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Have your cheekbones enhanced in 30 minutes without surgery or any negative consequences!

Cheekbone enhancement

Prominent cheekbones are trendy. You may have noticed that lots of film and TV stars have nice and well-defined cheekbones. In many cases it is an acquired feature. Keep up with celebrities! Let your beauty shine irrespective of your age and inborn facial structure.

Why is cheekbone shape so important?

Prominent defined cheekbones allow you to

Look a few years younger

It is a well-known fact that if a notional triangle is applied to a young face, the acute angle will be directed downward and the face looks lifted. As you age, jowls and a double chin make your face look heavier. Cheekbone enhancement restores your youthful look. After the treatment your face will be lifted and filled again and your facial contours will be redefined.

Be smart and fancy

If you are young but your face is flat-shaped, cheekbone augmentation will add fineness and singularity to it.

Emphasize the beauty of your face

Do you remember the famous Egyptian beauty — Princess Nefertiti? She had well-defined and recognizable cheekbones. After the treatment your face will also become more impressive and memorable.

Cheekbone enhancement at our clinic is:

100% safe: only certified products

No implants, plastic surgery or fat suction from any part of your body. We enlarge cheekbones using the safest method available today: with hyaluronic acid based fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a component cognate with our skin. It does not cause any rejection or allergic response.

Cheekbone enhancement with hyaluronic acid involves the use of special preparations: Juvederm Voluma and Restylane Sub. They are specially designed for face remodeling. In some cases we use Radiesse (USA). It consists of calcium hydroxyapatite, a natural material which is contained in teeth and bones.

200% beautiful: proprietary methodologies

All fillers are injected deep into skin, that is why only a certified beautician can perform the procedure. We have experienced specialists working at our clinic. Have a look at their certificates and diplomas.

We use our own proprietary methodologies for cheekbone modeling. Our beauticians will shape your face like real sculptors to make it more beautiful and impressive in just a few treatment sessions.

300% efficient: highly experienced doctors

The effect of cheekbone shaping with Juvederm Voluma, Restylane Sub and Radiesse lasts for 1.5–2 years. It is crucial that the treatment is performed by a skillful beautician. Otherwise, you can have a swollen shapeless face instead of well-defined cheeks.

Still hesitate? Read some reviews written by those who have already changed themselves:

«I have cheekbone augmentation at LIPS approximately every two years. I like that the attitude to the procedure is very serious here. I have my cheekbones modeled in several stages at an interval of about two weeks between the sessions. I think this approach is more correct because the intervals between the sessions allow the doctors to see how the filler acts and adjust the result.»

Svetlana, age 25

«I think I got rid of a few years at LIPS clinic. After cheekbone enhancement my skin is lifted and my face looks much younger. I liked both the detailed consultation and my doctor’s highly professional attitude. Thanks a lot for your work!»

Evgeniya Nikolayevna, age 50

How much will nice cheekbones cost you?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how much filler you will need without seeing you. Come to us for a free consultation and the doctor will tell you what preparation will suit you and how many sessions you will need to get the desired cheekbone shape.

When making a decision consider the fact that your self-confidence, beauty and youth are priceless. You have to admit that your sensation of being beautiful and attractive is more precious than money.

Prices for face contour plasty (fillers)

Come to our clinic for a free consultation!

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