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RF body lifting

Dream of a lean and toned body?

Take RF lifting course!

Imagine that your volumes in problem areas are reduced, the skin is smoothed and tightened, and cellulite is in the past along with the other body “flaws” that spoil your mood when you look in the mirror. And that’s not all!

The result obtained is retained for the period of one year to one and a half years! This is not telling a tall tale or publicity stunt. We are talking about the unique RF lifting procedure.

Why is RF body lifting a unique procedure?

Cascading effect

RF lifting launches neo-collagenization processes in the dermis. Simply put, a course of lifting makes your skin produce the missing collagen, so the procedure has a cumulative effect. After lifting treatments, your skin is tightened and looks younger with no effort on your part for further 6 months.

Safe and comfortable procedures

RF lifting is a safe procedure with minimal contraindications. If ultrasonic cavitation, cellulite massage, and other body modeling treatments are not for you, radio wave lifting will help you to improve your body shape. Lifting treatments are painless. During the procedure you will feel only pleasant warmth. This method of body sculpting and rejuvenation does not require sacrifices on your part.

Long-term results

After a course of lifting, you can forget about your problems for 1-1.5 years. Just imagine that you won’t be worried about a protruding belly or extra inches on your hips for a whole year. Day by day your skin becomes more supple and taut.

Targeted exposure

RF lifting allows impacting any problem area of the body, starting with the face and ending with the shoulders, arms, legs, and buttocks. Imagine that you use lifting to model your body and bring it closer to the ideal, like a sculptor.

What is the secret of effective RF lifting?

If you are interested in this procedure, it is likely you have read a lot of contradictory responses, from enthusiastic to negative. Why is this happening? RF body lifting only works if it is performed by an experienced cosmetologist on quality expensive equipment. If you are looking for a salon to undergo the procedure of radio-frequency lifting, when making calls, don’t forget to ask what equipment they use. In our clinic, we use Sculptor II.

Sculptor II advantages for performing RF body lifting:

1. Ability to adjust the pulse depth

Why is this important? Unlike cheap and obsolete monopolar RF devices, Sculptor II is bipolar. This enables the cosmetician to change the depth and direction of the radio pulses. Due to this feature, specialist can work with both the subcutaneous fat tissue, and the dermis, which contains collagen fibers.

2. Absolute safety and comfort

Compared with monopolar devices, Sculptor II is totally safe for health. The device is equipped with a cooling applicator, thanks to which patient’s skin is not damaged during the procedure. After the procedure is complete, there is slight reddening, which ceases within 10-15 minutes.

3. Solving two tasks at once: lifting + sculpting

Radio-wave lifting by means of Sculptor II stimulate the production of collagen and contribute to the destruction of fat cells. That’s why you get a double result: body lift + reduction of volumes.

Price of RF body lifting

RF liftingPrice (RUB)
RF Lifting 10 minutes2600
1/3 of the face (forehead)3200
1/3 of the face (oval)3200
1/3 of the face (nasolabial folds)3200
Face + neck6800
Face + neck + neckline area7800
Body – 10 min2600
Body 1 area (20 min)5200
Body 2 area (40 min)10400
Body 3 area (60 min)15600
Lipoglaucin APT Activator (10ml.)800

The effectiveness of our work is confirmed by reviews:

«I got rf body lifting at LIPC clinic in order to reduce post-partum belly. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that after a few treatments not only did my abdomen reduce, but the number of stretches declined significantly. The skin seemed younger and looked the same as it did before pregnancy. Thanks to my cosmetician for correctly selected procedure.»

Irina 27 y.o., Moscow

«I decided to undergo RF body lifting after a course of face lifting procedures. Eight treatments made me get rid of cellulite, tightened my abdominal muscles, and removed a few centimeters on the hips. I am very happy as I know that the effect will last for several months. I plan to visit the clinic next year for maintaining procedures. I think I’ve finally found a magic wand in the form of RF lifting to keep my body in perfect shape without much effort.»

Sofia 35 y.o., Moscow

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