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4D Mesothreads – a Beautiful Slim Body in Just 30 Minutes

4D Mesothreads

  • Annoyed with your own body?
  • Embarrassed to take off your clothes on the beach?
  • Have not regained your shape after childbirth?

We all have our own complexes related to appearance: for some a post-baby belly is a problem, others are annoyed at skin sagging after weight loss. Some did not have supple buttocks even at a young age and they have only worsened over time.

Abdomen, buttocks, arms and knees are the parts of the body which can be lifted with 4D mesothreads.

Just 30 minutes – and you problems will be solved for the next 2-2,5 years!

What are 4D mesothreads and how do they work?

Is it the first time you have heard of mesothreads? In fact, you are already familiar with them. You have probably heard that surgeons use bioresorbable suture. 4D mesothreads are made of the same material (polydioxanone).

The doctor will use mesothreads to “pack” your abdomen, buttocks, arms or knees into a supporting frame. You will notice the tightening effect immediately. It will be intensified over time because collagen will be produced around the threads. In a few weeks the threads will dissolve while your skin will remain lifted and resilient due to the supporting collagen frame for 2-2.5 more years.

Why does every other client of our clinic have 4D mesothreads?

4D mesothreads provide non-surgical lifting in troubled areas. Imagine, that you don’t have to undergo surgery, general anesthesia, long recovery period and a have risk of complications and you need just 30 minutes to obtain a lifting effect which could be achieved by means of only surgery before.

You don’t have to have tiring treatment sessions or intense workouts for months or go under the knife: just one procedure and the problem which prevents you from living a full-fledged life will be solved.

How is treatment performed?

You come to our clinic and a doctor examines you. In some cases mesothreads do not provide the desired effect and then the abdomen and buttocks have to be lifted using other methods. The doctor will tell you about all possible solutions.

So, you have decided to have mesothreads. The procedure starts with applying some anesthetic cream. After its starts acting the doctor will give you a fast series of injections to insert mesothreads under your skin. There will be no prick marks! Threads are inserted using special thin needles made of high quality steel.

After the treatment you can get back to your normal activities. Mesothreads have a huge advantage: no recovery period is required after their insertion!

Why are there so many negative reviews of 4D mesothreads?

Patients who are not satisfied with 4D mesothreads they had at other clinics or salons often come to our clinic. Why does it happen?

Most common reasons are as follows:

  • the doctor’s lack of experience;
  • there were no indications for inserting mesothreads;
  • few threads have been inserted;
  • counterfeit (non-certified) threads have been used;
  • 4D mesothreads are unable to solve a particular problem.

How is our approach to insertion of 4D mesothreads different?

We do not offer 4D mesothreads for just everyone

We value our reputation and care for our clients. Therefore, if the doctor believes that 4D mesothreads will not have the desired effect, he or she will not recommend them to you: we have a variety of other methods. For example, you can have your abdomen tightened with the help of non-surgical liposuction, cavitation, cryolipolysis, myostimulation or other means of body contouring. At a free initial consultation the doctor will develop a customized program for you. Our goal is to solve your problem and not to sell 4D mesothreads to you.

Doctors have more than three years of experience in threadlifting

We will reveal a secret to you: a training course in threadlifiting can be accomplished in just one day. That is why there are so many clinics offering mesothreads. But you don’t want to be an experimental subject, do you? Then, you should be scrupulous about choosing the clinic. We have been working with mesothreads for more than three years. You can see our certificates and diplomas on the website or in the clinic.

We use only certified threads

We use threads which are certified in the Russian Federation. The doctor will show you all certificates prior to the procedure. These 4D mesothreads are effective even when buttocks or arms have to be lifted.

Our Patients’ Reviews of 4D mesothreads

«I have had mesothreads for my stomach which wouldn’t regain shape after pregnancy whatever I did. Just in one session of mesothreads I got the effect I had not been able to achieve with constant exercise and massages. I view it as a miracle. I am so grateful to my doctor who persuaded me to have the threads»

Alena, age 30

«It has been 10 days since the treatment. I have arrived at a firm conclusion: mesothreads are great! My belly and buttocks are tightened. And I like the fact that the lifting effect becomes more and more prominent each day. Even my husband notices that I have changed though I did not tell him about the procedure because I knew he would object. Thank you so much! I don’t begrudge the money spent on this beauty at all!»

Irina, age 35

10% off when more than 30 mesothreads are inserted!

You will know how many mesothreads you will need at the free consultation. Consider this: now you can have your problem solved fast and efficiently and in just one treatment session! Just imagine: months of workouts or a single procedure of inserting mesothreads. And in some cases such as lifting of knees or abdomen you have to choose between 4D mesothreads and surgery.

Have opted for mesothreads? Then call us at +7 963 964-79-76 or place your request.

Prices of 4D Mesothreads

4D MesothreadsPrice (RUB)
Smooth monofilament to 20 threads1100 per thread
Smooth monofilament from 20 to 50 threads900 per thread
Smooth monofilament 50 threads700 per thread
MESOTHREADS 4D on the needle4900 per thread
MESOTHREADS 4D on the cannula5500 per thread
MESOTHREADS twin, up to 20 threads1400 per thread
MESOTHREADS twin, 20 or more threads1200 per thread
MESOTHREADS screw, up to 20 threads1200 per thread
MESOTHREADS screw, 20 or more threads1100 per thread

*The number of threads is determined by the beautician at a consultation!

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