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Successful Treatment of Problem-Prone Skin on the First Try!

What is the difference between a normal and a good beautician in your opinion?

Treatment of Problem-Prone Skin

An ordinary beautician usually suggests different treatment methods. If the required effect is not obtained, he or she does not give up and offers other solutions again and again. You have something done for your skin time and time again but there is still no result.

A good doctor will just heal you! Without any experiments. Without guessing. Without any suppositions. He or she will examine you, prescribe some treatment and you will see the effect from the very first time!

Unfortunately, situations when someone having problem-prone skin constantly undergoes some treatment with little or no improvement are not uncommon.

We do not just provide treatment at our clinic — we achieve results!!

We will help you to get rid of

  • acne and post-acne marks;
  • constant rash and pimples;
  • oily sheen on the face;
  • a great amount of enlarged pores and blackheads;
  • numerous vascular spiders or couperose;
  • nasty pigment spots;
  • scars or post-acne dimples;
  • skin dryness and irritation;
  • skin laxity and premature wrinkles.
  • unhealthy complexion and other problems.

We always tell our patients they should not try to solve their skin problems themselves! Self-treatment causes deterioration of your skin condition and leads to unnecessary expenses on beauty products you don’t actually need. Remember that the earlier you refer to a good beautician, the sooner you will recover.

5 reasons why you should entrust treatment of your problem-prone skin to clinic professionals:

1. Treatment efficiency guaranteed

Over the years of our work we have developed our own methods of treatment for problem-prone skin. When you come to the first free consultation, a doctor will examine you and will assign a treatment based on your skin condition and any specific features.

We are sure of the result and so we can guarantee the effect of our work!

If you do not notice any improvements after the treatment course, we will provide an additional course free of charge!

2. Beauty products that work

The main beauty product line we use when dealing with problem-prone skin is Danne. Danne beauty products restore the natural structure and beauty of facial skin and are efficient in curing serious problems such as acne, rash, stretch marks, pigmentation, scars, etc. Danne anti-age products inhibit the process of senescence and make skin young and firm again. As observed by our doctors, Danne products are among the most efficient professional cosmetics lines of those used for skin treatment.

3. Skillful beauticians

All beauticians at our clinic have higher medical education and have accomplished additional training in Danne skin treatment methodologies. Click here to view certificates and diplomas.

4. Various Treatment Programs

Danne cosmetics distinguish up to 22 skin types, so the beautician will find the most efficient treatment for your problem-prone skin. Our doctors often add peelings (based on glycolic, salicylic or retinoic acids) to treatment courses. The use of gas-liquid peeling и ozone therapy also provides prompt effect in treatment of numerous skin problems.

5. Affordable Prices

Facial skin condition influences lots of things in our lives: social acceptance, success at school or at work, personal happiness, etc. We understand how important it is for all of us to look good; therefore our prices of treatment for problem-prone skin are quite affordable.

For more detail contact us at +7 963 964-79-76 to book a free consultation or place your request and we will call you back.

Our clients’ reviews

«Although my teenage years ended long ago, my skin is still acne-prone. I undergo treatment all the time with varying success. I was lucky to get to clinic. I met a beautician there who really helped me. Today I have almost no rash at all and, most importantly, the doctor taught me how to care for my skin correctly. I hope that my “perpetual” problem has been solved at last!»

Olga, age 25

«I came to clinic in order to get rid of acne scars which were caused by the pimples I had in my teen years. The effect is impressive: after the treatment course my skin has become almost smooth. Thank you for your highly professional job!»

Sergey, age 30

Remember that it is better to start treatment of problem-probe skin at the first signs of a disorder!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 or place your request and we will arrange a free consultation with a specialist for you!

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