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Wraps – a delicious mask for your whole body


Why do people have wraps? They make your skin delicate and resilient, let you become slimmer and get rid of wrinkles and some undesirable folds… And, finally, you can have them just to enjoy the procedure, ease your nerves and have a good rest!

A wrap is a magic mask for the entire body and an easy way for you to pamper yourself!

What types of wraps are there? You have probably heard of chocolate, seaweed and honey wraps… You can read about different wraps and compare their effects to choose the one you would like to try first.

Seaweed Wraps

It is also referred to as thalassotherapy. Seaweeds are an absolutely natural source of beauty taken from the sea bottom. They possess a unique property to compensate for the biologically active substances our body lacks which means that they contribute to the general health improvement… Besides, seaweeds fight cellulite and fat rolls, remove toxins and waste from your body and improve the look of your skin.

Mud Wraps

Mud therapy is one of the most popular SPA procedures. It is not surprising: therapeutic mud relieves muscle strain, improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism… As a result, our body tissues start obtaining more oxygen, skin color and tonus improves. Marine, volcanic and peat muds are 100% natural remedies against cellulite.

Chocolate Wraps

The main component of the “sweet” procedure is cocoa butter which deeply moisturizes and nourishes your skin making it smooth, delicate and as if shining from inside. The very first chocolate wrap session makes your skin look younger while you start feeling lightsome and well cared for. Of course, you mood is boosted and you feel energized!

Honey Wraps

Honey is the most beneficial natural product for our health and beauty! It contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which a human body needs. After a honey wrapping skin is toned up and cleansed, it becomes firmer and silkier. Signs of cellulite and swelling vanish while stretch marks and folds are reduced.

Oil Wraps

Apart from boosting your mood, aromatic essential oils can also transform your body, influence your weight and improve your skin health! Different essential oils serve different purposes but they all generally deeply nourish and moisturize skin, contributing to its rejuvenation and removing toxins from your body.

At CLINIC you can also try:

  • wraps with anticellulite gels of the professional grade Austrian brand STYX;
  • wraps with French seaweed-based products Tegora.


The leading manufacturer of anticellulite wrap gels in Austria.

A full course of wraps (10-12 sessions) is recommended.

Expected result:

  • cellulite goes away;
  • body purification of the body;
  • elimination of swelling;
  • reduction of the body dimensions (up to 1.5 cm after each session);
  • weight loss;
  • general body rejuvenation;
  • improvement of skin resilience and elasticity;
  • general health improvement and a boost of energy!


Tegora ranks first in the world for its high quality products: each professional grade product contains up to 100% of natural sea components!

Tegora products for wraps contain 20 types of different seaweeds (including the rarest deep-water ones). Each of them solves a certain issue in your body such as skin moisturizing, wrinkle reduction or cellulite elimination. As a single set, they provide a visible effect!

Reviews of Wraps Performed at CLINIC

«I am addicted (in a good way) to chocolate wrapping. I have it before each holiday!! Firstly, it is another way to pamper myself and boost my mood and it makes me much happier than spending money on another dress or overeating cakes at a café! Secondly, my skin changes right in front of my eyes: it starts glowing and becomes so tender and silky! And it smells so nice for the whole day. My boyfriend adores that!»

Yuliya, age 27

«I tried various types of wraps and got them in different places… But some time ago I decided to settle upon LIPS clinic and now it is the only place I go to. At other places either it was not so cozy or a treatment session was much shorter so that I didn’t have enough time to relax, or the staff was too indifferent… I have been to LIPS for three times now and I like it so far!»

Darya, age 33

Make it a rule to give some rest to your body and soul and get some beauty and health at the end of each month!

Love yourself!

Wraps at CLINIC are the most “delicious” and enjoyable procedures for your body!

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How much do wraps cost?

In order to learn the prices of wraps call us at the contact phone number or place your request.

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