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Want to look younger and perfect before an important event?

Fractional mesotherapy is there to help you!

Admit that sometimes everyone wants a miracle. Imagine how great it would be to look in the mirror and see a perfect smooth face without a mesh of wrinkles, unsightly scarring from acne, age spots and nasty double chin. The need to change is especially strong if there is an important event ahead of you, such as anniversary, wedding, meeting with partners or classmates, meeting with old friends, or new acquaintance.

In fact, everything is in your hands. You can change and look younger in a matter of hours using fractional face mesotherapy!

What is fractional mesotherapy?

Fractional mesotherapy triggers the regeneration and rejuvenation of skin by means of special meso-cocktails in a short time. Mesotherapy cocktails penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and increase the formation of collagen and elastin. Unlike classical mesotherapy, when vitamin cocktail is entered under the skin by means of a syringe, fractional mesotherapy is carried out at a high speed using a device with the finest needles.

The patient does not feel pain during the session, and there are no traces of injections on the skin after the procedure. Fractional face mesotherapy is considered a less traumatic treatment, so you can go about your business right after the procedure.

To whom do we recommend fractional mesotherapy?

Our cosmetologists recommend this procedure to all patients who want to improve their complexion, remove premature fine wrinkles, get rid of bruises and bags under the eyes, handle acne and enlarged pores, reduce greasy luster and skin peeling.

The huge advantage of the procedure is that the effect of meso-cocktails is noticeable almost immediately after the injection – at the complete absence of side effects in the form of bruises from injections. That is why beauticians recommend fractional mesotherapy to all who need to prepare for an important event. Note: After the course of the procedures, your skin remains young and freshened up to six months.

Feedback on fractional mesotherapy

«I’m 28 and I have undergone a fractional mesotherapy course of five treatments on the advice of my beautician. My results: face color has become smoother and more uniform, face skin looks tighter, pores have shrunk, and fine wrinkles in the eye area have disappeared. I recommend this procedure to anyone who cares about themself and wants to retain youth, especially since the price of the procedure is not very high compared with its effect.»

Irina, 28 y.o., Moscow.

«For many years, I’ve been struggling against post-acne and the persistent nasty acne. On the recommendation of my cosmetologist, I have undergone a course of fractional mesotherapy. The procedure itself is painless and quick. The very next day after the first treatment, I noticed that the skin is tightened and looks fresher. After the fifth procedure, visible acne disappeared and new ones stopped appearing, the pores shrunk, the skin rejuvenated and became less shiny. In general, I’m satisfied with the treatment and plan to repeat it in six months.»

Karina, 35 y.o., Moscow.

«I’ve had fractional mesotherapy once before an important meeting on the recommendation of my cosmetologist. I can say that it is absolutely painless, and the procedure leaves no traces of injections. The effect is noticeable the following day: the skin is tightened and looks more youthful and healthy, as if it is shining from within. I really liked the result of a single procedure. I plan to take a course for a better and lasting effect.»

Anastasiya, 27 y.o., Moscow.

Price of fractional mesotherapy

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The advantages of having fractional mesotherapy in our clinic:

Individual selection of meso-cocktails

In many ways, the result of fractional mesotherapy course depends on the composition of cocktails and cosmetologist’s expertise. Note: Only an experienced beautician is able to select cocktails so that you see the therapeutic effect of the procedure instead of preventive one, as it often happens.

Certified products

In our clinic, cosmetologists use only certified products approved for use in the Russian Federation. Quite often, the low price of the procedure is due to the use of counterfeit drugs, the effect of which is impossible to predict. Remember that in the pursuit of low price, you can harm your skin and get an opposite result after hardware mesotherapy.

Want to see the proved efficiency of fractional mesotherapy tomorrow?

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