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30% Lips/cheekbones/chin volume correction by Yvoire Volume 13300r instead of 18900r

Correction of Lip Shape and Volume

Angelina Jolie lips — without surgery and with the result that persists for 1.5 years!

Natural look. 100% guarantee. Or we will restore your initial lip shape and return your money!

Correction of Lip Shape and Volume

You lips… What are they like? Normal nice lips. Like all women have. If you apply makeup properly, draw the contour line neatly with a pencil of the suitable color, they can look quite good… And do you want them to always look like that? Even better than that: plump, feminine, seductive lips without any makeup…

(You probably know that most men can’t stand lipstick especially when kissing? And you also know that lips are the first thing every other man looks at when talking to a woman.)

So, why don’t let yourself have gorgeous sexy lips, the main women’s adornment? Correction of lip shape and volume at clinic is a safe and rather simple procedure. You can choose any lip shape! The effect will last for 1.5 years.

We possess a unique 3D-technology, which allows us to create any lip shape and volume! What kind of lips do you want to have? It’s up to you to choose!

Look what can be done at clinic

Do you hesitate about having your lips augmented or their shape changed?

Yes, I’m afraid that my lips will look unnatural

Have you seen awful photos of lips after failed procedures? Yes, they are really terrible. Do you know why that happens? Because some unscrupulous beauticians use cheap low quality materials. At our clinic only certified preparations from reliable suppliers are used.

We provide 100% guarantee that your lips will look natural.

If you are not satisfied with the result, we will restore your previous lip shape FREE OF CHARRGE and will give you back all the money paid for the procedure!

I am afraid that the procedure is not good for my health

Not long ago surgery was the only way to have lips enhanced. Indeed, it is not very healthy. Botox, silicone, collagen… But in the 21st century we at clinic do it in quite a DIFFERENT WAY! We use a substance which is cognate to skin and the human body on the whole — hyaluronic acid. And it is administered without any surgery! Hyaluronic acid lip enhancement is the safest and the most natural of all available methods.

I am afraid that it will be painful

It will not. Of course, the procedure is not quite pleasant… But it is not painful either. Anesthesia is used prior to the procedure: some numbing cream will be applied to your lips for 20 minutes.

What if my lips will get out of shape in 2 months?

Clinic’s unique methodology makes the lip shape and volume persist for 6 months longer than after similar procedures at other clinics. It means that your natural looking plump lips will bring joy to you and your loved one for at least a year, and more likely for 1.5 years! We promise you a good long-lasting effect.

Not all of your doubts have been cleared yet? Read our clients’ reviews:

«My eyes are large and expressive while my lips were narrow and thin – just plain. I did not even use lipstick – it was useless, unless I drew a thick contour line… Clinic made my dream come true!!! I have plump tempting lips now!»

(Nastya, age 24)

«My lips looked worse and worse with time: they got thinner and less inviting. But it is so important to feel you are a true woman at any age! I got my lips augmented at clinic. I am so happy with the result! Thank you!»

(Yelena, age 49)

Prices of lips enhancement

Prices for face contour plasty (fillers)

The price of the procedure at clinic starts from 7,800 rubles. It that expensive? Depends on what you compare with. Of course, you can buy some beauty products and some clothes with the money… But do you really need them if you can have any woman’s main adornment — delightful lips — for a year and a half?

They will allow you to look magnificent at any time, even early in the morning, with no makeup and your hair uncombed … Besides, your loved one will “eat” you lipstick no matter how nice or expensive it may be (or you will “eat” it yourself during lunch) while your plump lips will persist whatever happens!

Attention! Due to euro exchange rate fluctuations, the price of the lip shape correction may grow. Get the price fixed for 30 days right now — and you will have a month to think it over (the request does not impose any obligations on you)

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 or place your request and we will call you back!

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