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Facial Massage

The simplest way to care for your face!

Have the signs of tiredness and stress removed in just 1 session!

Facial Massage

In order to stay attractive and catch men’s delighted glances at any age, you have to give regular attention to three things: your face, hair and body. And now we are going to discuss the most important one — your face.

How can you care for your face, maintain its health and beauty? The worst solution is to cover all defects with a thick layer of a concealer. The best one is to have some facial at least once a month.

You don’t want or hesitate to have injections or lifting? Well, that is understandable. You can start with the simplest and the most natural way to look younger and fresher — facial massage!

What effect does facial massage produce?

  • Improved blood circulation and healthy complexion.
  • Dead cells are removed and your skin is smooth and delicate.
  • Tissues are saturated with oxygen and you have a beautiful face without any acne.
  • Your skin is toned and wrinkles are smoothened.
  • Your face relaxes and signs of tiredness and stress disappear.

Firm skin, distinct face contour, no double chin and glow of health — the effect is similar to that of botox! You have to spend very little time and efforts and do not have to have any injections!

Available types of massage:

Manual massage

This is a shaping anti-aging facial massage which is performed at the muscle level. It activates natural rejuvenating processes in your face, lifts your skin and smoothes wrinkles.

Hardware massage

Up-to-date appliances for massage allow acting upon deeper skin layers providing faster and more notable result.

Proprietary massage

Good beauticians who have vast experience gradually develop their own unique methodologies. Each of these methods allows solving certain problems of a particular patient.

What kind of massage will suit you best?

You can find it out at a free consultation. Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 or place your request.

How is the treatment performed at CLINIC?

You sit down in a comfortable armchair, rest your head on a pillow, close your eyes and relax… The rest will be done by a beautician. All kinds of massage are painless and provide only enjoyable sensations while relieving your tiredness and anxiety. After the treatment you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, your facial skin is fresh colored and lightsome.

3 reasons to have facial massage done only at CLINIC if you are in Moscow:

1. A particular type of massage that suits you perfectly is determined at a free consultation!

Why is it important? Only an experienced beautician can determine precisely which type of massage will be the best for you. And this can only be done at an in-person examination. Of course, you can read about different methods online, view nice pictures or listen about your friends’ experience… But what is good for your friend may not provide the required effect for you! Each of us has different skin…

2. Safety and efficiency of the treatment are guaranteed

A massage performed by a layperson at an unreliable institution may not only be ineffective but may also harm your skin! Stretch marks, sagginess, edema, inflammation… Guard yourself against all these — come to CLINIC! We will show you our beauticians’ diplomas and certificates. Only experience, good education, successfully accomplished training courses and thorough knowledge of the facial anatomy may be a guarantee of facial massage safety and efficiency.

3. Professional beauty products produced by reliable manufacturers are used

Different beauty products are often used during facial massage. We use only high end cosmetics, mostly Danne or Dermaheal. We buy them from authorized distributors who have all the necessary licenses so that we can be sure of their quality!

Below are some of our clients’ reviews:

«About a month ago a friend asked me how I cared for my face. And I suddenly realized that I did not do anything except applying night cream and sometimes making peelings at home. My face looked tired and my skin was pale and dingy… Well, it was too early to have lifting or botox, but massage is always good! That is what I thought and went to clinic. Mmm, how pleasant the treatment was! Very relaxing. And, most importantly, I now have much healthier complexion and smoother skin. I look refreshed as if after a holiday on the sea coast… I have realized that I should care for myself!»

Yana, age 25

«I believe that each woman who loves and values herself should find time and money for beauty care. At least once a month. I have made it a rule for myself. On certain dates I go to my favourite beauty salon — clinic — and have a facial massage done, sometimes mesotherapy as well. I always look well-cared-for, my skin is firm and I have very few wrinkles for my age. I am often asked if I have surgical face lifts done. I do not, it is not necessary with clinic beauticians!»

Valeria, age 46

You face deserves some rest! Have signs of recent tiredness and stress removed from your skin with enjoyable anti-age facial massage!

Contact us at +7 963 964-79-76 right now or place your request and make an appointment for the time which is convenient for you!

Prices of Facial Massage

SHAPING facial massage 1900 Traditional Russian massage aimed at muscle toning and skin tightening.
LYMPH DRAINAGE facial massage 1900 Removal of edemas, lymphatic system drainage and fast lifting
TIBETAN facial massage 2400 Massage with acupuncture
SCULPTURAL facial massage 2900 French technique with deep working through muscles. It is recommended for elimination of jowls and second chin as well as cheek lifting.
MYOFASCIAL facial massage 4900 Dealing with muscles from thoracic spine up to the scalp. Powerful lifting effect.
CHIROPLASTIC facial massage 2600 Removes excess of liquid, tightens withering skin.
L.I.P.S. proprietary technique 7500 Powerful lifting effect, tightening of skin, smoothing of wrinkles
OXYGEN facial massage 3600 Lympho-drainage, lifting, saturating skin with oxygen, moisturizing
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