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There is a solution — chin shape correction without surgery!

Don’t like to have your photos taken side-on? Everyone except you seems to have a well-defined jawline? Get upset when you look at your profile in the mirror?

Stop suffering!

Come to us and have your chin enhanced in just 30minutes!

chin shape correction

Chin reshaping without surgery — How is it possible?

At our clinic we will remodel your chin quickly and painlessly by means of injections of fillers. We use two types of fillers depending on the natural shape of your chin:

  • fillers based on hyaluronic acid, which is a component cognate with our body: Surgiderm 30ХР and RestylaneSub Q;
  • fillers based on calcium hydroxyapatite which is contained in our teeth and bones. We use Radiesse which is the most effective product of the line.

At the free initial consultation the doctor will choose the preparation which will suit you best. The whole procedure takes 30 minutes: at first, some numbing cream will be applied, and then, the doctor will administer the solution and distribute it in the chin by means of gentle massage.

When the procedure is over, you will see the result in the mirror. No recovery period is required after the procedure: you can return to your normal activities at once. There may be some bruises or hematomas which will vanish in a few hours. The effect of the nonsurgical chin reshaping with fillers will last for 1-1.5 years. The filler will be gradually degraded and the original shape of the chin will be restored.

Why is it better to use the non-surgical way of chin augmentation?

Imagine that you have had surgery but you are not happy with the result. The only way to correct it is another surgery. You will have to undergo it all again: general anesthesia, arduous recovery period and the risk of complications: chin job is considered to be one of the most difficult surgeries. We suggest that you have your chin remodeled temporarily to see

  • if chin enlargement is good for you;
  • what shape to choose,
  • if chin reshaping is worth it.

Attention: If you change your mind, we will administer the preparation which will restore the initial shape of your chin. As you can see, having injections for chin augmentation is quite safe!

Why should you entrust enhancement of your chin to us?

No negative consequences or complications

Have you seen unfavourable comments on fillers? We are not going to assure you that they are not true. According to statistics, most complications are caused by improper use of fillers. This never happens at our clinic because all our beauticians have higher medical education and have accomplished additional training in working with fillers. Click here to see their certificates and diplomas. Each doctor has 5 years or more of experience in using fillers.

We specialize in nonsurgical reshaping

We have been using fillers for years to reshape our patients’ lips, noses, cheekbones and chins and we have developed our own proprietary methodologies.

What are they?

For example, in order to obtain the desired effect and to make it persistent, we administer different fillers alternatively. We vary the technique and the depth of injections depending on the treated area.

When hyaluronic acid-based fillers (Surgiderm and Restylane Sub Q) are used, we increase the amount gradually. During the treatment we distribute the preparation by means of massage, then we check the result and, if necessary, add some more filler.

We use certified products only

Safety of all procedures is the main principle of our work. Only certified preparations are used at our clinic. Prior to the treatment the doctor will check if you have any contraindications and will show you certificates for preparations.

We provide 1.5 year guarantee for the effect

The use of proprietary methodologies and certified preparations allow us to guarantee a persistent effect to our patients for 1.5 years. This is the period when your chin will look perfect.

Below are some of our clients’ reviews of chin reshaping:

«Wow! At last, I have had my chin reshaped as it had irritated me so much. In profile it used to look like I did not have this part of the face at all. It happened so fast — about 30 minutes and I am a different person. I am so grateful to my beautician who advised me to try this procedure!»

Sofia, age 23

«Before I came to LIPS I had been going to have my chin operated on. I would like to thank the doctors who persuaded me to start with fillers. Firstly, it is 3-4 times cheaper. Secondly, it is pain free. I am so happy. Thank you. Hope the effect will persist»

Natalya, age 25

How can you find out the final price of the procedure?

You will learn the exact price of the chin correction at the free initial consultation. The consultation does not impose any obligations on you and takes just a few minutes. You can compare prices in several clinics before you decide where to have the procedure done.

But you should be careful: low prices of chin reshaping may often be accounted for by the use of counterfeit fillers or the doctor’s lack of experience.

When making your decision, compare all criteria and consider: which is more important for you: to save several thousand rubles or pay a little more but obtain an excellent result which is guaranteed!

Prices for face contour plasty (fillers)

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