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Non-Surgical Liposuction – A Perfect Body Without Surgery!

Non-Surgical Liposuction

Oh, those annoying centimeters… When you can’t get into a dress or zip up your favorite jeans, when you hate looking in the mirror and it seems impossible to wind back the clock and become slim again… Or, perhaps, you have a wonderful body but the bulging belly spoils your silhouette and those nasty fat pockets prevent you from looking impeccable. So what can you do about it? A rigid diet? Surgery? Intense workouts? But what if they don’t help?

Have non-surgical liposuction and you will change without dieting, exercise or surgery!

We offer a painless, safe and fast way of body reshaping!

Liposuction does not require any preparation and you can easily fit treatment sessions into your daily routine.

How is non-surgical liposuction performed?

We use Dermastabilon, a special lipolytic cocktail, for body reshaping. This solution destroys subcutaneous fat turning it into emulsion (fat and water) which is then removed from your body. Collagen and elastin are also produced during this process, so non-surgical liposuction has a strongly pronounced rejuvenating and lifting effect.

Dermastabilon has passed all clinical tests and trials. It has been used in dozens of countries for a few years. Our doctors will use Dermastabilon injections to change your look as follows:

  • removing fat deposits on your back, abdomen, knees, legs, neck and other parts of your body;
  • eliminating your double chin and babyish cheeks (for more information on non-surgical cheek and chin liposuction click here);
  • reducing the “buffalo hump” (localized fat deposit in the area of the seventh cervical vertebra);
  • correcting the result of surgical liposuction (if it has been carried out).

How is treatment performed?

The whole session takes about 30-40 minutes. First, the doctor will find out if you have any contraindications, then determine how much preparation you need for each treatment area and then give you a series of injections. Injection liposuction is unpleasant but quite tolerable! We use some numbing cream during the treatment which makes injections almost painless. This is proved by feedback from our patients.

Reviews of Non-Surgical Liposuction

«I came to LIPS clinic to have my belly and thigh fat reduced. We discussed the matter with the doctor and decided to have 5 treatment sessions first and then continue depending on the result. In spite of my fears the treatment turned out to be tolerable. 5 sessions proved to be enough for me. Bingo! At last, I look the way I wanted for a long time, I am ready to go to the beach at any time!»

Irina (age 28)

«I wanted for a long time to have those fat pockets removed because they made the lower part of my body look heavier. I tried exercise, massages and wraps but with no result. Only injections helped. Just 3 treatment sessions and it feels like this nasty fat has never been there. If I had known that the injections would suit me so well, I would have had them done immediately but the injections were recommended to me at this clinic only, they never offered this method in my beauty salon. Thank you for the excellent result! Now you are the only one for me!»

Karina (age 25)

Why is the non-surgical liposuction performed at our clinic unique?

We always achieve the result

At a free initial consultation the doctor will examine you to choose the most efficient cocktail, determine the required number of sessions and select the treatment area. We develop a customized program for each client. For example, to tighten skin in case of weight loss we combine Dermastabilon with other cocktails which restore vascular walls and make your skin smooth and supple.

We are highly professional in our work

Only experienced doctors work at our clinic. In spite of the fact that we offer non-surgical liposuction, this procedure also has some contraindications and peculiarities and should be carried out by a skillful doctor only. You can see our doctors’ diplomas and certificates on the website or at the clinic.

Non-Surgical Liposuction Price

The number of sessions will be determined by the doctor at a free initial consultation. Anyway, non-surgical liposuction costs dozens of times less than surgery! If you are afraid or doubt, come to us for a consultation. You will hear a doctor’s opinion on your problem, ask all the questions you have and you will be able to make a decision based on a specialist’s judgment instead of speculations and contradictory reviews on the Internet.

The price of liposuctions starts from RUB 3500 per treatment area.

When a full course of treatment is ordered, an additional 10% discount is granted!

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 to book a consultation or place your request.

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