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No-Needle Mesotherapy

Rejuvenating Vitamin Cocktail will make your face beautiful in just 30 minutes!

Applied as a cream, without any injections or pain!!

No-Needle Mesotherapy

You have probably already read about conventional mesotherapy. It is a procedure that improves complexion, lifts your skin, removes fine lines and under-eye circles. It only takes 20 – 30 minutes and is painless (a good specialist performs mesotherapy treatment without any discomfort).

But… Even if you know that it is painless… And safe… You may still dislike the idea of having injections in the face…

There is a solution — no-needle mesotherapy! No injections!

How is the procedure performed?


  1. A beautician will prepare a special combination of vitamins, microelements and natural organic acids for you.
  2. This “cocktail” is applied to troubled areas on your face — right over your skin.
  3. A special up-to-date device which radiates magnetic waves enables all the components to penetrate into deep layers of your skin.
  4. At the depth of 1-2mm in your skin nutrients and vitamins are “stored” to be later gradually consumed and make your face look young and beautiful for 4-6 months more!

As you can see, the no-needle mesotherapy facial is an absolutely safe procedure which is also natural and even enjoyable! It can be compared with applying a miracle working vitamin cream. But this “cream” penetrates deeper than a normal one and the effect persists for a long time!


  • Your skin is loaded with vitamins and oxygen.
  • 90% wrinkles are smoothened.
  • Your complexion is improved.
  • Your skin is smooth and firm.
  • Flaking, acne and enlarged pores disappear.

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to book a free consultation or place your request.

A CLINIC specialist will tell you how many procedures and which vitamins you need depending on particular needs of your skin.

Why is it recommended that no-needle mesotherapy» be performed in CLINIC?

The vitamin “cocktail” is prepared for you individually!

Each of us has different skin and, therefore, our needs are different too. Somebody wants as many wrinkles as possible to be smoothened… Another one needs to have acne removed first of all and make his or her skin look healthier… Or, probably, a patient’s main problems are under-eye pouches and dark circles… Different nutrients and preparations are used for different problems. They are also selected based on your age, skin type, etc. We do not offer any “universal” sets in our clinic — every time we create a “cocktail” specially for you after a detailed examination and consultation.

From our client’s review:

«I am 28 and I do not worry about wrinkles much. But I have another problem: enlarged pores and acne that occasionally appears. I came to CLINIC to solve this problem. A beautician selected nutrients taking into account my requests and did not try to hard-sell more expensive “cocktails” designed for women over 40…»

Maria, age 28

Only certified preparations!

We are ready to show you all certificates of compliance during your free visit! Quality is the matter that should be treated seriously. In Moscow, mesotherapy is offered by almost all beauty salons even newly opened ones which now try to attract customers by setting very low prices… Sometimes they are lower than the prime cost of the preparations from authorized suppliers! Frightful to think where they get them and how they can affect the skin of unaware clients…

From our client’s review:

«My friend once had mesotherapy using a 70% off coupon which she had found somewhere on the Internet… The effect was almost inconspicuous while her face was covered with red patches after the procedure which disappeared only in two days! Needless to say how careful I was after that when choosing a clinic for myself. CLINIC inspired trust as they showed all certificates and diplomas at once… And now, 3 weeks after the treatment my face seems to become more and more beautiful each day. It looks like I have had a month’s holiday on the sea coast and applied face masks daily!»

Natalya, age 37

Only skillful beauticians!

Good specialists also have to have diplomas and certificates. Only a skillful doctor is able to perform the treatment properly, select the right vitamin combination and determine the right amount — no more, no less. This is the kind of beauticians we have at our clinic!

From our client’s review:

«There is a very agreeable and warm-hearted team at CLINIC, and, most importantly, you can tell at once that they are keen specialists in what they do. They never try to make you pay extra money, they always tell you honestly how many sessions you need — sometimes even fewer than I expected… You can clearly see that they care about the result and they value their reputation unlike many other places where all they need is money and they do not care about the customer… In CLINIC everything is fair and at the highest level»

Olga, age 49

Prices of no-needle mesotherapy

You can spend this money on a new dress… Another one… Or make your face look refreshed and at least 5 years younger! Of course, you can just conceal your wrinkles and acne with makeup foundation… But it is much better to pamper your skin with vitamins which will give it natural beauty, isn’t it?

Do you want to save your money? Order a full course of treatment and get additional 10% off!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to book a free consultation or place your request.

A specialist at CLINIC will let you know how many treatment sessions you will need (depending on particular needs of your skin) and how long (4, 6, 8 or more months) the effect will last!

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