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Are you looking for the secret of perpetual youth? It is hidden inside us by nature!

Plasmolifting – the most natural way to get rid of 5-10 years!!

Would you like to turn the clock back? Let us dream a little. You come up to a mirror and see:

  • your face looking fresher and younger;
  • healthy complexion, “milk anв roses”;
  • firm, elastic and smooth skin;
  • and you feel energy and lightness.

How can you make the dream come true? We offer a very interesting way to activate the process of rejuvenation which is hidden in your body… Yes, there is a source of gooв health, beauty and youth inside of you which is given to you by nature. It is… your blood!

Facial plasmolifting is a rejuvenating technique involving the use of special blood particles (platelets and plasma) which stimulate natural regeneration and renovation of skin cells.

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You have probably heard that even in ancient times healers stated that our blood had miracle-working properties. It was believed that blood could give eternal youth and beauty when rubbed into skin or used for baths…

Of course, we do not offer those barbarous medieval methods. It is much simpler. All we have to do is to administer a little bit of your own blood into your facial skin… Then, its proteins, hormones and vitamins will make cells regenerate quickly. Which means prompt rejuvenation!

Why is plasmolifting 100% safe?

  • Your blood does not contact with the environment during the procedure. There is not the slightest risk of contamination or infecting!
  • Very little blood is required. As if you had to take a blood test several times — 9 – 50 ml (the amount of blood collected from a donor at a time is 450ml).
  • The collected blood is kept in special tubes which help it to retain all its useful elements and prevent its coagulation.
  • Your body cannot reject the administered elements because they are obtained from your own blood which means they are fully biologically compatible with your body!
  • No additional chemicals are administered into your skin — only natural substances from your blood which helps to avoid allergic reactions.
  • No recovery period is required after the treatment because it is a non-surgical method!

However, there is still some risk… If cheaper surrogate tubes are used instead of authentic ones supplied by the official representative of the plasmolifting technology…

Tip: You should never have this procedure done in unreliable places! Unfortunately, there are lots of clinics that do not use authentic tubes for your blood while it is very important! Do not trust those offering low prices — prices of plasmolifting in Moscow cannot be lower than the prime cost of the tubes!

LIPSCLINIC is the guarantee of your safety!

Firstly, our specialists have completed official training in Plasmolifting™ and have certificates allowing them to practice this technique (you can check this on the Russian official website on plasmolifting at www.plasmolifting.ru/obuchenie/proshedshie-obuchenie. Or you can read our clients’ reviews).

Reviews of Plasmolifting:

«I have to admit I was a little afraid of having this procedure. But my fear was groundless: they took very little blood and I felt OK though I have low blood pressure! And I am excited about the result: as if I have really got back to the past, I look like I did 8 – 10 years ago!»

Anna, age 48

«There are very nice doctors at Lipsclinic, inspiring trust and likeable. The treatment is quite fast and painless. Plasmolifting works wonders! And it is not only that wrinkles have disappeared from my face, my all skin seems to have been lifted and rejuvenated… And, most importantly, I feel like — no, not a young girl, of course — but rather a young woman, and quite attractive»

Elvira, age 53

Secondly, we purchase tubes for plasmolifting from the authorized representative of the methodology only. (They are sterile, create vacuum inside and provide 100% integrity of the blood composition. They are made of special medical-grade borosilicate glass and contain special biological gel).

Prices of Plasmolifting

Plasmolifting Price (RUB)
1 tube 4900
2 tubes 8900
3 tubes 10900
Cost by zone of introduction
Blood sampling 400

The price depends on how many tubes of blood (1, 2 or 3) you need to obtain the best possible result. The exact amount is determined by the beautician after a detailed individual consultation. On the average, the price is about RUB 6000 – 10 000.

Do you want to save your money? Order a full course of treatment and get additional 10% off!

The magical elixir of youth does not only exist in fairytales! Now, it is available in real life! Do not economize on your face health and beauty; let yourself have additional 5 – 10 years of youth!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to make an appointment or place your request.

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