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Laser biorevitalization

Want to look younger, but are afraid of beauty shots?

Laser biorevitalization on LAZMIK is a non-injection way to bring back youthfulness of skin!

How quickly time flies… It seems that you have just been celebrating your coming of age. However, youth is fleeting, and one day you will notice the first subtle signs of skin aging, such as crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles around the lips, and circles or bags under the eyes…

Just think about it: as early as at the age of 25, your skin begins to lose hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for elasticity, tone, and hydration of the skin. It is from this age that your skin needs help. We offer you to look younger by 5-10 years without injections and operations using laser biorevitalisation.

Why do we need laser biorevitalization?

Laser revitalization is a comfortable and painless way to restore hyaluronic acid in the superficial and deep layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid and other necessary components enter the skin under the action of laser radiation. The procedure is completely painless: when exposed to laser, patient feels only pleasant stroking of its face.

Rejuvenation effect is visible after the first session; the skin becomes elastic, lifted, and radiant. The procedure leaves no trace on the face. After the procedure, you may go to a party, on a date, or to work.

Result of one session is short; it lasts only a few weeks. To retain a long-term effect (up to 6 months), you need to undergo a course of laser biorevitalization procedures.

Laser biorevitalization is recommended:

  • at the first signs of skin aging and fine lines and wrinkles;
  • for reduction of age-related skin changes;
  • if there are bags under the eyes (provided they are not caused by a disease);
  • at dryness and flabbiness of skin after long diets;
  • to restore the original volume of lips;
  • to improve the condition of skin damaged by UV rays (eliminate the effects of sunburn); prepare your skin for sun baths: get two procedures before the holiday, and two biorevitalization procedures after tanning;
  • as a means of rehabilitation after cosmetic procedures (peeling, mesotherapy, and plastic surgery);
  • for treatment of acne and narrowing of pores;
  • to improve the results of injection biorevitalization.

What is included in the procedure of laser biorevitalization?

In our clinic, LAZMIK device if used for laser biorevitalization. Our cosmetologists have received training in using LAZMIK and adhere to all the requirements that apply to this procedure.

Each session includes several successive stages:

  1. Skin cleansing.
  2. Skin peeling. For example, gas-liquid or acid peeling.
  3. Opening pores using special products or vacuum massage.
  4. Application of gel containing hyaluronic acid.
  5. Injection of hyaluronic acid and other useful components into skin using laser radiation.
  6. Application of a special cosmetic mask at the end of the procedure.

What effect to expect of laser biorevitalization?

  1. Visible rejuvenation of the skin (even after one session).
  2. Smoothing and reducing surface and medium wrinkles.
  3. High rejuvenating effect at whirls of fine wrinkles.
  4. Restoring skin firmness, brilliance, and velvety appearance.
  5. Reducing the number of wrinkles around the mouth and, as a consequence, increasing lip volume.
  6. Restoration of the skin after burns (solar and thermal).

Watch a video about laser biorevitalization

Feedback from our patients after a course of laser biorevitalization:

«I am delighted with this procedure. It’s a true miracle: it takes only 30 minutes, and you see a young lifted face in the mirror. I did not plan to undergo this procedure – it was a gift from a friend; but now I’m a fan of laser biorevitalization. I recommend it to everyone. I think it would be particularly useful before a date or any other important meeting, since the effect is instantaneous! And unlike injection, the procedure leaves no marks on the face. It is very convenient because you do not need to stay at home and devote special time for sessions.»

Yana, 32 y.o., Moscow

«My cosmetologist recommended this procedure, and I took a course of laser biorevitalization after the holiday. When I came to work, I was getting compliments all day! I am very happy, because after a two-week exposure to the sun, sea and wind, my skin once again become supple and velvety to the touch. I advise everyone who wants to restore skin radiance and youth to get this procedure.»

Irina, 35 y.o., Moscow

«At LIPSCLINIC, I underwent a course of five laser biorevitalization treatments. As a result, the fine lines around the eyes were reduced, the deep wrinkle on the forehead became almost invisible, blue circles under the eyes were gone, and the skin became more elastic. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to look young for their age.»

Sofia, 39 y.o., Moscow

Prices for laser biorevitalization

Laser biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid Price (RUB)
Face 3500
Face + neck 3900
Face + neck + decollete 4500

Want to regain skin youthfulness?

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