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Your nose annoys you?

Nose shape correction without surgery in just 30 minutes!

Uncomfortable with your nose? Spend hours in front of the mirror trying to imagine what you would look like with a nice even nose? You have our word: You will see that!

Bumps, depressions, upturned or downturned nose, too thin nasal tip — all of these and other minor defects can be eliminated at our clinic without surgery in just 30 minutes.

How is the nose shape changed without surgery?

Nose shape correction

We use special preparations (fillers) which fill and add volume where it is required. The procedure is performed as follows: some numbing cream is applied, then a few injections are given and that’s it — you have a perfect nose.

A great advantage of the method is that you do not have to change your daily routine! The next day after your nose reshaping you can go on a date or to work, to the cinema or for a walk with your friends. In case of surgery it is impossible.

After rhinoplasty recovery takes between two weeks and a few months. Pain, bruises, swelling and fear to damage the new nose are inevitable during the recovery period. After rhinoplasty you will have to wear a plaster cast and breathe through your mouth for ten days.

Besides, there is a risk of complications or mistakes which can be corrected be means of another surgery only. Thus, reshaping with fillers is one of the simplest and most affordable ways of the nose shape correction.

What fillers do we use?

Nowadays, there are a few dozens of products for nose reshaping. We use the safest fillers which consist of components cognate with the human body. They do not cause rejection or allergic response!

These are hyaluronic acid based fillers: Yvoire, Surgiderm, Restylane and Princess. We also use Radiesse. It consists of calcium hydroxyapatite which is contained in our teeth and bones.

Nonsurgical nose shape correction at our clinic is

  • Fast (takes just 30 minutes)
    It is true: just 30 minutes and your problem is solved! You can call at our clinic when going home from work or come at the weekend. The clinic is located in the center, near “Mayakovskaya”, “Pushkinskaya”, “Novoslobodskaya” and “Tsvetnoy Bulvar” metro stations. No special preparations are required, you do not have to have any tests or take any pills. If you don’t have any contraindications (their list is quite short), a doctor will correct the defects of your nose in 30 minutes.
  • Painless (we use anesthetic cream)
    Are you afraid of injections? You shouldn’t be! We use very thin needles and local anesthesia in the form of special creams. According to reviews, 99% of patients do not feel any pain during nose reshaping with fillers.
  • Affordable (5-6 times cheaper than surgery)
    On the average, rhinoplasty costs 230,000 rubles or more depending on how famous the doctor and the clinic are. Nonsurgical nose reshaping at our clinic costs about 18,900 rubles. How long will it take you to save up enough money for surgery? A year? Or two? While you can have nonsurgical nose reshaping with fillers right now (is it enough to renounce another replenishing of your wardrobe) and the effect will last for 1 – 1.5 years.
  • Safe (certified preparations and experienced doctors)
    Why is the choice of a doctor so important? Fillers are used in all clinics but finding a good doctor who can make a work of art out of your nose is extremely difficult. Our beauticians have undergone training in working with fillers. They have 10 or more years of experience in using fillers. Our doctors’ expertise is confirmed by the fact that we cooperate with several plastic surgery clinics in Moscow. They refer patients to us to correct consequences of nose job. We use fillers to remove scars, eliminate nasal tip asymmetry, small depressions and unevenness of the nasal dorsum and correct other surgery shortcomings.

Nonsurgical nose reshaping — patients’ reviews:

«I had nonsurgical nose correction this summer. All my friends tried to persuade me from it saying that injections would not help and that I needed surgery. But I decided to have it done and I don’t regret. I got my nose bump removed in half an hour and paid 5 times less than surgery costs. Next day I was able to return to work. If you still hesitate, go for it! There is the effect!»

Irina, age 30

«After nose job I had visible asymmetry which irritated me very much. The surgeon who had operated on me referred me to LIPS clinic for correction with fillers. The treatment took half an hour only. After that I came up to a mirror and I saw my nose which was completely even and straight! It was like a miracle! And, most importantly, you don’t need to experience all the horrors of the post-surgical period (those who have had nose job done will understand what I mean). At last, I have the nose I wanted. Thank you for your help and support. You have brought me back to life!»

Nastya, age 25

Prices of Nose Reshaping

Prices for face contour plasty (fillers)

You will know the exact price after examination by the doctor. Come to our clinic for a free consultation and the doctor will tell you how much the procedure will cost, what result you can expect, how long the effect will last, what fillers will be used and whether you have any contraindications.

Get a nice nose in just 30 minutes!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to book a consultation right now or place your request on the website.

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