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Correction of facial wrinkles (Botox and Dysport)

How can you get rid of expression wrinkles for 6-8 months in just 10 minutes or where to have botox?

Botox and DysportYou are so beautiful. You always look well cared for and elegant! You are almost perfect… There is just a single little nuisance — those treacherous expression lines which you have to hide with concealer every day…

Where have they come from? No, don’t blame your age — you are still young! Expression lines can appear as early as at the age of 20. That is because you often smile or laugh. Because you have a cute habit to raise your eyebrows in surprise or to frown. Because you don’t wear sunglasses and like to squint in the sun…

That is what we are: our skin is so delicate and fragile, you have to help it from time to time. How?

Have wrinkles smoothed out by means of filling them with botox or disport — natural substances for your body!

Just 10-20 minutes and the treatment is over! It is quite simple to get botox and in just 2-3 days it will start acting. In a couple of weeks your lines will disappear and you will forget about them for 5-6 or even 8-9 months!

Wrinkles will vanish:

  • on the forehead — horizontal lines
  • between your eyebrows — the frown line
  • around your eyes — crow’s feet
  • around your mouth — thin lines

Add this finishing touch to your beauty to feel like a cover girl!

And your beauty will look natural, not like after photoshopping. Your face will be as expressive as before!

Botox: Fears and Prejudices

Many women are afraid: what if my face will look like a mask? What if it will lose its natural expressiveness and charm? And we should admit that these concerns are not groundless… You have probably seen some photos of celebrities who became victims of improper botox administration.

Of course, you never can tell… You can get disport almost anywhere in Moscow… And there are some unscrupulous beauticians, non-certified fake doctors, low quality preparations, counterfeit botox or its cheap counterparts… But it DOES NOT happen everywhere or always!

We at LIPSCLINIC guarantee that all the above mentioned is not related to us. Why not?


  • We use certified botox and disport only!
  • We use a unique “vivid face” methodology at our clinic! After the procedure your face will retain 100% of its natural expressiveness while wrinkles will vanish!
  • Only highly qualified beauticians with vast experience work at our clinic. And our patients’ notes of appreciation prove that it is true…

Our clients’ reviews of botox

«I got injections of botox at the clinic. I had had a consultation at a beauty salon before where they told me I needed to have 20 units to remove my forehead crease. At this clinic the doctor gave me only 8 units and the effect is fantastic: the crease has been smoothed out completely! I recommend this clinic to everyone. I have assured myself that doctors do not fleece their patients here.»

Natalya, age 34

«I came to LIPSCLINIC to get rid of folds on my forehead. I got 22 units of botox in total. I saw the effect in about a week: the wrinkles vanished and my forehead became smooth and nice. Everyone notices that I look younger and prettier now. I want to thank my beautician for the excellent job!»

Irina, age 28

You can book a free consultation to see it is true and have all your questions answered. We will show you all certificates, licenses and diplomas of our beauticians so that you could stop worrying and trust them!

Yes, procedures like botox in Moscow are taken for granted in the 21th century but you should stay prudent…

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to book a free consultation or place your request.

By the way, you can also have disport or botox for another purpose… For example, to fight against excessive sweating. If you have experienced this problem firsthand, look how easily it can be solved.

Prices of botox

We have average prices for botox: neither overcharged like in some places, nor undercharged — we use high quality and proved materials only!

FACE REMODELING (correction of expression lines) Prices (RUB)
BOTOX – 1 unit 350
over 50 units. 300
XEOMIN – 1 unit 350
DISPORT – 1 unit 150
Excessive sweating treatment Prices (RUB)
BOTOX 1 unit 240 200 to 31.05.2017
XEOMIN 1 unit 240
DISPORT 1 unit 120
Approximate amount BOTOX DISPORT XEOMIN
Wrinkles on the forehead 10-30 units 30-90 units 10-30 units
Between the brows 10-25 units 30-75 units 10-25 units
Raise eyebrows 2-5 units 6-15 units 2-5 units
“Goose paws” 10-30 units 30-90 units 10-30 units
Wrinkles on the nose 5-10 units 15-30 units 5-10 units
Smooth the jaw line 40-60 units 120-180 units 40-60 units
Smooth wrinkles 6-10 units 18-30 units 6-10 units
Nasolabial folds 6-10 units 18-30 units 6-10 units
Wrinkles on the neck 25-150 units 75-150 units 25-150 units
Excessive sweating treatment 100 units 200 units 100 units

The doctor will tell you the exact price at the consultation: each face is different and each requires a certain amount of the preparation. The average price of botox ranges from 3500 to 10,000 rubles.

The effect of the procedure lasts for about 6-8 months. This means you only spend 20 rubles a day to get rid of the wrinkles which make you look older and gloomy.

Are you ready to get rid of annoying wrinkles?

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to book a free consultation or place your request and we will remove wrinkles from your face.

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