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R-sleek hardware massage

R-sleek hardware massageWhat is R-sleek?

R-Sleek is an innovative technique of hardware massage, the impact on the necessary areas of the body with the help of several rows of rollers, which allow to achieve the desired result.

R-sleek hardware massage helps to strengthen metabolic processes at the cellular level and thereby eliminates cellulite, and also helps to work out deeply even the deepest layers of fat deposits, which usually are not affected during manual massage.

Active lymphatic drainage, which is achieved by rollers’ vibration, expels excess liquid and makes relaxing effect on the muscles, improves skin turgor without damaging it.

Advantages of the R-sleek technique

Unlike most of hardware massage methods, for example, LPG vacuum massage, R-sleek does not tighten the fold of the skin into the manipula, therefore, does not damage the tissue, as well as the capillary and venous systems.

R-sleek hardware massage Due to the excretion of excess liquid from the body and improvement of metabolic processes, a reduction of body volume occurs even in the absence of regular sport exercises.

To enhance the effect and to obtain the most rapid and long-term results, it is recommended to run a course of hardware massage R-sleep combining with lipolytic procedures, such as Cryolipolysis on the machine CoolShaping or non-surgical injection liposuction.

The procedure is carried out in special individual suits, which are not only hygienic, but also help to keep warm and to increase the efficiency of the procedure.

Indications for R-sleek massage

  • Cellulite of any stage
  • Local fat deposits
  • Skin turgor degradation
  • Pain in the muscles after sport exercises
  • Stretch marks and postpartum recovery
  • Lymphatic stagnation
  • Ptosis (drooping) of the buttocks

Also R-sleek hardware massage helps to prevent all of the above health problems.


R-sleek has the minimum list of contraindications, what also distinguishes it from other hardware procedures.

  • Skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, violation of the integrity of the skin);
  • Heart disease (MI, angina);
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • Inflammatory processes;
  • Mental illness;
  • Pregnancy and the postpartum period for 6 months and breastfeeding with restrictions.

In the presence of the above contraindications and other somatic diseases, before taking the course of R-Sleek expert advice is needed.

Effect of the procedure

The effect will be noticeable after already the first procedure. The skin becomes smoother and tighter, there is lightness throughout the body. By the 6th session a patient will see the results in the form of reduced volumes and clearer shape. Increases skin tone and getting rid of cellulite. The procedure also helps to effectively relax the muscles, which is a big plus for people actively involved in sports. Beautiful, healthy skin and slim body is the key to the beauty of any woman!

R-sleek hardware massage

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