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«Cryolipolysis» Treatment


Imagine how different you will lookwhen you have:

  • a nice trim tummy;
  • slim thighs and legs;
  • straight back without any folds;
  • chiseled arms and a wasp waist.

Your body will be changed for the better: those annoying centimeters will vanish and you will become slimmer without any exhausting diets, exercise, plastic surgery or other harsh ways of transformation.

How does cryolipolysis work?

The doctor will apply cold to your fat cells using a special device. They will be destroyed by low temperature and removed from the system naturally within a few months. Other cells will not be harmed by the cold, so cryolipolysis does not provide any negative consequences and does not require any recovery period.

Cryolipolysis will allow you to get rid of fat deposits:

  • on your stomach and back;
  • in the décolleté area;
  • on your waist and arms;
  • on your thighs (fat bulges will also be removed);
  • on your chin.

Review of Anastasia Volochkova on cryolipolysis

Do you doubt that the procedure is safe?

It is no secret that many people are afraid of having cryolipolysis after having read online reviews. Thereby they deprive themselves of this efficient method of fighting against fat deposits.

Indeed, burns, freezing injuries, pain and discomfort which last for a few months may occur. BUT! Only if treatment is performed using some cheap counterfeit equipment or by unqualified amateurish beauticians who do not have any medical education.

If you value your health, don’t be tempted by too low price when searching for a place to get cryolipolysis in Moscow. Below are just a few of our patients’ reviews so that you could make sure that the procedure is efficient and safe.

Our Patients’ Reviews of Cryolipolysis

«I always dreamed of a perfect body but I did not have enough time for sports. My tummy was the worst thing and it was what made me go for cryolipolysis. At LIPSCLINIC I liked the professional approach to the procedure. At the first consultation a doctor examined me and told me how many sessions I needed. I had sessions at intervals of about a month. I had to undergo four sessions and finally I have got what I wanted: a nice and slim body! Thank you! Now I believe in cryolipolysis and I will surely recommend it to everybody.»

Irina, age 27

«Frankly speaking, I was afraid of having the treatment. But the beautician convinced me that there will be no negative consequences. And it was true: the only thing I felt was mild burning at the beginning. And there was some redness after the treatment which went away within half an hour. The treatment session took about an hour. I had 2 sessions for 2 areas on the stomach. As a result, I lost 5cm off my waist and, most importantly, they don’t come back.»

Roza, age 45

Cryolipolysis in our clinic is efficient and absolutely safe because:

We use certified equipment

We use Coolshaping, which is approved for use in the territory of the Russian Federation as a medical device. If you read online feedback, you will not find a review where Coolshaping cryolipolysis is described negatively.

We have skillful beauticians

Cryolipolysis is a serious cosmetological procedure which can be properly carried out by a qualified beautician only. All beauticians working at LIPS clinic have higher medical education and have completed training on Coolshaping equipment. You can have a look at our certificates and diplomas.

We guarantee safety

We are so sure of our doctors’ qualification and the quality of our equipment that we can provide 100% guarantee against any adverse effects. If you see any impairment in the area where cryolipolysis has been performed within a month after the procedure, we will refund the full amount paid for the procedure.

We offer a personalized approach

Cryoplipolysis, as well as any other procedure, has some contraindications. When you come to our clinic, the doctor will first of all find out if you can have the treatment. If cryolipolysis does not suit you, we will make a personalized program for improving your appearance using other methods which are as efficient.

You will be told how the effect can be maintained for years

After the course of cryolipolysis has been completed, your beautician will tell you about the diet which will allow you to maintain the effect of the treatment for as long as possible.

For more information on cryolipolysis come to a free consultation.

You can call us at +7 963 964-79-76 right now to make an appointment or place your request.

Do you want to save your money? Order a full treatment course and get additional 10% off!

Price of Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolisis on the apparatus CoolShapingPrice (RUB)

You will be told the full price of cryolipolysis at a free consultation. In most cases, the cost of a course is comparable with the price of an annual pass to a gym.

But you should keep in mind that you will have to go to the gym 2-3 times a week and work out. And what to do if you don’t have enough time but want to be slim and beautiful? It sometimes happens that even exhausting workouts do not remove those annoying folds or centimeters in certain areas…

Now, you have a choice. You can torture yourself with diets, burn calories by exercise, and waste your time, money and efforts longing for a beautiful body. Or you can just come to us and obtain the desired effect which will last for years in a few sessions of cryolipolysis.

Do you want to know how much your size will be reduced after cryolipolysis?

Call us at +7 963 964-79-76 or place your request.

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