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Neoplasm removal

Annoyed by protruding moles?

A wart does not fit into your image?

Remove them in less than 30 minutes!

You’re sick of it! You do not want to put up with these minor but annoying flaws of appearance… You want to finally remove all moles and papillomas once and for all!

  • They not only disturb the harmony of your beauty, but also cause a lot of inconvenience;
  • They should not be exposed to the open sun, you cannot touch and scratch them;
  • Many doctors advise removing neoplasms on the skin (just in case).

But perhaps you are worried about how to gently remove a wart or a mole? You have been told it is dangerous or very painful? Don’t worry!

Laser removal of moles, warts and papillomas

Laser removal of moles is a very simple, almost painless, and perfectly safe procedure! These days it is just as easy as having your nails done. It takes only 10-15 (maximum 30) minutes.

This method allows to remove:

  • A mole,
  • A papilloma,
  • A wart.

Five proofs that you can safely and easily remove a mole in our clinic:

  • We use the Crystal diode laser. This is one of the most modern and reliable devices in cosmetology, equipped with innovative laser diodes manufactured in the USA. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and ensures absolute sterility of the procedure, effectively removing neoplasms on the skin.
  • We provide 100% guarantee that we will completely remove a wart, mole or papilloma for 1 session – in just 20-30 minutes or faster. In 99% of cases, they will never appear again.
  • We carry out the procedure very carefully. In all the time of our practice, there has not been a single case of bleeding, inflammation or hematoma formation. We apply the laser to neoplasms only without affecting healthy skin.
  • No marks. No cicatrices and scars. There is no need to apply stitches. Your skin is smooth and even. You will forget that you’ve had a mole or wart in 3-4 days! The skin is restored very quickly, because laser stimulates cell regeneration.
  • Laser removal of moles in our clinic is done with comfort — almost in the center of Moscow, near the metro stations Mayakovskaya, Pushkinskaya, and Tsvetnoy Bulvar. You can leave your car in the convenient parking.

Feedback on laser removal of neoplasms

Read the reviews of those who have already dared and passed the procedure…

«For years, I have been irritated by the ridiculous birthmark on my lower lip, and another two on the cheek and the nose! I’ve always tried to cover them up with a concealer, and the mole on my lip prevented from drawing an even line… I’ve dreamed to get rid of them for a long time, but was afraid! I’ve dragged my feet, not bringing myself to do it… It’s good that I’d finally chosen clinic and it went very well! It almost didn’t hurt, and I forgot about those moles after 3 days!»

Yana, 24 y.o.

«With age, papillomas and warts began to appear on my back and neck. I’ve stopped wearing open shirts or wear a swimsuit: firstly, because the neoplasms look really ugly, and secondly, I was told by a doctor friend exposing these papillomas to sun is dangerous. And I love sunbathing! They’ve released me of my misery in clinic. Faster than I thought – it took one session. Everything was done very carefully. Many thanks to you!»

Olga, 50 y.o.

«Mom was very worried due to a large wart that appeared on her hand. She tried everything. Smeared some dubious ointments, applied herbs; it almost came to visiting a witch doctor. I’ve decided to intervene, before it could get any worse; I’d found your clinic and took her there… At first, she didn’t want to do it, but now she’s grateful for this. The wart was gone. Thanks to clinic doctors!»

Yaroslav, 31 y.o.

Price of papillomas and moles laser removal

Papillomas and moles removal Body (RUB) Face (RUB)
1 mm 200 300
2 mm 300 800
3 mm 1200 1800
4 mm 1800 2700
5 mm 2500 3750
6 mm 3000 4500
7 mm 3500 5250
8 mm 4000 6000
9 mm 4500 6750
10 mm 5000 7500
Anesthesia 1000 1000


Papillomas and moles removal The area around the eyes (periorbital area, lower eyelid, upper eyelid) RUB
1 mm 600
2 mm 1600
3 mm 3600
4 mm 5400
5 mm 7500
6 mm 9000
7 mm 10500
8 mm 12000
9 mm 13500
10 mm 15000
Histology (analysis) RUB 2300

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