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Facial Peeling

Clear skin that is gleaming with health all year round… It is fantasy?

No! It is real if you have facial peeling regularly!

Facial Peeling

Unhealthy complexion, enlarged pores, comedones, acne and post-acne, oily sheen… There are numerous skin problems.

You may have your own list.

We offer a multipurpose and efficient method which solves dozens of problems at a time — facial peeling!

Why is facial peeling necessary for everybody?

If you are 15 – 25

At this age peeling is good for problem-prone skin. It is aimed at removing the upper layer of the epidermis with all its blemishes and dead cells. Your skin responds to this “aggression” by intense regeneration. As a result you have the effect you desire — clear and healthy face skin.

If you are 25 – 40

You need peels to maintain skin in healthy condition. The cell renewal slows down with time. A keratinized layer of dead cells gradually grows on your skin. They plug your pores and create favorable environment for inflammations. You have sallow complexion, your skin is less firm and less elastic, the first wrinkles appear. Peeling removes the “mask” of dead cells from your skin and makes it look young again.

If you are older than 40

Use peeling as an efficient anti-age method. We recommend medium-depth and deep peelings for mature skin. They allow removing deep wrinkles and lines.

At our clinic facial peeling is performed:

By skillful beauticians

Peeling has lots of both supporters and detractors. If you have never had facial peeling done before you can easily get confused by the variety of procedures available.

The best way to get things straight is to come to a free consultation. You will meet a beautician who will tell you what kind of peel will suit you best, how many sessions you will need in order to achieve a good effect and how frequent the sessions should be. We have experienced beauticians with higher medical education working at our clinic. Their certificates and diplomas can be seen here.

Using professional beauty products

If you have already tried peels at home or at beauty salons with no visible effect, do not jump at conclusions. 50% of the effect depends on the beautician’s skills while the other 50% depends on the products used. We use products which have gained a good reputation in numerous countries:

  • Danne;
  • Cosmedix;
  • Renophase.

What kinds of peels do we offer?

Gas-Liquid Peeling

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This is a unique non-invasive method of skin cleansing. A special device is used to act upon your skin with a jet of liquid and oxygen. Gas-liquid peeling is beneficial for everybody, including teenagers. It is not traumatic and does not require any recovery. It helps to clean your skin and contract pores, eliminate flaking and acne, smooth fine lines, improve complexion, reduce pigment spots and freckles. For more information on gas-liquid peeling click here.

Gas-liquid peeling — Reviews:

“I had five treatment sessions in a row. I liked it very much. My skin is clean and velvety, just luminous. The effect lasts for a few months. I usually have a series of peels twice a year. It is enough.”

Nastya, age 25

“I have gas-liquid peeling done in summer because I cannot have acid peels. The overall impression is that my skin is smooth and velvety to touch. No pain at all. The treatment is pleasant and gentle.”

Olga, age 28

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Ultrasonic Peeling

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This peeling is carried out with the help of a device which produced ultrasonic waves. They enable your skin to get rid of keratinized cells and the excess of sebum. Ultrasonic facial peeling is a painful and atraumatic procedure. That is why it is prescribed at any age. The effect is elastic, velvety and luminous skin. For more information on the ultrasonic facial peeling refer to the Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing section (peeling is one of the cleansing stages).

Ultrasonic Facial Peeling — Reviews:

“Ultrasonic peeling is one of my favorite procedures. Full relaxation, no discomfort at all and the skin becomes so clear and radiant and just velvet-like to touch. I have US peelings regularly because there are no negative consequences. Any redness disappears within a few hours.”

Yelena, age 45

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Acid Peeling

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Acid peels are used at any age and are good for any skin type. They are used for both skin cleansing and treatment of acne and post-acne, in order to get rid of freckles, pigmentation or scars and to reduce lines. The beautician determines the required proportion of acid based on the task.

Acid facial peeling can be superficial (for delicate young skin), medium-depth (for treatment of lines and scars) and deep (to obtain an anti-age effect). There are over 50 types of acid peels. Below are only the most popular ones:

  • retinoic peel helps those with acne and deals with age-specific changes;
  • glycol peel suits for oily skin, removes comedones and cleans pores;
  • TCA peel is recommended for those with wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin sagginess;
  • Jessner’s peel resists aging and removes the first signs of senescence;
  • combined peel comprises several types of peels to obtain the best possible result.

Acid Facial Peeling — Reviews:

“If you have oily skin, acid peel really HELPS!! I usually take at least 35%. Of course, it causes burning but I can bear it in order to get the effect. I recommend it to everybody with the same problem!”

Irina, age 30

“I would like to thank my beautician who has been caring for my face for a year. I have oily skin, blackheads, comedones, dark circles under my eyes — just everything. I undergo combination treatment. I cannot imagine how I could do without acid peeling!”

Maria, age 35

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Enzyme Peeling

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Enzyme peel is one of gentle types of peels. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin with couperose. Enzyme peel carefully cleans your skin from contaminations, oil and perspiratory gland secretions and keratinized cells. After peeling skin becomes smoother and looks bright and healthy.

Enzyme Facial Peeling — Reviews:

“My problems include constant pimples, blackheads and oily shine. Salicylic enzyme peel copes with them MAGNIFICENTLY! I am grateful to my beautician for recommending this procedure to me. Now I have it done regularly.”

Irina, age 27

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Please note that facial peeling is a serious procedure! Unprofessional approach can cause significant harm! One should not have peeling at dumping prices or do it at home. You have only one face for your lifetime — take care of it!


Gas-Liquid PeelingPrice (RUB)Time
Express Jet Peel Peeling180020 min.
Superficial peeling Jet Peel290040 min.
Peeling – massage Jet Peel360040 min.
Combined program
(Enzyme Peeling+JET PEEL+mask the problem)
450060 min.


Ampoule activators for JET PEELPrice (RUB)
Vitamin C600
Centella Asiatica800
B vitamins600


Ultrasonic PeelingPrice (RUB)
Ultrasonic Peeling (40min)2800


Acid PeelingPrice (RUB)
Glycoleft peeling of 40%2900
Glycoleft peeling of 70% «New YOUTH»3900
Jessner Peeling «Cosmedix»
each subsequent layer
Retinoidy peeling «Cosmedix Purity Peel» (correction acne, post-acne)10800
Retinoidy peeling «Cosmedix Timeless peel» (anti-aging, depigmenting)10800
Combined peeling «Cosmedix» (Retinoidy + Jessner Peeling)13800
BioRePeelCl3 (biostimulation, revitalization, renewal)6500


Enzyme PeelingPrice (RUB)
Enzyme Peeling (20min)1200
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