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RF lifting – natural face lift in 30 minutes!

No operations, no pain, no stress for the skin

RF lifting

Do you think that in order to maintain youth and beauty of your face skin for years, complicated procedures are required? Skin lifting, or even plastic surgery? Although… If you are reading this — you do not think so…

RF lifting, or thermolifting is a very simple and effective procedure. It takes only 20-40 minutes. It may take a single procedure, or, sometimes, a series of procedures to achieve the maximum effect… But in any case, the effect is visible at once, and it only intensifies in the next 6 months! Moreover, it lasts for another 2 years!

How is RF-lifting different from other means of youth preservation?

It is a healthy and safe alternative to surgical facelift.

The most delicate and defenseless upper layers of the skin are practically not affected by the procedure. No harm is caused to them, as lifting works at a deeper level.

Extended processes of skin rejuvenation are launched.

You get immediate results even from one procedure! The next 6 months after the lifting procedure, the effect will only increase and will last for 1.5-2 years.

How does RF lifting procedure work?

  • Natural collagen is being produced in the deep layers of skin.
  • Skin becomes more elastic, supple, and young.
  • Blood circulation improves; your face gets a healthy complexion.
  • Number of facial wrinkles is reduced.
  • Face oval gets a clearer outline and becomes more fit.
  • Dark circles and bags under the eyes disappear.
  • Acne and second chin (or preconditions for their appearance) disappear.

Why it is recommended to have RF lifting in our clinic in Moscow?

Modern high-quality device

Namely, Sculptor II, new device for RF lifting of the highest class. Unfortunately, it has many cheaper counterparts, but not all of them are safe.

Sculptor II is a bipolar device. This means that exposure to RF energy is made on accurately predetermined depth without penetration into the deeper layers of skin.

Only bipolar devices can ensure high efficiency at full safety of the patient! Unlike cheap analogues in some institutions, which do not care about the fate of their clients…

Professionalism and experience of our doctors

You will see for yourself when you sign up for a free consultation with cosmetologist. For now you can view all the diplomas and certificates of our experts here.

Honest consultation of medical cosmetologist

Before undergoing RF lifting procedure, the patient is required to consult a doctor in order to detect possible contraindications. The doctor will also recommend the number of procedures exactly for you. Nothing superfluous.

After all, our main goal is to preserve your youth and beauty with the least financial losses on your part. That is why we have developed various courses of procedures. Upon one-off payment, you can get maximum results and save money.

Order a free consultation

Want to save money? Book a full course of procedures and get an additional discount of 10%!

Customer feedback after RF lifting

«I must say, I doubted the effectiveness of RF lifting. I thought it is just another hyped and inefficient way to ‘rejuvenate’. When I came to LIPS clinic, my opinion changed dramatically. A doctor first applied lifting to one part of my face, so that I could see the difference. When I looked in the mirror, I was blown away – indeed, I looked 5 years younger! Now I’m a fan of this procedure. Thank you very much for convincing me to try it!»

Irina, 36 y.o.

«I frequently undergo RF lifting, and am very satisfied with the effect. I’m terribly afraid of surgeries, so such procedure is perfect for me. After RF lifting, I forgot I was going to do a facelift. I’d like to thank my doctor who talked me out of it and recommended to start with lifting.»

Karina, 44 y.o.

Stop pondering! Time is working against you!

Book a free consultation right now by calling +7 963 964-79-76 or leave your request and become younger by several years in just 30 minutes!

RF lifting price list

RF liftingPrice (RUB)
RF Lifting 10 minutes2600
1/3 of the face (forehead)3200
1/3 of the face (oval)3200
1/3 of the face (nasolabial folds)3200
Face + neck6800
Face + neck + neckline area7800
Body – 10 min2600
Body 1 area (20 min)5200
Body 2 area (40 min)10400
Body 3 area (60 min)15600
Lipoglaucin APT Activator (10ml.)800

However, if you are unsure and want to try at first, just select any problem area. For example, the area around the eyes.

It is even cheaper than, for example, having your hair done by a good master. The goal is to become even more beautiful and well-groomed. But the effect is much longer!

If you like the result, book the procedure for your entire face. By the way, do not forget about your neck; it does not require extra costs, as the complex “face + neck” is only 1000 rubles more expensive than RF lifting of the face. And it is the neck that is used to reveal woman’s age!

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