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Laser removal of pigmented spots with a guarantee

For those who have had enough. For those who want quick results without risk, pain, and harm to the skin…

Pigment spots are your zest… But if you want to get rid of this feature and prefer a smooth and matte skin tone, then let’s see how to achieve this. There are various ways of doing it…

Methods for removing age spots:

CO2 ablative carbon dioxide laser

It is also used for skin rejuvenation, but it is not for everyone due to its rough (even aggressive) effect. The skin is literally burned out layer after layer, completely destroying the old epidermis. Although we are talking about very thin layers, think whether you are ready to tolerate the side effects of this method: burning for 24 hours after the procedure, skin redness for 3-7 days, skin flaking for 3-4 days, and swelling?

CO2 fractional laser

Acts similarly to the above-described laser. It does remove age spots quite quickly and effectively. But after the procedure, you get a beetroot red color at the site of spots for 1-2 days, brown spots appear, plus there is possibility of swelling and wrinkles…

Neodymium laser

Instead of destroying epidermis layers, only the pigment is removed. Skin tissues remain intact. This method is not as fast as CO2 lasers, but there may be only one side effect – mild skin flaking. No redness, burning, and swelling!

That is why neodymium laser is the most frequently used method for removing age spots in the LIPS clinic. This is a completely painless procedure, which takes from 2 to 30 minutes. It will take from 1 to 3 sessions.

So, neodymium laser:

  1. Destroys only the pigment in the spots without damaging the normal skin.
  2. Suitable for all skin types, for face and other body parts.
  3. No need to remove hair in advance from the shaded areas of the skin.
  4. Due to different wavelengths, the laser can remove pigment both from the surface and deep layers of the skin.
  5. Mild action. No complications in the form of swelling and redness occur after the procedure, only slight flaking of the skin is possible.

How many sessions are required to remove pigment spots?

  • It takes 2-3 sessions to remove pigment spots of dark shade.
  • A single procedure will be enough to remove smaller and brighter spots.

How to enhance the effect of pigment spots laser removal?

Combine the action of neodymium laser with AQUASHINE BR. It contains peptides that block the enzyme that promotes the appearance of spots. Thus, it will not only help remove the existing dark areas of the skin, but will also prevent the formation of new ones. Moreover, this product is very rich in vitamins beneficiel for beauty and rejuvenation of your skin!

In the LIPS clinic, cosmetologist will carefully examine your pigment spots and prescribe a course of treatment. It may take only 1-2 sessions of neodymium laser exposure. We may also apply AQUASHINE BR. In addition, the doctor will recommend medications for home use.


  • We work officially. Take a look at our medical licenses.
  • We employ only the real masters with experience of 7-15 years and plenty of certificates and diplomas. Information about them can be found here.
  • Our clinic has quality modern equipment. We use neodymium laser of high reliability. It has a mild effect and is absolutely safe when operated by a doctor.
  • Over 15 years of work, we have had thousands of satisfied customers.

Сustomer reviews on removal of pigment spots

«I have long come to terms, and taken the terrible spot on my cheek for granted for more than 20 years. Thank you Lipsclinic! You have convinced me that such trifle is not a problem for modern cosmetology! The spot has been completely removed, without a trace. I would have come earlier if I’d known!»

Yuliya, 47 y.o.

«LipsClinic, I really appreciate it! I have had complexes because of the pigment spots on my face since the childhood. I’ve shed many tears trying to cover them up with a concealer and bleach them with different creams – and all to no avail! And it turned out they can be removed in just 2 procedures… It does not hurt and it is not scary. Finally my skin is smooth and uniform!»

Natasha, 22 y.o.

«I have removed only one spot so far… the biggest one, on my forehead. It has bothered me for a long time. Now I plan to get rid of two more on my neck and my chin. I like the LIPS clinic; it is all clean, cozy, and comfortable. The doctor is attentive, and inspires confidence. The procedure is really short. I will come again!»

Lena, 30 y.o.

Price of laser removal of pigmented spots

Laser removal of pigmented spots Price (RUB)
up to 2 cm2 1500р
from 2 to 7 cm2 700р
from 7 to 15 cm2 500р
from 15 to 20 cm2 400р
Anesthetization 1000

Want to have a smooth and even skin tone, just like in Photoshop?

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How much is the removal of pigment spots?

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