventually, the brows faded and became of nasty red color. It was horrible! In clinic, they told me it they can fix it. It took five sessions to remove this nightmare. The great advantage is that I did not have to shave off my eyebrows; when previously making calls to different clinics, some of them said shaving off was obligatory»

Mariya, 42 y.o.

Price of laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo RemovalPrice (RUB)PLEXR (RUB)
1 - 30 cm23000
from 31 cm2100 rub 1 cm2

Laser removal of tattooingPrice (RUB)

Want to learn how many sessions are required to remove your tattoo?

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