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Would you like to erase signs of stress and time from your face?

Biorevitalization will help you look 5-10 years younger

The first fine lines, blue circles under your eyes, your skin which has lost its elasticity and bright colors — these are the first signs of ageing which you should pay close attention to.

Biorevitalization prolongs youth and removes the first signs of skin ageing.

After a course of biorevitalization:


  • your skin becomes more resilient and elastic;
  • complexion improves (redness, sallowness and undereye circles disappear);
  • fine lines are smoothened;
  • skin hyperpigmentation and scars are reduced.

Biorevitalization is performed for any troubled areas: face, neck, hands and bends of arms, abdomen, décolleté area, thighs and knees.

When should you start?

Biorevitalization at affordable prices in Moscow can be performed at different ages.

Age 25-30: If your skin is prone to withering and premature ageing. In this case, the earlier you start having biorevitalization, the better.

Age 30-35: It is the best age to have regular courses of biorevitalization. They will help you stay young and beautiful for longer.

Age over 40: Biorevitalization is combined with other anti-age procedures: peelings, face remodeling, photorejuvenation, thermal lifting, etc.

Why is biorevitalization at our clinic more efficient than in other places?

If you make a search query such as “biorevitalization Moscow”, you will find a lot of salons which offer the procedure. But will they perform it properly? Will you have the result you need?

We guarantee that a course of biorevitalization at our clinic will change you and the changes will be noticed by everybody around you. Just imagine:

You look 5–10 years younger

The efficiency of treatment depends on the beautician’s expertise, the preparation quality and the injection technique. Every specialist at our clinic has work experience of at least 5 years. We use IAL-System and IAL-System ACP which are called “the gold standard of biorevitalization”.

We use different injection methods depending on the skin condition. That is how we obtain the best effect. For example, we always provide treatment for the delicate eye area while at some clinics they prefer not to deal with this area at all.

But if only you look into a mirror, you will see that it is the eye area that needs biorevitalization most. And our beauticians cope with rejuvenation of this part perfectly!

You are beautiful and attractive

We will preserve your beauty. The procedure does not cause any adverse effects. We perform biorevitalization using preparations which contain hyaluronic acid — a component which is cognate with skin.

You know how to prolong youth

A beautician will make a personalized treatment plan for you at the initial consultation which is free. You will learn how you can stay young for dozens of years without any plastic surgery.

Biorevitalization: video of the procedure

Prices of Biorevitalization

IAL-System 0.6ml 6900
IAL-System 1.1ml 9500
IAL-System АСР 1.0ml 11900
REVOFIL Aquashine 2.0ml 12500
REVOFIL Aquashine BR 2.0ml 12500
REVOFIL Aquashine BTX 2.0ml 13500

What is the approximate price of a course?

Unfortunately, there are no universal formulas to calculate the price. It is calculated on an individual basis. At a free consultation a beautician will tell you how many treatment sessions you will need and what the cost of the whole biorevitalization course will be.

On the average, it costs 20-30 thousand rubles. But you should be aware that, if the procedure is performed properly, the effect will last for nearly a year which means that your expenses for beauty and youth will not be very high.

Do you want to save your money? Order a full course of treatment and get additional 10% off!

Read our clients’ reviews:

«I had a course of biorevitalization at the efficient cosmetology clinic. It included 4 treatment sessions at intervals of two weeks. After the course my expression lines in the eye area have been smoothed out and my nasolabial wrinkles and those on the bridge of the nose have been reduced. It was not painful because some numbing cream was applied before treatment. Each session took 15-20 minutes. I will have biorevitalization again because if you don’t care for your skin, it will be more difficult to keep it lifted and in good condition after 40. I am very happy to have found an excellent beautician here who explained everything in detail and made a special treatment program for me for a year.»

Irina Krivaya, age 35

«I have biorevitalization done regularly for five years. I am used to the procedure: it is neither scary nor painful. The effect is evident!»

Sofya Kolpacheva, age 43

«I had biorevitalization for the first time when I was 40 and I have had more than 10-15 procedures since then. I had it done at different clinics. At the efficient cosmetology clinic I like beauticians’ professional approach and diligence. Unlike at other clinics, they offered me a comprehensive solution and did not just do what I asked for.»

Yekaterina Solntseva, age 50

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