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You have already tried all treatment and rejuvenating methods and still do not have any notable effect?

Ozone facial therapy is your chance for transformation!

Ozone facial therapy

Beautiful, young looking and clear face — do you think it is impossible to achieve?

Rosacea, acne, post-acne, cuperose are the problems that seem unsolvable, especially if you have already had numerous tests, seen different doctors, had several treatment courses, changed your diet — with no result.

We offer treatment and rejuvenation with the help of ozone!

How does ozone cure?

We use ozone to act upon the main factors causing problems: bacteria, fungi and viruses. Ozone is delivered directly into the affected area and provokes aggravation. Cells respond by initiating an intense healing process.

How does ozone rejuvenate?

When ozone gets into skin cells, it stimulates production of collagen. As a result, small lines disappear, skin becomes smooth, firm and tight. Besides, ozone purifies cells from toxic substances, restores blood and lymph circulation, provides skin nutrition and moisturizing.

After a course of ozone therapy you will have the following effects:

  • your face looks fresher;
  • lines are reduced;
  • facial contours are lifted;
  • under eye pouches and dark circles vanish;
  • acne almost disappears;
  • the number of vascular spiders is reduced;
  • pigment spots vanish;
  • scars are smoothened or reduced.

How is ozone facial therapy performed at our clinic?

You come to see a beautician who examines you and finds out if you have any contraindications. Then, the doctor determines the required number of sessions depending on the task to be accomplished.

The duration of a session is 10 – 30 minutes. If you have a high pain threshold, the doctor will first apply some anesthetic cream or a mask. Then, the beautician will give a series of injections of liquid ozone right into the affected areas: wrinkles, acne, vascular spiders or scars. If you want to have facial skin lifted, the beautician will administer ozone into the biologically active points. After the session is over, special ointment will be applied to your face in order to reduce swelling.

Facial ozone therapy at LIPS Clinic:

It is performed by skillful beauticians

Ozone therapy is now offered almost everywhere: in medical centers, clinics and even ordinary beauty salons. But you should be aware that ozone injections are efficient only if they are given by a doctor. Our staff includes qualified MDs who have worked with ozone for 5 or more years. Our beauticians’ certificates or diplomas can be viewed on the website or at the clinic.

Proprietary methods are used

We have developed our own methods of administering ozone. For example, we increase the amount of ozone gradually to reduce pain. During the first session the beautician administers the smallest quantity of ozone to prevent heavy swelling and pain. At the next session the amount of ozone will be increased depending on your response to it.

After each injection the beautician always rubs the site so that ozone is evenly distributed. We also recommend that our patients combine the course of ozone therapy with massage for better effect.

Efficient and popular procedure

We have been practicing ozone therapy for a long time and we constantly collect customer feedback on the procedure. Here are some conclusions made by our patients:

  • 25% of patients notice some improvements after the first treatment session;
  • 50% notice that their skin started looking much better after 3 – 4 sessions;
  • 95% are satisfied with the ozone therapy course and believe that it is the procedure which has helped them to solve their problems.

Patients who have had ozone facial therapy done continue their makeover. They lose weight and get rid of cellulite with the help of ozone. For more details see “Ozone Body Therapy”. Ozone injections stimulate hair growth (for more details see «Ozone Hair Therapy”).

Below are some of the most interesting reviews of ozone facial therapy:

«I had ozone therapy done for my face. I can’t say that the procedure was enjoyable but I am glad that I did not give up and completed the course. The effect is incredible! After the second treatment session the bags under my eyes disappeared and the second chin that had started appearing vanished. I seem to get at least five years younger!»

(Nina, age 39)

«I am undergoing the course for the second time. Yes, it is sometimes painful but you can tolerate it for beauty’s sake. I had ozone therapy done at the age of 28 for the first time. And I looked as if I were 21 – 23 after that. Now I am more than 30 and I am having it again. I like the effect: the crow’s feet and dark circles have disappeared and my skin has become fresher and younger looking.»

(Nastya, age 35)

«Before I came to LIPS I had ozone therapy done at another clinic. To say it was painful is to say nothing. Therefore, when I came to LIPS, it took the doctor a long time to persuade me to agree to the procedure and I don’t regret it now. The sensation is quite different: it does not hurt and swelling is much less. I noticed the effect after the third session: acne on my face disappeared as well as red blood vessels on my nose. I hope that we will cope with my under eye bags too. Thank you for your patience with your clients!»

(Irina, age 45)

How many sessions are necessary?

Ozone injections are always prescribed in a course of 3 – 10 sessions. The beautician will tell you how many sessions you need at the first consultation which is free. When you start the treatment, the doctor will check your skin response to determine the frequency of sessions: usually 2 – 4 sessions a week are performed.

View the prices of ozone therapy.

Is it too expensive? Have you found a cheaper offer?

Consider this: Why is the price lower at another clinic or beauty salon? The preparation is the same, so they economize on specialists. If ozone therapy is performed by an inexperienced doctor, the consequences may be very unpleasant: from huge edemas to severe pain, and, most importantly, with no effect. You can just read reviews online to see that ozone is helpful only when used by skillful specialists!

Do you doubt that ozone therapy can solve your problem? Don’t guess! Book a free consultation and discuss the matter with a beautician! Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to make an appointment or place your request.

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