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Comprehensive facial care substitutes for 3 procedures!

For any age: 25+, 30+, 40+, 50+!

Comprehensive facial care

You want to be a well-cared-for woman, don’t you? So that your friends wonder: “How do you manage to take care of yourself? Your face always looks so nice and fresh!” So that men pay sincere compliments… So that colleagues raise their eyebrows in surprise when they learn your real age…

Your main treasure is your face. Yes, it is face. Not clothes, jewellery or makeup, it is the natural beauty of your face.

How can you maintain your beauty at any age?

It is high time to quit applying sticky face masks made of ground oatmeal and honey — you do not have enough time for that anyway, and the effect is almost unnoticeable… Stop thinking of buying a cosmetological device to perform procedures at home — it is dangerous…

Just have comprehensive facial skin care done regularly, at least once a month.

LIPSCLINIC offers special comprehensive care programs for different ages: 25+, 30+, 40+, 50+. Each of them considers specific features and needs of facial skin at a certain age as well as each patient’s particular problems and desires.

Don’t have enough time? That is why we offer comprehensive care — have 3 procedures performed in a single treatment session!

Make an appointment for the treatment for any day which is convenient for you

What does comprehensive skin care include?

  • Cleansing and peeling.
  • Massage/ machine cosmetology method specially selected for you.
  • A face mask for your particular skin type.

What effect can be expected?

  • Clean and smooth skin.
  • Healthy complexion.
  • Radiant glance.
  • Deep moisturizing.
  • Lifting effect.
  • +solution for your particular problems including dark circles and pouches under your eyes, lines around your eyes or mouth, pimples, blackheads etc.!

What products are used?

  • Danne;
  • Dermaheal;
  • Cosmedix;
  • Renophase.

Only professional beauty products from reputable manufacturers and authorized distributors!

How much does comprehensive care cost?

The prices vary between RUB1500 (express care) and RUB4500 (premium care for skin rejuvenation). Not too expensive for you to pamper yourself a little bit, is it?


«I had to prepare for an important meeting… I only had an hour and a half while I wanted to look a million dollars. Lipsclinic helped me as always. It was like magic: after the treatment I looked refreshed and well-care-for and just blossomed (“blossomed” is what my colleague said about me). Besides, I felt relaxed, my nerves were eased and my mood improved greatly!»

Olga, age 34

«My daughter persuaded me to go to LIPS, her favorite beauty salon with her on the day before her wedding. I had some premium facial care named “bride’s mother”. I enjoyed the process greatly, had a good rest — I had not even expected it to be so pleasant! And I was just amazed at the effect: I somehow started looking younger, my skin was glowing with health and my eyes were sparkling as if I was young again… In a word, all wedding guests paid compliments to me saying I was so young and beautiful and looked like the bride’s sister, not mother!»

Nadezhda, age 48

We select a mask and a procedure to suit your particular skin type perfectly in order to obtain the best possible effect!

Do you want to know what comprehensive facial care will be the one for you?

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 too book a free consultation or place your request.

Prices of comprehensive facial care

COMPREHENSIVE CAREPrice (RUB)Beauty products
Mask on a problem (30 min)900Danne, Dermaheal
Express care on a problem (40 min)1800Danne, Dermaheal
Young skin care, 25+ (60 min)2900Danne, Dermaheal
Care for skin with the first signs of ageing, 30+ (60 min)2900Danne, Dermaheal
Mature skin care, 40+ (60 min)3600Danne, Dermaheal
Care for skin with hormone imbalance, 50+ (60 min)3900Danne, Dermaheal
Care «Royal»5900Danne
Care «Royal+»7900Danne
Care «Mother of the Bride»9900Danne
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