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Laser removal of vessels on the face

Find out how many procedures you need to get rid of these skin imperfections and make the face look matte and unicolor, like in the picture on a magazine cover…

It usually takes 1-3 sessions.

Red reticulum around the nose and cheeks, port-wine stains on the forehead and neck — you know well it is not supposed to be like that, and it’s not about beauty standards…

It’s great that you have made up your mind and are looking for a means to get rid of those problems and finally throw out the concealer and the useless “healing” cream that does not help! Let us see what is what.

What kind of problems with the vessels are there?

  • Reticulum. Scientifically it is called couperosis, i.e. expansion of vessels. Due to the expansion, blood vessels become brighter, more noticeable, and visually show through the skin.
  • Starburst veins. This too is couperosis. It often develops over the years. It can occur on the face and other parts of the body such as the legs.
  • Port-wine stains. They are reminiscent of large birthmarks, but look worse: more dark, vibrant, and take up more space (sometimes nearly half of the cheek or forehead). As a rule, they are evident from the very birth, and there is little hope that they will resolve themselves over the years.


Every problem has its own causes, its own story… Here are the most common factors that trigger the expansion and manifestation of vascular pattern on the skin:

  • alcohol and smoking;
  • spicy food, hot drinks;
  • frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • digestive disorders;
  • endocrine or nervous system imbalance;
  • liver diseases;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • pregnancy;
  • surgical trauma;
  • excessive love of solarium;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • frostbite;
  • too deep skin peeling.

But what is good in asking “Why me? How did that happen?” Better think about how you can solve this problem, how you can get rid of this annoying flaws in your appearance.

Laser removal of vessels is probably the most effective solution to the problem. For modern cosmetology, it is a surprisingly simple procedure! It often takes 1 session, which lasts up to 30 minutes. It is completely painless, and your skin does not require special care after laser removal of vessels.

What is the course of the procedure?

  1. Laser beam affects the dilated blood vessels, “gluing” their walls;
  2. Only the capillary walls are affected;
  3. Healthy blood vessels and skin tissues are not injured;
  4. Small vessels disappear entirely, large vessels fade and decrease;
  5. After the procedure, there may be a slight reddening of the skin;
  6. It disappears in 20-30 minutes, and the procedure leaves no mark!


In rare cases, skin on the treated area may be slightly flaking.

Sometimes, the treated vessel does not disappear immediately: it only darkens at first, and in 2-3 weeks it is no longer visible.

How many sessions will you need?

Medical cosmetologist may tell the exact number after examination. It depends on the size of the blood vessels; approximate input data is as follows:

  • Diameter of 1-1.5 mm — 1-2 sessions are required;
  • Diameter of 2.5 mm — 3-4 sessions are required;
  • Larger — 4-5 sessions are required.

During a free prior consultation, clinic cosmetologist will determine how fast cuperosis or port-wine stains can be dealt with in your case.

Can you trust CLINIC with laser removal of vessels?

Yes, if the following facts instill confidence:

  • Official medical license;
  • A guarantee of safety and effectiveness of the procedure;
  • Cosmeticians with experience from 10 years and diplomas;
  • Modern equipment, Crystal laser device;
  • 15 years of work and thousands of satisfied customers.

Feedback from our clients

«During pregnancy, I began to have terrible vascular spiders on my legs. I stopped wearing skirts and dresses, and began suffering from complexes… Eventually, I found the time to explore this issue. I was lucky enough to come across clinic website! I read the information on the site, rang the clinic, and a girl told me the details… Then I underwent the procedure, and it was neither scary nor painful! Vessels have already grown significantly lighter, and they should disappear completely in one or two sessions.»

Yuliya, 28 y.o.

«I’ve suffered from a large dark spot on my forehead since the childhood. I would have my hair done so that thick bangs covered it, but was always afraid the wind would blow it away. Eventually I have grown shy and unsure of myself. Recently I have learned that I from my curse this can easily get rid of my “curse”. It took some time and a total of 5 procedures, but it was worth it! My horrible spot has almost completely disappeared; only slight reddening of the skin reminds me of it. The doctor says it may disappear. I’m happy! Many thanks to you!»

Dasha, 20 y.o.

«Over the years, the thing that I had feared the most when looking at my senior colleagues happened to me. I started getting spider veins on my face. Of course, I would use good concealer and corrector to successfully camouflage them… However, it takes a lot of time to apply such make-up, and I want to look beautiful without the make-up, as I’m still young in my 45! It’s great that clinic has helped me. The number pf procedures have been very successful. I liked everything: the doctor, the administrator, the high-quality service, and clear answers to my questions without the usual smoke and mirrors… Squarely, quickly, and with evident results!»

Olga, 45 y.o.

Price of laser removal of vessels

Laser removal of vessels Price
1 sq. cm 1200
Anesthesia 1000

Come to the cliniс of effective cosmetology to have your vessels removed by means of laser!

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