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4D mesothreads for face

Renewing your youth is simple, fast and does not require any surgery!

Have 4D mesothreads: in 30 minutes you will look a few years younger!

4D mesothreads for face

Imagine: You wake up in the morning, come up to the mirror and see a young face without wrinkles and folds, without dark circles and those nasty jowls. This transformation is noticed by everyone: your loved one, your friends and colleagues. Everybody pays you compliments and asks in surprise: “Have you had surgery?”

Don’t believe it is possible? Think that this effect can only be obtained with plastic surgery?

Come to us and you will make sure that facelift with mesothreads is a modern alternative to plastic surgery.

4D mesothreads will remove

  • nasolabial folds which make your face look tired;
  • those awful jowls (saggy cheeks);
  • fine lines around your eyes which give your age away;
  • that nasty double chin.

Do you want to see the effect of mesothreads? Look at our celebrities’ faces which have suddenly got young again! It is not plastic surgery — they have had mesothreads for facelift! Mesothreads will allow you to look younger too — without general anesthesia, without pain and a long recovery period.

How do 4D mesothreads work?

4D mesothreads consist of a hypoallergenic and absolutely safe material which is called polydioxanone. Threads are inserted under your skin through very thin needles and create a frame which smoothes existing wrinkles and prevents appearance of new ones.

The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes. The lifting effect can be seen immediately after the treatment session and it increases every day for a few months. Later, the threads will be degraded but the frame of collagen which is produced while they are there, stays under your skin. It will keep your skin toned up for 2-2.5 years more.

Choosing between mesothreads and surgery?

Let us compare 4D mesothreads and plastic surgery:

4D mesothreads Plastic surgery
Painless: all our patients note absence of any discomfort Pain can occur during the recovery period
No general anesthesia: numbing creams are used during the treatment General anesthesia is compulsory
No incisions: threads are inserted using a syringe with a very thin needle Several incisions are made
No recovery period (there may sometimes be small bruises which vanish within a week) A long and stressful recovery which takes up to a month
No consequences: we use physiological material. The threads are degraded in 6-8 months. Consequences may arise that will have to be eliminated with another surgery or some additional procedures
The result can be seen immediately after the procedure You will see the result only after the swelling will go down
The effect increases within the following two or three months and lasts for up to two years. If you are not satisfied with the result, you will have to have another surgery.

Below are some of our patients’ reviews of mesothreads:

«I had mesothreads following my beautician’s advice. The effect exceeded my expectations: my skin became tighter, the second chin which had appeared some time ago vanished, my cheeks became filled again and the folds on the forehead disappeared. I seem to look younger and younger each day. I am so grateful to my beautician who persuaded me to have mesothreads. I recommend to everyone: find a good beautician and everything will be great!»

Alina, age 38

«First, I tried threadlifting with mesothreads to get rid of the double chin. I saw the result at once. I didn’t have any swelling or bruises. It has been 8 months now and I have noticed that the effect of the procedure intensifies with time! Next, I am going to have fine lines in the eye area and nasolabial folds removed. Thank you for your high quality work»

Darya, age 45

«I got mesothreads for the lower part of the face. The effect is awesome! I saw the difference while I was still at the clinic. No bruises, swells or any other disagreeable outcomes. In my opinion, it is crucial to find a good beautician who will make a personalized anti-age plan for you. Perhaps, mesothreads do not suit everyone but for me they definitely turned out to be perfect»

Olga, age 38

5 weighty arguments to have threadlifting with mesothreads done at our clinic:

  1. Skillful doctors will work with you.
    When you come to us, you do not get to a beauty salon or a hair studio — you have mesotreads done at a clinic! We are a licensed institution. Our staff consists of beauticians with higher medical education. They additionally studied threadlifting with mesothreads. Have a look at the license of the clinic, certificates and doctors’ diplomas. We have worked with threads since 2009 using our own proprietary methodologies.
  2. You will have mesothreads which are safe and hypoallergenic.
    Your safety is our priority. We use only polydioxanone mesothreads. This material has been used in surgery for 10 years. Our approach to administration of mesothreads is quite serious: prior to the procedure the beautician will find out if you have any contraindications. You will see the certificates for the mesothreads which you will have inserted.
  3. You will see the result immediately after the procedure.
    As soon as mesothreads are inserted, you will see how much younger you look. The effect will be intensified within the following months and will last for 2-2.5 years. 4D mesothreads are a very effective treatment but the doctor’s expertise is the main thing when it is performed. Therefore, when choosing where to have mesothreads in Moscow, don’t let yourself be guided by the prices only: you don’t want the beautician to study threadlifting on your face, do you?
  4. You will look young and beautiful over the next 2-2.5 years.
    4D mesothreads will make your skin cells produce collagen intensively, that is why your face will grow younger and younger over the next several months after the procedure. The threads will be degraded within 6-8 months but collagen will be produced in your skin over this time and will provide the lifting effect for 2-2.5 years more.
  5. You will not feel any pain when mesothreads are inserted.
    Some numbing cream will be applied to your skin, so you will not feel any discomfort. Mesothreads will be inserted with the help of thin needles made of high quality steel. The needles are so thin that they will not leave any prick marks on your skin. The duration of the procedure ranges between 30 minutes and 1 hour. There are no consequences. The recovery period is minimal.

Prices of mesothreads

View prices of mesothreads >>>

When you have more than 30 mesothreads inserted, you get 10% off!

On the average, 5–50 mesothreads are used on the face. You will learn the exact number and type of mesothreads recommended for you at the free initial consultation. Hesitate about starting with your face? Havе 4D mesothreads for your buttocks, abdomen, knees or arms.

Don’t forget that threadlifting with mesothreads is a very cost-effective procedure because it will have to be repeated only in 2-2.5 years.

Do you still have any doubts? Book a free consultation and have all your questions answered by your beautician.

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